i guess i should go back inside my glass house and stop throwing stones

About 12 hours after we returned from our honeymoon, Matt ran to the grocery store to get a few things we needed.  And when he returned with this haul, I discovered something that I didn't know about him.
 He was running an underground food pantry.

Just kidding.  I learned that Matt's philosophy as it relates to items at the grocery store is "if you like it, buy a bunch of it."  

Matt's not like this in any other area, so I've always wondered why he buys in bulk at the food store.  

I think I got my answer on Friday night.

We went to the Phillies game Friday evening and we met Matt's dad at the ballpark.  Matt and I had taken the train into the city but Matt's dad had driven in from his office, so he was going to drive us home.  As we walked to his car he said, "Oh, don't let me forget, I have some stuff for you guys in the trunk."

Do you know what was in his trunk?

Eight liters of olive oil and 96 cans of tomatoes.

Evidently Matt comes from a long line of men who cannot resist a ShopRite can can sale.

Tonight I decided to clean out my purse since it felt like it weighed about ten pounds.  And as I was cleaning it, I realized that I may have a problem with multiples myself.

If I'm ever in a situation where I need three packs of gum, two pairs of sunglasses, four pens, seven lip glosses, five bracelets (silver AND gold), a pair of earrings, three hair clips of assorted sizes, two bottles of hand lotion, and three protein packed snacks, I will be prepared. 


MilitaryPugWife said…
Any chance he's a Virgo? Cause I am the same way. With food. And makeup. And hair products. And those bath washes from Bath and Body Works.
I'm fairly convinced Bath and Body Works invented those buy 3, get 3 free sales for people like me. It's cool and all, but I always buy into the holiday ones and who wants to smell like Vanilla Snowflakes in the summer?

You will be fine during the zombie apocalypse. Just hold on to your horde.
Robin said…
Sometimes I want to get in the habit of buying extra. It sounds excessive at the time, but I would like it when I have late-night cravings and don't want to go to a store.
Bijoux said…
I am the opposite. I've realized I'm just a crazy minimalist and can't stand clutter in any shape or form. I'll be in trouble during a natural disaster!
Haha too funny! I hope you have a big pantry!!
Oh my gosh!!! So much food! At least you won't have a crouton shortage for a while! ha!
Brittany said…
Is 96 cans of tomatoes an exaggeration or the actual number? If it's real, I'm shocked that many cans can fit inside a trunk. Also, you've inspired me to clean out my purse, too. It also probably weighs ten pounds and I'm over it.
Morgan Apfel said…
Hahaha that is too funny!!!! And really a good idea I think! I only buy what I need and I almost always run out of something and wish I had more. And it really is funny what habits we pick up from our parents isn't it.

x Morgan / Morning Apple
Stockpilers! I come from a long line of them and have to resist the urge in myself.

It's never a bad idea to have a pair of back up sunglasses though!
This is to fuuny I can relate I try to buy multiples if I can for groceries because that's my least favorite place to shop so the less I have to go the better. I so need to clean out my purse as well and hope you had a blast on your honeymoon.
Ericka said…
Oh, my heavens! This is hysterical! Isn't it funny what little quirks every one of us possesses? While cleaning out my kitchen pantry last week, I discovered 100 pairs of wooden chopsticks that my husband had apparently purchased at some point. Go ahead and ask the question - Do we eat with chopsticks often? Here's the answer - Never! LOL!

Thank you for the great little laugh this morning. :)
Daleian said…
This was so funny! We never stop learning new things about people! That is the best part! And I think that you should keep those three protein packed snacks in case you get stranded in a deserted island or something! :)
Rebecca Jo said…
I'm not sure whether to send your name into TLC for "Extreme Couponing" & the stash pile or to "Hoarders" ... hmmm... :)

I'm the same way with chapstick. I have a DOZEN. & cant ever find one when I need it.
Melanie Smith said…
Wow. He's a food hoarder! Lol
Too funny!
Hahahaha, this is hilarious!

