no ifs, ands, or butts about it

It seems hard to believe that last Sunday we were digging out from two feet of snow, and this week it was warm enough to go for a long late afternoon walk outside.

In a light jacket.

With no gloves.

I walked a new route this afternoon.  Down the hill and around the church on the next block.  It was lovely.

As I walk I like to look at houses and get decorating ideas.  Most people have their outdoor decor away for the winter, but as I rounded a corner I could see a house up ahead with lots of decorations on their lawn.

As I got closer, this is what I saw.

A skeleton.  Riding a bicycle.  Next to a statue of the Blessed Mother and a deflated Santa.


The houses in our neighborhood are all similar styles, but vary a little bit in structure.  Most of the homes have large picture windows in the living rooms, and I think it's so interesting to see how people decorate them.  Lots of people have large vases with flowers.  Some have candles.  There is one house with all different colored glass vases.

And then, I came upon this house.

It's a little difficult to see, and to that I say YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE, but in the window are various statues of, well, butts.

It's like A Christmas Story gone R rated.

Maybe I'll walk around a different block next time.


Julie said…
Oh that's interesting for sure!
Emily Ballard said…
Bahhahah that's so funny!!
Bahaha- I wonder where they got them!
Myra said…
Rebecca Jo said…
I love when I run around houses & get some looks at their yard... some people, you just want to know more of their story :)
Marie said…
hahah! That is hilarious. What is wrong with people?
Hahahaha! I'm cracking up right now! People are SO WEIRD.
Evelina said…
Whaaaaaat??? I am dying! That is some questionable decor, for sure. Well to each their own I guess haha
BLovedBoston said…
The weather is being super crazy everywhere!! Love those pics from your walk! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
Jenna said…
Hahah! What a weird bunch of sights!!! Skeletons riding bicycles and butts in the window! LOL

That church is just gorgeous though :) Especially in the snow!
LMFAO... I want to live next door to those people!
Renae said…
LOL!! I am in Texas and we have not had not one drop of snow.
Liz Jo said…
Can I just say that's some odd sites in your neighborhood, however, I wouldn't not expect it either. Our neighbors next door have a huge Mary mother of Jesus statue in their yard

liz @ j for joiner
Michelle said…
It's just too bad it wasn't the same house with the cycling skeleton. Hilarious.
Walks in the snow are the greatest! Holy cow! Skeleton on a bicycle & butt statues! If you're looking for a walk with laughs that sounds like the perfect path!
Hilarious! What an interesting walk lol!
AiringMyLaundry said…
Haha, interesting! I'd be cracking up.
Katie Elizabeth said…
I almost spit out my chai tea latte when I saw that skeleton riding the bike, lol! I like your neighborhood! ;)
Rachel McCarthy said…
Oh that is too funny!! This weather is so crazy. We had 30 inches two weekends ago and it was 65 degrees this past weekend!

xo, Rachel
A Blonde's Moment
Molly Middleton said…
Oh boy...sometimes I just do not understand people. How funny that you saw all of this!
Corie M said…
What a unique neighborhood ;) I'm sure the uniqueness will motivate you to go on more walks now! LOL
Baby Sister said…
Hahahaha. That is hilarious! When I see things like that, it makes me wonder about the people, what they're like.

If that's what you see around one block, what would you see around a different one?? Curiouser and curiouser.