Wednesday, July 24, 2013

i'm don't think i've stopped smiling

For years I've dreamed of marrying someone whose last name was Darling, so that my name could be Laura Darling.  When I began dating Matt I had to put that dream aside because while he has a perfectly fine last name, it's not Darling.

A few weeks ago Matt and I went to an amusement park with some friends.  It's a yearly tradition and in keeping with that tradition, I spent a good portion of the day experiencing roller coasters from my preferred vantage point, a bench.  I am a girl who considers the log flume a thrill ride, and a roller coaster that sends you hurtling through the air at speeds faster than I drive a car is not a roller coaster I need to be on. 

The weekend after our amusement park trip, which was July 4th weekend, Matt and I had plans to go into the city to watch the fireworks on the riverfront.  That happened to be our first official date five years ago.  In fact, here is a picture of us on that date, looking young and adorable and a little too nervous to stand too close to one another.
Matt told me he would pick me up at 5:00, and in a truly unprecedented turn of events, I was ready early.  So I decided to Google roller coaster videos because my curiosity had been piqued the previous weekend and if I couldn't experience them firsthand, at least I could watch some videos and get the general idea.  And that's when I got sucked into a Youtube channel called Front Seat Coasters.  After a few particularly thrilling ones, I began to feel dizzy.  

And my stomach felt funny.

All signs were pointing to motion sickness.  That I had inflicted upon myself.  While watched a roller coaster video in my living room. 

My doorball rang promptly at 4:59 and I hobbled over to open it and Matt greeted me with a huge smile and an enthusiastic hello.  I greeted him with a weak yet dramatic rendition of my motion sickness predicament and a request to delay our departure time for half an hour so that I could get a hold of myself.

And then I laid still on the couch and closed my eyes, and Matt paced around the kitchen and living room and asked me if I needed water and if there was anything he could do and then he paced some more.

After A LOT of pacing, Matt asked me what I did that afternoon and when I told him I straightened my bedroom, he went in and came out with a cup that I hadn't put away.  And then he came out again with flip flops that I hadn't put away.  And when he went in for a third time, I followed him in.

And when I got in there, he was down on one knee.

And he asked me to marry him.

There were some sweet words and a few tears and then he hugged me and I told him, "Now you get to call me your fiancee!"

But, since he isn't a fan of the French, I told him he could also call me "his betrothed."

And he hugged me a little tighter and said, "I'll just call you my darling."

Which is pretty much a dream come true.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

i'm engaged!

I was all set to write a funny post about how I celebrated July 4th weekend by eating nachos three days in a row, but then on Saturday night this happened.
And it kind of beats any other story I could tell.