My hubs actually came home from a Sam's run the other night with a GIANT case of paper towels... no big deal if we didn't already have 20 rolls! Apparently they were on super sale, and apparently my hubs can't resist a good sale. At least they don't expire, though, right?!
Cece said…
He should really consider getting into couponing!! LOL. They end up with a ton of stuff. You must have a gigantic pantry, or an underground food pantry. I tend to have multiples of things too. It's the hoarder in me and the worrier. I like having extras just in case.
It's like he has his own little grocery store! At least you'll always be prepared!
Haha oh gosh! Well at least y'all should never run out of anything y'all need!
tina bumblebee said…
HAHAHAHA I love this. I do believe that one day when I'm back to work full time and not on such a tight week to week budget (I'm a bartender and server so it's always up in the air what I'll make) that I will absolutely buy in bulk like this. I honestly like what I like and so why not just buy a bunch of it. I even can see myself with one of those little walk in pantries just full of like 30 of each item whenever they're on sale.
Katelyn Sloan said…
Oh my gosh i laughed at loud at "He was running an underground food pantry." HILARIOUS!i I did the same thing with pasta this week. It was on sale and I definitely need 8 boxes right?! ;) Happy Hump Day XO
Haha um your husband is just like my dad. You'd think that my parents were stocking up a bomb shelter at Walmart, but no; just filling the shelves (even more). And don't get my started on the ketchup by the ton purchases! ;)
ae said…
Haha! That is awesome. If the apocalypse happens, you will be able to make plenty of marinara. ;)

I feel like I know Drake pretty well. But I know that when we get married, there will be new things I find out about him.
I thought it was a sponsored post at first ;) HAHA! He knows what he likes or the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! xoxo, ganeeban
Hahaha how funny that he buys everything in multiples. There are some things we should probably buy like 10 of at a time, but we never learn our lesson and just end up running out in like two days.
R said…
I started laughing...right until you got to the lipgloss and I realized you could have been talking about me. I cleaned out my junk drawer, purses, and under the sink only to find 32 different lipgloss and chapsticks. I have a small problem with collecting those. I always need them in reach.
Evelina said…
I am cracking up!! I would totally buy multiples but we don't have enough cupboard space to store it all.
Baby Sister said…
Hahaha. At least you've got all of your bases covered! He does the food, you do the other important things of life. :)

Reminds me of my purchases of the limited edition Oreos. :) Very dangerous!
emi said…
hahaha oh my gosh this is HILARIOUS! what a funny habit :) love how you captured it.

xo welltraveledwife.com
BLovedBoston said…
Looks like you two are a match made in heaven!! So does he use coupons for his stock piles or just pays regular?! xo, biana -BlovedBoston
Heather said…
My dad does the same thing when there's a sale and it's stored everywhere. For those things I know go on super sale I hate paying full price when we've run out and can't wait for another sale, lol. I love all of the photographic evidence!!
AiringMyLaundry said…
Ha, funny! I do buy a lot of chocolate to make sure I have a lot on hand. Just in case.
Haha too funny he gets this from his Dad - I feel like usually it's the girls that are the hoarders - at least you guys are always prepared!
Rachel said…
That's hilarious. I love all of the photographic evidence of multiples that you have. We're pretty much the opposite. If we actually buy toothpaste before we're out of toothpaste...we consider ourselves pretty well prepared.
I love that you guys have a little stock pile going. That is too funny! I am with you on having multiples in my purse...I think I have 3 pairs of sunglasses, oodles of lip gloss, hair ties and bobby pins.
Jenny said…
This totally cracked me up!!! :)
Lauren said…
But I NEED seven different lipglosses... who knows if I need to heal, have SPF, or what shade of pale pink-ish I might require? But really, who makes that much Jello?
Emily Gilbert said…
LOL! This was hilarious. I'll take one of your extra Tides :D! I buy in bulk tampons and razors. *shrugs* not really sure why other than they're expensive, and you can never have too many feminine hygiene products.