Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Background

Finals week of the fall of my junior year of college was quite a memorable time in my life. I only had one exam and one paper due that week. The exam was in rural sociology, and the paper was in Chicano Literature. I’ll save you the head scratching and speculation and just tell you right now that I was a liberal arts major. As if you couldn’t guess that by the courses I took. My roommate Michelle and I sat at the kitchen table in our tiny, freezing cold apartment for six days straight that late December week. Those six very long days consisted mainly of eating sugar cubes, analyzing and then overanalyzing every Christmas song under the sun, and lamenting the fact that we were the only ones left at school and everyone else was on winter break already and oh my word at the unfairness of it all. Apparently we were lacking in a little something I like to call perspective. There was some studying in there too, of course. Hi, Mom and Dad.

Somehow, despite our incredibly jam packed week, we managed to dedicate an entire evening to coming up with fresh, exciting, never before seen content for the “About Me” sections of our facebook accounts. Oh yes we did. It was a finals week miracle.  We got very silly during the writing process thanks to all the chamomile tea we consumed in an effort to counteract the sugar cubes and that all led to Michelle’s opening line reading… "I was born in Belgium, but raised in the United States.” The two of us just about died of laughter when she got her first message that asked, “You were born in Belgium?!” If I remember correctly it was her boyfriend who asked that question, which just makes it that much funnier.

All that to say that there is a line in my about me that reads…"Personally, I think I am hilarious.” I have never written a truer statement. Obviously, modesty and humility are two of my most precious gifts.

Anyway, I graduated from Penn State in May and have been home for four months now, and I won’t be so na├»ve as to assume that various members of my family haven’t wished I could go back to school for just one more semester. I believe that sometimes, once in a while, extremely rarely, and in moments of extreme weakness, they get a little tired of me and all my funny. Just the other night I thought of something hilarious and had to share it with my sister, Emily, because hello, my name is Laura and I have trouble keeping things to myself. So I went to her bedroom and knocked. No response. Her light was on so I knew she was awake.  I knocked again. Still nothing. I called her name. Silence. So I decided to open the door because clearly she just didn’t hear me. It wouldn’t open.

“Hey Em, I think something may have gotten stuck in front of your door and now it won’t open.”

I heard a quiet voice from inside. “Umm, there is something in front of my door,” she said.

Hmmm. I inspected further. “Emily, is that a table shoved in front of your door?”


Sure enough, she had barricaded me out. Lots of things have happened to me so far in my 22 years, but I had never, ever, been barricaded out of a room before that night.

I think it’s safe to say she was tired of the funny.

So, long story short (yeah, right) that’s why I have started this little blog. I have lost count of the number of times in the past four months my mother has told me, “Laura, you don’t have to be talking all. the. time.” The name of my game is to basically just say whatever comes to my mind, and apparently my mind is a busy place. So this blog is a combination of an effort to bring my family a few seconds of quiet and a desire to keep my English major brain from turning into a pile of unwritten words and unexpressed thoughts.  And hopefully a place to make you laugh and record some memories.

I have called this Laura Darling because it has been a long time dream of mine to have the last name Darling. I dream big, oh yes I do. However, it is unlikely that the surname Darling is in the cards for me at this point. But it’s perfect here. Like a pseudonym. A la Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain.  George Orwell.  James Herriot.  Tennessee Williams.  Laura Darling just fits right in.  :-)


Philip said...


emolee96 said...

Very funny. And this whole blog thing (which was my idea, I might add) means I won't have to barricade you out anymore... Most of the time.

Mallory said...
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Erin said...

I like the sound of Laura Darling!

harmonysong said...

Can't wait to read all your "funny"!! I'm already laughing, and I LOVE the reason behind the blog name!!

harmonysong said...

and here is some funny I must share...

my word verification on my last comment was...wait for it...

"pet me"

Is that pet you, Laura? The computer? Some random dog?


giaghani said...

Laura Darling is quite fabulous! :) I'm excited to read more about all of your adventures and thoughts!


Critty said...

Well I was laughing and enjoying your post :o) BLogs are fabulous for those of us who like to talk and be funny.

So welcome to the blogging world!

And thanks for stopping by my blog.

It is nice to meet you!

Sarah said...

I just realized that when you become a blogging sensation, I may wish I had commented on your very first post.

So this is me commenting on your very first post.

Feel free to carry on with your life now.