Monday, August 29, 2016

i bet the patriots didn't have to worry about glass lids

Well, I walked in the door from work on Friday night and Matt was standing in the dining room wearing this.

Contrary to what you might think, he is not starting a landscaping business.  He's just getting ready for the fall and hundreds and thousands and millions of leaves he hopes are going to fall on our lawn this fall.

After he took off his leaf blower, he made the BEST pizza for dinner and then went downstairs to work on our wall.

I haven't mentioned the great wall of Pennsylvania here because it's a difficult thing to talk about.  It's part of the reason I haven't been blogging lately.  I always blog at night in the family room, but for the past week or so the family room has looked like this, and the time spent down there wasn't exactly relaxing.

The first floor of our home originally had a garage and a family room.  The previous owners expanded the family room into the back half of the garage.  And then, instead of making a wall between the family room and garage, they just stood two bookcases up and called it good.

It looked nice, but it wasn't insulated, so it was freezing downstairs in the winter, and there were gaps where you could see into the garage.  There also weren't any electrical outlets so anything we wanted to plug in had to be plugged in around the corner.  Painting the family room is the next project on our list, and building a wall is part of that project.

Matt slid the bookcases out last weekend waited until the room looked like this to tell me, "Might not be able to get drywall up for a few weeks, so welcome to the garage family room!!!"  He said that last part in a game show host voice like it was FUNNY while I had a heart attack on the couch.

Luckily for both of us things moved quickly, and we have a wall.

On Saturday afternoon the mail was delivered, and with it two shipments of freeze-dried food from Patriot's Pantry.

You might be wondering what Patriot's Pantry is, and I'm here to tell you it's "food for the self-reliant patriot."
Which I am now, evidently.

If tragedy strikes Matt and I can live for 6 days on freeze-dried Traveler's Stew or Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup.

Matt walked into the kitchen when I was taking these pictures and asked what I was doing.

"I'm taking a picture of this so I can write a blog about it, because it's funny," I told him.

"It's not funny," he said, "it's serious."

You say Granny's Homestyle Po-tay-to Soup, I say Granny's Homestyle Po-tah-to Soup.

On Saturday night I was cooking actual potatoes on the skillet for dinner.  The knob on the glass lid was loose, so Matt got a tool to tighten it up.

I walked over to the sink while Matt tightened the knob, and unfortunately, as my dad would say, he didn't know his own strength because he tightened it too much and the entire glass lid exploded.  

Teeny tiny pieces of glass flew EVERYWHERE.  

All over the floor.  The counters.  Into both sinks.  Into the dishwasher, which was open.  Into the potatoes on the stove.  And, worst of all, into Matt's arm, which was bleeding everywhere.

We both stared at each other for about five seconds, and then jumped into action washing Matt's arm, getting the glass out of it, getting out the shop vac, and sweeping up the shards.

On the plus side, no glass got into Matt's face and my kitchen floor has never been cleaner.

But that's the story of how we ended up spending a wild Saturday night at Bed Bath and Beyond cashing in our 20% off coupon for a new skillet.

We got a new one, but it also has a glass lid and I'm a little gun-shy to cook with a glass lid again.

Maybe I'll just serve Traveler's Stew for the new few days.


Kayla MKOY said...

OH my gosh, lol! Girl, what an eventful weekend. Freeze dried soup? That IS kind of funny!

Kelly said...

Wow that Liberty Boil Potato Cheddar Soup looks mighty tasty. Glad to know you'll be set when the apocalypse comes. ;-)

Angi said...

Hahaha - I am supportive of your freeze dried soup stockpile. You can't be a propper prepper without some freeze dried foods!

That sucks about your glass lid. All my pots and pans have glass lids and now I'm a little worried.

Meg Taylor said...

I have one friend whose husband is all about the prepping and has everything he'd ever need in their basement... she finds it funny, too. Also, the backpack blower used to be my favorite lawn tool when we lived in CT... now we have like 3 passes of the lawn mower of grass, so I have a pathetic electric one - not the same :-\

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Emily at 'a little bit of Emily' said...

Ahhh your life is never dull! The picture of Matt with the leaf blower is hilarious. So glad you got your wall. And I am dying at the food packets. What is even better is the fact that one of my magazines had an article about being prepared for disaster relief and made me wonder if this is something I need to do. These would be the perfect thing to include!

Julie said...

Freeze dried anything is interesting...

...and I thought you were going to say he was going to be a ghostbuster!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

Awe, how crazy! I'm glad you got the glass cleaned up. That's crazy that they didn't put a wall up behind the bookcases. I'm glad y'alls are fixing it, but living in chaos is definitely not fun.

