Friday, June 3, 2011

where there's a will there's a way. but not necessarily many assets.

Well, it looks like it’s been one whole week since I’ve written anything.

That’s not exactly true, because I did compose a LENGTHY post detailing the events of my Memorial Day weekend but I chose not to publish it because while I was proofreading I made it about three paragraphs in before I decided to see if I could find some paint to watch dry.  Or perhaps some grass I could watch grow.  It was that bad.

It’s not that my weekend itself was boring.  In fact, I was basically NON STOP BUSY all three days.  It’s just that a story about how I changed my clothes from winter to summer and then rearranged my closet (by color! and length!) doesn’t exactly make for spellbinding reading material.  

Although picking my outfits each morning has become A SNAP.   

It was actually a great weekend.  Matt took me out to dinner on Saturday night, which always spells Big Fun in my book.  We had a wonderful time except for a few rather tense moments that occurred after I declined the waitress’ offer of soup - specifically minestrone and two others whose names I can’t remember.  When she walked away I looked at Matt, and he was sitting there with an expression of shock on his face and his mouth open so wide I didn’t think it could go any wider.  Matt is Italian, and apparently declining a bowl of minestrone is JUST CRIMINAL in his opinion.  Then I broke the news that I don’t particularly enjoy soups with clear broths.  Or for that matter, any whose names don’t start with words “cream of…” 

Guess what.  After Matt picked his chin up off the table he still took me to Joanne’s Fabrics after dinner so I could look at interfacing.  What a guy.

The next night Matt came to our house for dinner, and after we ate I found myself staring an opportunity for a trip to Wal Mart square in the face.  We went, because, hello, when do I ever pass up a chance to travel to the land of the roll back?  I got the Brad Paisley CD and Matt bought two boxes of fireworks.  He literally stopped in his tracks in front of the display.  He is powerless in the face of well marketed combustibles. 

I imagine it’s similar to how I feel in front of a lip gloss display.  Especially ones that have the words “diamond” or “sparkle” or “shimmer” in them.  And if they have all three?  Oh my, well that’s just the jackpot lipgloss trifecta, a little piece of heaven that I cannot resist.  Anyway, off we went, country music CD and a box of colorful explosives in hand. 

Pennsylvania has a law about not selling fireworks that actually blast off from the ground.  Something about our lawmakers wanting residents’ hands and heads and arms to stay attached to their bodies.  Nonetheless, these ground dwelling fireworks were pretty impressive, and our neighbor even came onto his deck and cheered and clapped at the end.

Our neighbor is five. 

But as the saying goes, “the enjoyment of fireworks is boundless, for it knows no age.”

Or maybe I just made that up.

Either way, here we are several hundred words later and I am just recreating the problem I tried to avoid the other day.  Meaning HELLO, UNEXCITING DETAILS. I’ll quickly say that the rest of my weekend was made up of swimming, shopping, and washing my car.  And taking it to the gas station for some heavy duty vacuuming because WHOA BOY, a few months worth of crumbs from snacks on the go SURE CAN ACCUMULATE.  And then almost losing my keys mid-vacuum.  And then finding them.  And then spending hour on the phone with HP tech support.  So like I said, riveting.

This week, I had school every night.  Last night’s class was a bit of a challenge to get through, but the classes the other two nights went by lightning fast.  On Wednesday I had my estates and trusts class, and we learned that there are a few reasons people don’t make wills.  I will present the reasons in a convenient list format:

1-      They don’t care what happens to their things after they die.  They will be dead.
2-      They think they are invincible/don’t like to think about dying.
3-      They don’t think they have any assets.

After we got through the lecture, our professor told us that throughout the course of the semester we were going to write our own practice/fake wills, and the first step was to list our assets.  Well, do you know how long it takes a bunch of 22 year olds to list their assets?  About seventeen seconds.  Put me down for category 3!!

Our professor told us that we could leave class early and go home and think about what else we could possibly list.  I sat down at my desk and stared at my notebook page for about five minutes.  It looked like this:
1-      Pearl Necklace

Period.  The end.

My life insurance policy is enough for my family to send me out in style in the unfortunate event of my untimely death.  But other than that?  I don’t have much in the way of expensive worldly possessions and/or money.  And I’m okay with that- it’s just that it presents one heck of a challenge when making up your will. 

By the time I shut my notebook and called it an assignment, my list looked like this:

1-       Pearl necklace
2-       iPod

Now I’m thinking that it’s going to be totally lame to go to class on Wednesday and report that my legacy will be a pearl necklace and an iPod evident of someone with an eclectic, yet questionable taste in music.

I think I need to add a few things.  Like my new Brad Paisley CD or my closet full of clothes.  

After all, they are organized by color!  And length!

Happy Friday!


LittleSilkDress said...

"It’s just that a story about how I changed my clothes from winter to summer and then rearranged my closet (by color! and length!) doesn’t exactly make for spellbinding reading material."

Oh, I don't know about that. The OCD in me is actually very interested :). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Baby Sister said...

My closet is organized the same way. It's pretty much awesome. :)

I am SO jealous that you have the Brad Paisley CD!! I went to Wallie World to buy that and they didn't stinking have it!! *sigh* I might have to make a trip to Target....or be patient with Amazon...

Sarah said...

My closet is arranged by color and season. I just love a neatly organized closet!

Any man who will take you to a craft store while on a date is a keeper. :)

Emily said...

You forgot the fact that I accompanied you and Matt on that trip to WalMart. And that he bought me sparklers. And I bought 2 Glee CDs. Jussayin.