Friday, May 6, 2011

old blue and bill

Last night I went to the city to visit my aunt along with my mom, Emily, and assorted aunts/grandmothers/cousins.  My mom drove the seven of us down in our SUV and I’m ever so sorry to report that once again my navigational skillz and I were not invited to sit in the front seat.  In fact, I was majorly demoted to the THIRD ROW, where I could hardly see out the front window and therefore dispense very few directional suggestions.  Apparently my mom didn’t want me copiloting a car full of seven people.  In Philadelphia.  At rush hour.  Imagine.

Instead I sat in the WAY BACK thinking about how Toby Keith’s new song, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else” is in the running to become my next theme song.  From the sounds of that title it seems as though Toby has taken a car trip or two with me.  Although if that were true then he also would have added a verse about the fact that even if you THINK you know where you’re going and begin your trip with the best of intentions, there’s a good chance you will end up somewhere else anyway.  Even if you have a GPS.  And have been to the place before.  And call your friend AND your parents for directions.  And still get a wee bit turned around when you get off the exit of the turnpike because suddenly there are MANY CHOICES and you don’t see the sign your dad told you to look for so you just follow signs for a national park that you recognize and before you know if you’re in the parking lot of the Merrill Lynch office building when all you really wanted to do was go to the mall.


Back to last night.  It was a long ride into the city due to the aforementioned rush hour traffic, so I also spent some time looking out the window for Bill Cosby.  He lives in the Philadelphia area and I just know that someday I will see him there amongst the million plus other Philadelphia residents so I always keep a look out for him.  My current favorite Bill Cosby quote is “A word to the wise isn’t necessary.  It’s the stupid people that need the advice.” 

Between Bill and Toby, there is just a plethora of deep thoughts.

The ride home was easier traffic-wise, but I still sat in the third row.  It was pretty late by the time we got home and hadn’t eaten dinner, so everyone came back to our house for some traditional Cinco de Mayo cuisine.


And that brings us to today, which is Friday. 

I am full of valuable information.

Guess what!  Tomorrow will be Saturday!!

I had grand plans to CLEAN MY CAR OUT after work today but that was put on hold because it was a gorgeous day out and a walk in the woods called my name.  I do want to clean out my car at some point this weekend though because there is an entire winter’s worth of road salt on the floor and it’s high time to vacuum it out.  I’m also going to wipe down the dashboard and fancy controls and cup holders because, as I always say, go big or go home.  Plus last summer I bought an entire bottle of Armor All and it’s not doing anyone any good sitting on the shelf in the garage.  I’ve actually been hesitant to use it because the first time I did I got a a little too enthusiastic and actually wiped down the windows with it, and I will tell you that streaky, foggy, oily mess took MONTHS to resolve.  

It’s just a regular week of spring tune ups for Old Blue because last week I took it/her in for an oil change.  When the mechanic was finished he came back into the waiting room and said, “Your car needs new wiper blades and a tire rotation.  That’s when we switch the back tires to the front, and the front tires to the back.”  Well, thank you ever so much for that obvious explanation, Mr. Mechanic.  I may not be a car expert, but I am aware of the concept of tire rotation.  And even if I wasn’t, I majored in English in college so I am QUITE FAMILIAR with context clues.

So the other day I took Old Blue for a tire rotation and new wiper blades.  The blades I had were actually ripping, which is likely due to the fact that wiper speeds 1 through 3 are dead to me.  Apparently my quest to NEVER, EVER let a drop of rain sit on my windshield for longer than half a second is hard on the blades. 

This weekend is full of Big Fun such as Matt’s graduation and Mother’s Day and my mom teaching me how to sew. 

I am just SEW excited. 

I'm sorry.  I couldn't help myself on that one.

Happy weekend!


Caitlin said...

Ugh, I need to clean out my car! Haha, love your posts as always :) Have a great weekend!

GreenGirl said...

Bill Cosby gave me my diploma! He always does that at Temple for students graduating from the school of education.
Let me know nexr time you need help navigaing the city...
Rush hour starts around 3 and ends at 7 these days!
Your week of car fun sounds like my mechanic monday that put me out close to a grand!

Things to Do said...

I once got lost in two different states in the same day. It was horrible. I'm so jealous of you getting to learn to sew. Can't wait to read about it.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

If you ever see Crosby you'll definitely have to blog about it!

Baby Sister said...

Let me know when you see Bill, I would love to see him as well. My car needs an oil change too...I do NOT want to deal with it though.