Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yo hablo espanol

Tonight while Emily did her Spanish homework I sat next to her at the kitchen table and obnoxiously rolled my Rs over and over, focusing mainly on a few key words such as "aRRiba" and "peRRo."  Lest you think I am some sort of foreign language prodigy, let me just say that I do not remember what either of these words mean.  However, rest assured that if I ever find myself lost in Mexico unsure of the whereabouts of my pants, I am fully equipped to inquire where, in fact, my pants are.  Not that I would ever be in that situation, of course.  HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING.

I chuckled a little tonight when Emily sat down with her Spanish, beacuse she had been speaking in a British accent for the majority of the night and she was not about to let that Spanish homework be a road block in her accented evening.  Now, I love a good fake accent just as much as the next person, and perhaps I am oversharing, but I have even invented my own.  I call it Scirish and, since I know you won't be able to tell from the OH SO ORIGINAL name, it's a combination of Scottish and Irish.  I'm weird.  Anyway, I sat at the table rolling those Rs and Emily asked me questions in her British accent such as, "How do you say the number eighty in Spaaaahhhh-nish? Cheerio!"  It was a precious evening.  And somewhere in the midst of it all, I caught a glimpse of the cover of her workbook.

Oh my.  Or shall I say "Ay Dios Mio" as my high school Spanish teacher Senora Smith used to say when she was feeling VERY FRUSTRATED with me and my enthusiastic seventeen year old compadres.  Let me tell you what though.  It's a darn good thing I didn't run into that trio of amigos in some Spanish speaking country because those sheep/goats/livestock that are clearly invading their personal space BIG TIME would have been more help than I would have been.  For starters, they all seem to know exactly where their pantalones are.  And also, they are studying a map.  I can hardly make heads or tails of a map right here in the good old US of A.  But what really stuck out at me wasn't the pantalones or the map or the snazzy bowl cut the guy in the middle is sporting.  It was the smart car.  The intelligente coche, or something.  I hear they're all the rage in the rolling green hills of the Mexican farmland.  Or, you know, not.

How do you say ridiculous in Spanish?


ae said...

That picture is ridiculous:) We had to watch these really silly videos in Spanish class. We never really learned anything from them because they were just too funny!

Anonymous said...

you are very funny

Anonymous said...

I find you to be amusing sometimes.

lalalalauren said...

Hehe. Nothing ever made sense in my high school Spanish class. I used to think it was just my Spanish teacher, but I'm beginning to think it's just a universal trait of Spanish classes everywhere.
Anyway, that cover made me laugh. And I love that you have your own fake accent. I do too. I haven't named it, but it's German mixed with Generic Eastern European mixed with Middle Eastern. I apologize if that's oversharing. ;)

Ray said...

haha. The cover is too funny! :)

harmonysong said...

"Donde estan misp pantalones?" hahaha

As for ridiculos? ridículo :) And I agree,¡ MUY Ridículo!

Jas said...

Don't forget: by the end of most Spanish courses, you will also be able to tell a native speaker the following:

1. What color your pants are;
2. Where your couch is;
3. What the cat says.

Yo estoy apprendiendo español en escuela, tambien. Es muy divertido y yo sé esa es un cosa buena.

As you can see, I clearly have a ways to go as well.

Sarah said...

You are so funny! This blog is just cracking me up! :)

elleswim said...

I took Spanish in High School and I wish I retained more of it than I did. Now the only time I can speak it fluently is after I've had some tequila.

emolee96 said...

Okay, first of all, I NEVER SAID CHEERIO. And that's all I have to say. So that first of all wasn't even necessary. Goodbye.