Sunday, December 1, 2013

maybe i should have pursued a career in proofreading instead of paralegal-ing

Michelle and I have this thing where we take pictures of grammatical mistakes that we come across during the course of our days and then text them to each other, because apparently we feel that we are superior in the grammar department.

(Except every single time I mix up "I" and "me" in a blog post my mom has to email me to tell me to fix it.  It is my one grammatical downfall.)

((Evidently I am not perfect.))


Two of my favorites that I unfortunately do not have pictures of are:

Take it for granite.
I feel so sick, and even my limp noids are swollen.

The other night while I was watching TV, I spotted the description below.   

(Side note: I am currently enthralled with ALL THINGS ALASKA.)

Apparently the current TV Guide proofreader HAS SOME FEELINGS about the liberal use of semicolons, but doesn't have a very tight grip on homophones.  Exhibit A: breaks and brakes.

TV Guide, if you're looking for a proofreader, I AM YOUR GIRL.