Susannah said...

"It's not funny, it's serious." Now THAT is funny. ;-)

Lux G. said...

I bet they didn't
The struggle is real, huh? :)

Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire said...

Geez, good times at your house, uh? I know you'll be psyched to have an actual wall and thank goodness the glass didn't do more damage - that would have scared the pants off me!!!

Faith said...

Glad he wasn't hurt badly because now I can say it is because he said that the freeze dried foods wasn't funny because it is, haha!

Glad you have a wall! Everyone needs a place to blog in peace.

Marie said...

I cannot stop laughing at the food packets. Glad that Matt is ok and didn't get any glass in face. I don't really like to use anything glass because I have a very bad habit of breaking the glass. I once was trying to clean out a candle holder (I wanted to keep the holder, it was pretty) and it shattered all over the place! Glass everywhere. I feel your pain!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny! Y'all have WAAAAY too much going on right now! I would be an insane person with that whole garage/family room situation. Good thing y'all are doing it before it's 2 degrees outside.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

ha! See this is why DIY home improvement is so wonderful, look at how many good stories you just were able to tell. How fun and wonderful all at the same time. Sorry about the glass though, little bits of glass everywhere are the biggest P in the A to clean up!

Jenna said...

I loved this! I can always count on you for a good laugh! (Except for the glass part, that made me cringe!) Thanks for brightening my day with your post!

Rebecca Jo said...

Just another reason why I'll mark it up that cooking is NOT a good thing on most days. The dangers are everywhere.

I'm not even going to let my husband glance at this blog... he was just raving on & on & on AND ON yesterday how he needs one of those blowers.

Katie {The Mishaps & Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said...

Wow! Super eventful weekend! YAY for a wall finally! And I am actually going to look up that Patriots food right now....seems it would be good for a single girl like me... lol

Rose Nika said...

sometimes when I am visiting my fiance I walk into him wearing contraptions like this hahaha he's in construction

Life is just Rosie

MilitaryPugWife said...

Man, I was gonna get your husband to do our lawns! Lol!
I wondered where you disappeared too!

Becky said...

Bah thank goodness you have a wall now! I completely understand staying away from the family when it looked like that - too much chaos! Here's to not having a freezing living room anymore :) Haha my mom gave me one of those freeze dried meals for christmas…just in case too…do they know something we don't?!!! :P

Rachel said...

Oh no! I've never had a glass explosion while cooking, that's so scary! Just from tightening the knob? Crazy. I guess it's great you'll be able to survive a few days longer than the rest of us on those freeze-dried meals!

Brittany said...

You're definitely right - the freeze-dried food is hilarious. Glad you're safe, just in case. ;) Sorry to hear about the lid exploding. That's miserable. I once did something similar with a small fish tank...and the fish flopped onto the floor and everyone was MUCH more concerned about the fish than my bleeding hand. Priorities.

Hall Around Texas said...

Leaf blowers are fun! haha! He could totally be a ghostbuster for Halloween with that contraption! The freeze dried food is hilarious, but genius. I'm surprised we don't have a stockpile of that around here. For a good while Nate was so OCD about preppin' for anything and everything.

Claire said...

Those freeze dried meals are actually really yummy! Or at least everything tastes yummy when camping :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my goodness, the poor potatoes though! lol
that is crazy about the people before you just throwing up some bookcases and calling it a wall.

Victoria said...

Dear, Matt

Laura will always have blogging material thanks to you. And we will read it and love it and laugh. You're a great guy. Your concern and ingenuity and preparedness will see to it that you and Laura are never high and dry. Never.

Enjoy that leafblower and those Patriot Meals. I hope your arm heals quickly! The great wall of Pennsylvania is going to be amazing.

An PNWer who LOVES it every single time Laura writes anything involved you.


This is FANTASTIC. Glad you got a new skillet!

Jessica Coody said...

Home renovation projects are the WORST, but when they are complete it is such a good feeling!
Completely random... but I have the same "Happy Together" picture frame! :)

Samantha said...

Oh gosh... I can't imagine having a hole in my living room looking into my garage! That freeze dried soup looks good... we're big backpackers so I'm always on the look out for freeze dried foods that we could take backpacking. Your poor skillet! I can't believe the lid exploded like that!

Irene Thayer said...

This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

I must admit that I would be just a bit shocked if I walked in to find my husband in the house wearing a leaf blower! That's funny stuff!

Michelle said...

You always have the most hysterical stories!! I'm dying over the freeze-dried food. My dad is a major prepper, and he had a whole room in my parent's basement dedicated to that sort of thing. My mom puts freeze-dried food in his stocking for Christmas.