2013 started with a bang. literally.

When I arrived at Matt's house on New Year's Eve, he answered the door wearing this.

Along with a camo jacket and gloves.  I was bewildered at first because I didn't know he had plans to ring in 2013 with a hunting expedition and/or a bank robbery.

Turns out he and his roommates are learning the hard way how expensive it is to heat a two hundred year old home that has three stories and poor insulation with oil heat.

And so they've employed the strategy of just turning the thermostat way down and wearing several layers of hunting apparel to stay warm.

This has nothing to do with their heat and everything to do with driveway space, but they also park their cars like this in the backyard.  It's like a little bit of redneck in the middle of Philadelphia.

Matt did ditch the jacket after a while, but the gloves stayed with him the whole night, even when he was the DJ in charge of the stereo remote.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

 And yes, that would be a glass bottle of ice cold milk that Matt is enjoying.  There is a market right around the corner from his new house that sells milk in glass bottles and he couldn't wait to try it.  

I can't even put into words how disappointed he was when he discovered it cost $8.00 a half gallon.  Apparently not only are the cows grass fed but they're living some sort of luxurious lifestyle and wearing diamonds and vacationing in Fiji a few times a year.  

$8.00 for a half gallon of milk?

All I have to say about that is HOLY COW!


See what I did there?

After a few hours in Matt's area of the city we hopped on the train and went down to the riverfront with friends so we could watch the fireworks at midnight.
 Unfortunately my phone is a little high maintenance and got too cold, so it turned off before the fireworks started and I couldn't take any pictures.

If only my phone had some camo gear to keep it nice and cozy there would be photographic evidence of the fireworks that we enjoyed.

Instead, there's just my artistic depiction, which, let's be honest, is totally realistic.
 I made the same resolution for 2013 that I made last year.  And that is to plan my outfits for the whole work week on Sunday so I'm not faced with the unfortunate dilemma of, for example, black pants and a brown shirt or a summer sundress at 7:35 a.m. on a Tuesday.  So far so good with that resolution.  I've worn clean, ironed, matched, and seasonally appropriate outfits ALL YEAR.  

In other words, Wednesday and today.  

Still, it's going better than my other resolution, which was to COOL IT WITH THE CHICK FIL A.  

Look where I went for lunch on Wednesday.

In my defense I did have a gift card from a friend (who apparently knows me very well) and I was trying to use that up.  What I didn't have was will power.

The good news is I still have four dolla dolla bills left on that sucker.  

Happy New Year indeed.



Becky said…
Happy new year, Laura! I can't believe how many times I crack up while reading your posts.

It's pretty much the same situation in my house, except my parents are cheap to pay heating bills, ha~ Gives me a good excuse to layer on the blankets and look like a marshmallow, though!
Emma Marion said…
I LOVE your view! and that's not nearly as rednecked as some of the things I see in Southern Missouri! haha! Yay for feeling accomplished on our resolutions (at least one of them) so far! haha!
Tiffany Siladke said…
$8 for milk?!? That is insane! Oh boy, I love Chic fil A. I am super jealous. I am from TN and they have them everywhere down there, but now that I am in Chicago they are no where to be found :(

helen said…
hahah your posts are always so hilarious. love it. and dude, that is some expensive milk. i hope it tasted beyond amazing!
Angela said…
Haha great post xx
Rachel Silski said…
WOW..my husband is just like that..except he wears it to wear it.camo is his favorite color..is it a color?? (our bedspread is camo..shh dont tell the other bloggers)

PS love me some chik fil a!
Elise said…
I don't think I could ever have a resolution that had anything to do with eating less Chick-fil-A. Happy New Year!
Sara said…
I know first hand how expensive it is to heat a large, older home, so kudos to Matt for finding a solution...camo/hunting gear! I definitely lol'd at the pick of you two with him holding the remote with camo gloves on. Awesome! ;-)
Allison said…
What a smart idea to plan all your outfits on Sunday! You are so smart!! And I can't believe someone would charge 8 dollars for a half gallon. Holy cow is right. Haha.
Traci said…
Funny, my phone cuts off in the summer from being too hot. That's Louisiana for you. I still feel like crap & Chick fil A sounds AAAHHHMAZING right now!! I'd pay a lot for a delivery with a big ol styrofoam cup of Dr Pepper goodness right now!
Faith said…
You know when a post is so awesome, and you want to mention everything in it, but you just can't.

That is how i feel about the post.

