Wednesday, November 3, 2010

one for the books

This past weekend will go down in the books as a good one. That is, if I actually had a book or two in which I logged such vital bits of information. 

On Friday night I went into the city with some friends and my brother.  Phil drove us down and we were only lost for about forty minutes!  The upside of the circular route we kept on taking...and that I was able to memorize the Sunday service times and architecture of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia since we drove by it forty seven times!  

Anyway, it was a fun night.  We got quesadillas, which I felt deserved to be photographed.  No surprise there, because the food...I love it.
I sat in the front seat on the drive down, but my sense of direction and I were demoted to the back on the way home.  Apparently, after our earlier experience, Phil felt it was a better option to have someone with some navigational skillz up front.  That someone, sadly, was not me. 

But look!  I was able to take pictures from my post in the back and in the distance of this one you can see City Hall!  The cheerful, gigantic sunflower is sort of obstructing the view though, and I do apologize.  Let it be known that Phil was driving my car on Friday night, hence the enormous yellow bloom dangling from the rearview.  The rearview mirror in his car is most definitely not sporting such a ladylike floral decoration. 
Bright and early Saturday morning, my mom, Em, Mommom, aunts, and I set off for a day at the outlets. 
We walked into Chico's and standing right there in front of us was Emily's mannequin twin.  Of course I told Emily we should take a picture because, hello, once in a lifetime.  Also I assured her that one day she will be grateful that I take pictures of anything and everything, and this particular one will come in quite handy if she is ever in need of a shot of herself and a smartly dressed mannequin friend.  Which is basically an inevitable future scenario, obviously.  She'll thank me.
 Lest you think she posed there of her own accord, I can assure you that she did not.  My mom gently guided Emily because she is a woman who understands the value of a once in a lifetime photo op.
 Our next stop was Anne Klein, and let me just preface this next picture with the following disclaimer.  They were practically GIVING things away in there.  We would have lost money NOT buying all manner of sweaters and boots and pants and more boots because most things were 25% off, and everything was AN ADDITIONAL 40% OFF THE LOWEST PRICE!  You did indeed read that correctly.  We may never see the likes of such a monumental sale again.  So needless to say, we did some damage at Anne Klein.
Anne Klein is also the store where my Mommom and I bought the exact same pair of pants.  And you won't believe what kind of pants they were.

Skinny jeans.  Dark wash.  Adorable.

Now, it is certainly not appropriate for me to reveal my Mommom's age on the internet.  It wouldn't really matter anyway because if you ever met her you wouldn't believe me, and you would take at least ten years off that number.  That's what everyone does.  But let's just say she not only has grandchildren, but great-grandchildren.  And she bought skinny jeans on Satuday.  And looks so stylish in them.  I'll be honest, I never thought my Mommom and I would each get our first pair of skinny jeans from the same store on the same day.  But what other 22 year old girls can say their Mommom is on the cutting edge of fashion?  Not many, my friends.  In more ways than one, I hope I follow in her footsteps.

And, of course, I hope I inherit her amazing genes.  Pun totally intended.


Julianna said...

Love that about your Momom. My grandmother is not really a fashion wiz, BUT she does own a Blackberry with a Twitter and Facebook account. I think she may have even had a Myspace when that was "the thing". It's fun having a grandmother who's "in the know"!

GreenGirl said...

Love the pic of City Hall! If you want good mexican, you need to hit up El Vez to your right...good good food and always fun!