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perhaps i should bring crutches, in case she breaks a leg

I’m going to the theater tonight.  My driver will be dropping me off shortly after high tea and crumpets at the Ritz.

And I shall wear a mink stole.

Just kidding.  I’m actually going over to Emily’s high school to see the spring musical.  I’ll be driving myself.  In Old Blue.  After I eat pizza for dinner.

I do have a mink stole I could wear though which would certainly bring a little fancy to the occasion.

And I am all about bringing the fancy.

Emily is in the drama club at her school and this year their spring production is Godspell, which is funny because the two main characters in Godspell are Jesus and Judas.  AKA men.  And Emily goes to an all girls school.  However, it is a Catholic school and since the play falls during the season of Lent this year, the nuns at her school were insistent that the play had to be a religious one.

No one laughed when Emily came home and announced that her all girls school was doing a play in which the leads were boys.  Which annoys me slightly because when I was young and FAR LESS WISE than I am today, our coed high school performed Annie as the spring musical.  Since drama clubs are usually made up mostly of girls, it worked out perfectly for all the girls to be the orphans and one brave boy to be good old Daddy Warbucks. 

However, my fourteen year old self could see this play running into a bit of trouble if there weren’t so many girls available, so one night while I was doing the dishes with my brother I asked him what he thought would happen if a boys school did Annie. 

Well, he proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh and then share my question with my parents, and finally told me that DUH LAURA…A BOYS SCHOOL WOULD NEVER DO ANNIE.  That comment was made nine years ago and I still haven’t been able to live it down.  It seems like once a month some family member (usually Phil) says “Hey Laur, what do you think would happen if a boys school did Annie?” 


Anywho Emily’s drama club had a heck of a time finding local high school boys to portray Jesus and his apostles.  In fact, for many months their slogan was “Got Jesus?  We don’t.”  Finally though, they found some boys and the show went on.  Which is traditionally where it must go.

And so, Godspell is all Emily has talked about these past few months.


All.  She.  Has.  Talked.  About.

A typical conversation with Emily goes something like this…

“Emily, do you want to go to Target with me/eat dinner/watch a movie?”

“Okay, but at Godspell practice today we finally got the lighting down/sang my favorite song/wore our costumes/used tambourines/did the dances over and over/perfected the finale.” 

Oh, and cried. 

According to Emily, the whole cast is always in tears by the crucifixion.  The crucifixion is a very personal, reverent, thought provoking thing for most people, so I understand.  Plus, when you put that together with fifty teenage girls and ALL THEIR EMOTIONS, you have a sure fire recipe for LOTS O’ TEARS.

Emily keeps telling me that I should bring tissues too because I might find myself crying at the end.  However, if there was a scale to measure “HOW OPENLY DO YOU SHARE YOUR EMOTIONS?” Emily and I would be as far apart on the scale as possible.  She would be on the side labeled “shares emotions freely, frequently, and dramatically,” and I would hold down the fort on the “buries emotions inside as deep as possible and then just ignores them until they go away” side.

Oh, Freud would have QUITE a field day with that I’m sure.

So, the jury is still out on whether or not I will cry at the end, but I know for a fact I’ll enjoy the show and seeing Emily in her First Official Musical Stage Performance Ever.

Here’s hoping she figuratively breaks a leg or two!


GreenGirl said…
Good luck to your sister!
I went to an all girls school too and we did a lot of improvising...but we had some guys from the boys schools come and some colleges.
I loved the musicals at my school...
I had the lead in Meet Me In St. Louis as a 6 year old (when I was 16) was fun!
ae said…
How exciting! I am sure she will do great!
Anonymous said…
Yes, nine years is a long time, but rye-cock-ette is from the summer of 2000, and that's 11 years. Besides, do boys schools even do musicals?
Teenage Bride said…
I love high school plays!! have fun!!!!
Jessica said…
I cried during Godspell!
That sounds like it's going to be good! I love their slogan to find guys for it!
Baby Sister said…
Sounds like fun!! Good luck to your sister!!
Things to Do said…
Oooh, can't wait to hear how it turns out! Have fun!
Linka said…
I know she'll do great. Loved your post! Your a great writer!
Jennifer Rod said…
this was a great, funny post. really enjoyed it.

thanks for passing by! :)

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