Thursday, December 22, 2011

all i want for christmas is lasagna

Well, it's almost midnight and I am WIDE AWAKE.  That's a smidge inconvenient because I have to wake up in six hours to go to work, but my brain...IT WILL NOT TURN OFF.

Of course, I'm not completely surprised that I'm still awake, because it has been a very eventful day.  That is, if you consider "very eventful" to be eating an entire bag of Ghirardelli chocolate and getting lost on the way home from the office.


I've gotten lost two out of the four days this week.  And my commute is only four miles.

You see, this is my first week driving to work from my new apartment, and I am on a quest to find the fastest route from my office to my front door.  It turns out that NOT ALL ROADS LEAD HOME, and in fact some of them lead to deserted industrial areas on dark roads which is not the ideal place to find yourself on a rainy night.

On the plus side, I now know where the county's fire academy is!

Speaking of excitement, I had myself a little Christmas miracle today when one of the supervisors at work came around and announced that there were some leftovers in the kitchen from an earlier lunch meeting.  You better believe I shot out of my chair like a bullet and beelined it to the kitchen where I discovered a salad, some cookies, and  A GIANT PAN OF LASAGNA.  There were no plates in sight, so a fellow paralegal and I scrounged up two cups from the box behind the water cooler and started filling them up with lasagna.

We were about three forkfuls into our respective lasagna cups when one of the secretaries appeared at the door.

With a pack of paper plates.

"Wow," she said, "You girls must be hungry."

So that was awkward.

If you think that being caught in the office kitchen eating lasagna out of a cup from the water cooler would deter me from going back for seconds, you have underestimated my love of an Italian casserole.  I had a meeting with the other paralegals at 3:00, and when we were finished I may have strolled by the kitchen to survey the status of the lasagna situation, and upon seeing that there was plenty left, made myself a plate.

It was, once again, delicious. 

And it turned out that I needed all of the sustenance I could get to help me through my arduous, confusing, four mile journey home.


Sara said...

what's she trying to say? lasagna is creations ever.

Morgan said...

Sometimes it's just hard to shut the ol' brain off and that can be pretty annoying. I bet it was just your body wanting to stay up and revel in post-lasagna awesomeness. I mean, lasagna is pretty amazing.

Traci said...

OH I love lasagna soooo much!!!

Baby Sister said...

Lol. I hope you find the fastest route soon, and that you won't get lost anymore. I LOVE lasagna. I think I might have to request my mother to make some...nummy...