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rain and rocks

Well, it’s Thursday and you know what that means.  Time for my traditional Thursday list.

Actually that’s not a tradition around here but you know what I always say regarding traditions.  No time like the present to start a new one.

1-  We are in the midst of a bit of a monsoon around here.  It’s been raining all day and is supposed to continue until tomorrow.  There is a possibility for flooding, and you better believe the weathermen are really playing that up because there is nothing they love more than a meteorological emergency.  It just so happens that there is nothing I love more than falling asleep while listening to rain outside.  I have been looking forward to going to sleep tonight since this rain storm was just a sparkle in the eye of the weatherman and his ten day forecast.

a- My umbrella is nowhere to be found, which, as you can imagine, is less than convenient.  It’s also ashame because it’s a lovely floral pattern and it just the right size to fold up and stick in your bag yet still sturdy enough to withstand all sorts of wind gusts and pouring rain without flipping inside out, rendering itself completely useless.  It’s difficult to find an umbrella that embodies all of those qualities, and I am just lost and soaking wet without it.
2- I’ve been doing some research, and it seems that I am not the only one upset about No Ballad Weekends.  Soft rock lovers from far and wide are up in arms, as well they should be.  Luckily my dad and brother seem to have rediscovered their love for Simon and Garfunkel in the past few weeks.  Also the other day we heard “In the Ghetto” by Elvis and judging by the number of times I’ve heard Phil sing “in the ghet-TO” I think it’s safe to say he’s adopted it as his new theme song.  Despite the lack of weekend ballads, there’s certainly no shortage of sad, slow songs in my life.

3-       Yesterday was Ash Wednesday so I went to church on my lunch hour.  I went to a church right near my office, but it’s one I’ve only been to a handful of times so I am unfamiliar with the parking situation.  I just followed the car in front of me as we drove past the main lot, which was full, and over to the parking lot of a neighboring office complex.  We had to sort of cut through the woods to get to there and imagine my delight when I realized I would be off-roading on some gravel.  Normally driving on gravel means that you are only a few moments away from consuming some type of fried cuisine and risking your life in the name of structurally compromised portable amusement rides, and that obviously was not the case yesterday.  But still, I rolled my windows down yesterday and listened closely, because there is nothing I love more than the sound of a car driving on gravel.  Except maybe the sound of rain outside my window, as I believe I have already mentioned.  I am a fan of simple auditory pleasures.

4-       Last night Emily came into my room and asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure* this weekend.  I asked her what the destination would be and my eyes filled with tears when she announced it was Target.  I remember a day not long ago when she despised retail related adventures, and look at her now.  Of course I agreed because I’m no fool…I would never dream of turning down a trip to the place where you can expect more, pay less, while simultaneously saying hello to good buys.  As you can tell, I’m a slogan expert.  I’ve memorized nearly every McDonald’s slogan since they came into existence, because you just never know when that sort of information will come in handy.  Although I can tell you from personal experience that so far, it hasn’t.

*The word “adventure” is used very loosely here.  It’s not like we have to drive for miles and miles and face countless treacherous obstacles in order to get to ourselves to Target.  In reality it’s probably a six minute drive, and that’s if you hit the red lights.  There’s not even any gravel involved.  Although there is a tricky “left turn yield on green” light on the way back, and of course there’s always the decision of which one of the four entrances to use.  And then there’s the whole business of trying not to spend a good chunk of your money at the dollar spot, which is always difficult because once you see festive holiday socks and teeny tiny little flower pots and colorful picture frame magnets, it’s hard to convince yourself you don’t actually need them.  And I would hate to leave out the part where you ascend to the second floor to browse the shoe, book, and music departments, and your shopping cart travels up next to you on an escalator meant just for shopping carts.  And of course, the checkout.  That’s all I need to say about that.  

Now that I think about, Target really is an adventure.

Emily and I are like a modern day Lewis and Clark.

Except I bet Meriweather and William never misplaced their umbrellas. 

Or went to Target.


Kristina said…
Well hopefully you don't get TOO much rain but it totally sucks you lost your umbrella. As for being like a modern day Lewis & Clark, I would have to agree that Meriweather and William never misplaced their umbrellas{because they were A) not invented and B) even if they had been, they were probably too cool to use them!. Or went to Target.
Happy Thursday. Is it just me or is this week going SUPER slow?
Anonymous said…
Gravel, rain, and dial tones. Despite my best efforts to expose you to a wide variety of musical experiences, you've always been most fascinated by dial tones.
ae said…
Wait a minute. Your Target has a SECOND floor?! Are you sure this isn't some kind of alternate reality thing? I did not even know they built 2-story Targets.
Mallory said…

Yes, I really am amazed by the small things in life. That's what happens when you live in a small town.
Michelle said…
I love TARGET! Yours is two floors?!
April Rowell said…
First of all, thank you for your comment!! Secondly, it warms my heart that you rolled the windows down to listen to the gravel :) I would have done the same thing! It IS one of the best sounds ever!!!
Tatiana said…
I've never heard of a two floored Target! Crazy! And I thinks it's so funny that you memorize the TV slogans! You crack me up!
Sara said…
shut the front door... your target has a second floor?! that IS an adventure lol
It's been raining for days here and I'm so tired of it too! I hope it stops soon. Um... girl you know I love Elvis! I think that was one of his best songs that he did!
Jessica said…
Ewww I hate the rain!!
Hope you have a good weekend!
Audra Lynn said…
Loving the slogans bit. I'll bet you're awesome at Trivial Pursuit!
Kier said…
love your blog!!! Thanks for the comment :) follow me?! im new to blogger and trying to get my page out there as much as possible!
Kristin said…
Hope you are having a good weekend!
stephanieamber said…
i freaking love you, laura.
stephanieamber said…
for your thursdays:
Baby Sister said…
Your target has two floors???? Not fair...
andrea said…
Your Target is fancier than my HOUSE. And what that says about me...well...let's just move on...

And it's totally fine to use adventure loosely. I know I do. It makes it feel like I do cooler things than I know I actually do. :)

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