You completely had me at turning the heat down and wearing gloves indoor, so funny :)

then the drawings of the fireworks, hahahaha, i can't even explain how perfect that is.

have the best weekend!
Using camo gear to keep warm is hilarious! And I love your resolution, what a great idea!
Sam M said…
Pretty sure one of the worst things we did was move close to a chick fil a, and the most worst was getting a job RIGHT NEXT TO that chick fil a. It's just so delicious and tempting. That's a cool idea to plan your outfits a week out like that. I pull them out the night before as I'm getting undressed for the day. I agree, it's too much to stare at your closet at 7 a.m. P.S. I love that fireworks photo.
Amy said…
#1 chickfila is it's own food group that needs to be eaten at least twice a week. :) so no worries. ha.
#2 those fireworks, beautiful.
#3 camo in the cold house, sounds like my family. Screw high electric bills, we will tell you to throw on 5 hoodies, 7 pairs of socks, and a scarf and if you're still cold you're a wimp.
#4 $8 for a HALF GALLON OF MILK geeeezeeee
#5 apparently i like numbers?
#6 those cars...freaking hilarious.
ok i'm done.
Jaime Hungry said…
You should never cool it from the Chick-fil-a. Best fast food ever. I like your other resolution though, very realistic and productive.
shayla. said…
haha that's hilarious about the heater. sounds like something my husband and his old roommates would do!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
The house sounded frigid!!looks like you manage to enjoy your nye!
Jessica B said…
"Apparently not only are the cows grass fed but they're living some sort of luxurious lifestyle and wearing diamonds and vacationing in Fiji a few times a year." I'm not going to lie but I'm a little jealous of those cows. I couldn't care less about the diamonds but vacationing in Fiji sounds nice. I hope it was THE BEST MILK EVER!
Kathryn said…
Mmm love Chick fil a. Your firework drawing is too funny. And wow, that it's some expensive milk!
Haha your blog is seriously hilarious!! Love the fireworks drawing!
stephanie said…
my husband and I both laughed this entire post. gloves, hunting gear, holy milk and all. bringing in 2013 with a bang! :)))
Linda said…
That reminds me of my sons when they were in their bachelor pad a few years back...and $8 for milk...wow..I think those must be some pampered cows...hope it was good! Happy New Year!!
Shelli Poole said…
LOVE this post!! I'm a chickfila addict as well... can't stop it. Had it today. Happy New Year!!
Jessi Francis said…
My favorite part of this whole post is the Chick-fil-a. We have it on my campus and it burns a hole in my pocket all the time!
Happy New Year to you! :)
Kristen said…
That fireworks picture is the best! I'm pretty sure even a real-life picture couldn't compare to that!
RadiantKristen said…
The duplex I lived in a few years ago had no insulation, and it cost $200/month just to heat the 900sq ft to 55 degrees. I wore long underwear, snow pants, and sweaters in my house for 2 winters straight.

Your fireworks are highly realistic. Love them.
Allison said…
I've always wanted to go to Chick-fil-a! I live too far north for those ;)
Victoria said…
You have quite the guy! lol...Love the "man solutions" guys come up with. :) I have to ask HOW in the world do they get their cars back there like that???? Especially that red one in the corner...JEALOUS!

That's a great idea. I have THOUGHT about ironing stuff before I'm needing it five minutes ago. Maybe I'll just have to try your way!
This is hilarious, my husband would do the exact same. Face mask and gloves, the whole deal!
Alyx said…
Hahaha, those are the best fireworks ever!! And our grocery store sells that milk! It's sooo good. And it must be because I'm in Nebraska, but it's less than half the price here. Maybe those diamond studded cows are Nebraska raised?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love your artistic drawings!!!

And you're gorgeous, ps.

And I love Chik fil a more than life itself.
laura loves.. said…
Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

I love your resolution about work clothes - I may just have to adopt it also!
Becky said…
Aww you guys are so cute together! Happy new year darling!
Caroline said…
Hahaha, this post made me laugh out loud. Such resourceful boys! :)
Jess said…
Sounds like a lovely New Year! We thought about wearing those ski masks when we were in New York (except maybe not camo ones!)
t said…
Looks like fun times! Happy new year!

Amanda said…
ummm you are too cute and I like everything that is happening with this post. Your boyfriend seems ridiculous in a good way and your New Years sounded fun, although a little cold.
Never cool it with the chick fil a.
Happy New Year! That's pretty intense with the hunting gear to keep warm, only 4 more months till spring! Good luck with your resolutions, I'm sure you'll be able to stick with them!
I love Chic fil A too - fortunately the closest one to me is kind of a drive. And I bundle up at home too - it's so cold! The full face mask isn't a bad idea on his part - I wear my hood up if I have a sweat shirt on myself.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails
Oh man, once the boyfriend and I move upstairs we'll have twice as much house to heat. Which means double the utilities. I can tell you that I will probably be wearing layers very soon...
Megan said…
Hahaha, I love that he has gloves on inside! That is hilarious!!
Baby Sister said…
Lol! That sucks about Matt's apartment. Does he have any space heaters? Hubby and I use those in our basement apartment to keep it from freezing. I loved your fireworks. I think they're the best I've ever seen.