Tuesday, September 25, 2012

is it really only tuesday?

This weekend was a good one.  It was the kind of weekend that makes you think "OKAY I'D LIKE TO REWIND FORTY EIGHT HOURS AND DO THAT ALL AGAIN PLEASE" when Sunday night rolls around.

But since that's impossible you suck it up and hit the snooze button one or eight times on Monday morning and then when you're brushing your teeth it occurs to you that you don't have any pants ironed for work, so you have to rush and iron and dry your hair in just six minutes and your breakfast ends up being a lukewarm cup of coffee and two kit kats.

Or maybe that's just how my Monday mornings go.

On Friday night Matt and I went out to dinner.  We went to Carraba's, which is a step up from the typical Applebee's, and so in keeping with the fanciness I said 'twas instead of "it was" every time the opportunity presented itself.

Which was a lot.

Sometimes I think Matt can't believe his good fortune that I am the girl he gets to dine with.

On Saturday I rose at the crack of ten thirty, and Michelle and I spent the next couple of hours laying on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress.  At about 1:00 I stretched and yawned and made a big production of saying, "Alllllrightttttt.  I guess it's time for me to get moving."

Naturally, Michelle asked, "Where are you going?"

I'll admit it was a little anti-climactic when my answer was, "Just to the kitchen."

I did get moving after my lunch though.  I went to the bank and the gas station and the car wash and Target, because I am powerless to resist the call of the Dollar Spot.  

Matt had asked me earlier in the week if I would be interested in going shopping at the outlets with him when he was finished work on Saturday afternoon.  I have known Matt for a long time and never once has he suggested a shopping trip.  Initially I was concerned that he might be suffering from a fever or personality mix-up at the time of the question but I did what any girl would do and STRUCK WHILE THE IRON WAS HOT and told him I would LOVE to go to the outlets because I've never met a sale I didn't like.

It turned out that the impetus for the trip was the fact that men's dress shoes were on MAJOR SALE and Matt was apparently in the market for some new kicks.  He got his shoes and I got some long sleeve shirts that were just four dollars each.

I wore one of the shirts on Sunday and Michelle mentioned that she liked it.  I told her what a good deal it was, but also warned her that she will probably be hearing about it again in a few days when I wash it and the material gets all twisted and dries funny and I'll be saying "I can't believe this shirt didn't hold up! I PAID FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS FOR IT AFTER ALL."

On Sunday afternoon I took this walk with Emily.  My mom is a teacher, and before we left she asked us to keep an eye out for an interesting plants we saw because she was going to be teaching a science lesson on plant life.  Em and I examined all kinds of plants during our walk but didn't really see much that was worth taking home for my mom.

As we were leaving the park I handed Emily my camera and said, "Hey! Take a picture of me in front of all this corn!"

She sighed LOUDLY and rolled her eyes and said, "Laura. That's not corn.  It's wheat."

So maybe I wasn't the best person to be searching for unique plants.

Nevertheless, 'twas a fun weekend. 


Ashley said...

Hah!!! I'm also a sucker for that Dollar Spot.

And say yes to the dress???!! I could watch it all day long.

Chelsea said...

Haha what a cute post! Seriously, I keep asking myself why it is only Wednesday? Such a slow week!

Sarah said...

I'm impressed that Matt was even aware a sale was going on!!

Baby Sister said...

No, that's about how my Monday mornings go also. You're not alone in that.