Monday, September 8, 2014

pinterest...i'm going there

Back in ye olden days of 2010 when Pinterest was invented, I created an account.  And then I proceeded to use it approximately never because if I needed a recipe I would Google it, just like the cavemen used to, and also I possess no desire to paint anything with chalkboard paint or complete a month of squats.  I even got engaged, planned a wedding, and got married in the year 2014 all without using Pinterest.

And then last weekend I went shopping with my mom and bought a chambray shirt at Kohl’s.  When I got home I started looking in my closet for things I could pair with it, and then I decided to turn to Pinterest for some other ideas and see if it lived up to the hype that you can find anything on Pinterest.

I sat on the couch and scrolled through page after page after page after page…after page… of ways to style chambray shirts.  I couldn't stop.  Matt was sitting next to me and after about fifteen minutes he said, “What are you looking at? The denim channel?”

All I’ll say is that twenty four hours later I was sitting at our picnic table hot gluing sticks that I collected from the yard to a glass candle holder. 

You could say I was bitten by the Pinterest bug. 

Not only has Pinterest provided me with three hundred and forty seven ways to style a chambray shirt, it has also inspired me to become more organized.  The other day I cleaned off the front of our fridge because it was covered in so many pictures and invitations and coupons and appointment cards and score sheets from the shooting range (don’t ask) that I was going a bit crazy.  I moved the invitations to the side of the fridge and organized the appointment cards on the front in date order (this is fascinating, I know), and THEN, I told Matt that he could expect a calendar to appear on the fridge in the next few days so that we always know what’s coming up. 

He mentioned that he’d made a dentist appointment for next week (COMING SOON TO THE FAMILY CALENDAR) because his tooth was bothering him.
It’s a tooth that has given him some trouble in the past, and since Matt doesn’t go to the doctor for ANYTHING EVER I knew it must be pretty bad. 

On the other hand, if I sneeze more than twice a day or think I feel a slight twinge of discomfort or anything out of the ordinary, I’m self-diagnosing myself via the internet with some terrible affliction and calling the doctor’s office requesting an immediate appointment.

Matt told me his dental symptoms and then he said, “I mean, I’ve been thinking about it and I decided I’m just going to tell them to take it out.  It’s in the very back of my mouth.  No one will ever know.”

Oh my.

Well, I’m going to need some time to chew on that. 

(I couldn’t resist.)

But rest assured that the appointment will be on the calendar.  And in the meantime, I’ll be searching Pinterest for home remedies.  You really can find anything on there.


Brittany said...

I'm definitely not what you would call a "girly girl," but Pinterest hits this weird vulnerable spot in me and suddenly I'm looking at crockpot recipes I'll never actually make. It's magic.

Becky said...

Ahh the Pinterest bug. Don't worry it gets us all :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Between my knitting & photography, I pretty much should pay rent for being there so much.

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

Hilarious :) I used to scroll and scroll that site for way too long when it first came out, but never used any of the ideas. I haven't logged in in forever!

lil desiqua said...

Pinterest hardly ever fails, it's sucha useful tool. I want to know what you made with the sticks!

Kelly Fulkerson said...

I can relate! It's gotten so bad that my husband will ask, "are you on pinterest looking for MORE recipes!?" Well, we have to eat now, don't we?

Breann Hays said...

Ha! I did the same - made a Pinterest and used it twice. Maybe I should jump on the bandwagon too

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Matt sounds just like Nick. Boys. Pinterest is freakin' addicting!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Baby Sister said...

Oh Pinterest. It's the bane of my existence. It's the food and crafts that really get me. It's such a dangerous thing!!