come on over for an omelet

I haven't mentioned them recently on the old blog, but the chickens are still hanging around.  Although by last week I thought we might be spending our hard earned cash on fancy organic chicken food for nothing because WE WILL NEVER GET EGGS FROM THESE DARN CHICKENS.

And then last night Matt and I went outside to check on the girls after dinner, as per our daily custom, and look what we found.

I only wish we had some eggs last week, because I had to bring deviled eggs to my uncle's cookout and had to buy a big carton of Land O'Lakes.

Part of me thought I might be asked to bring guacamole to the party, since I've recently been enlightened about the world of avocados.  My aunts and cousins and I were out to dinner a few months ago, and somehow we got on the topic of guacamole when I said, "I love guacamole and I'd make it more often if it wasn't such a pain to peel all of those avocados."

And they all stared at me until someone said, "You don't peel avocados."

Well, that was news to me.  The handful of times I've made guacamole, I have painstakingly peeled each avocado, which is a messy and somewhat dangerous endeavor.  

Not to mention incredibly time consuming.

A few weeks after the guacamole revelation, I made guacamole using their method and it was the easiest thing I've ever done.  

Shortly after that, I was making a recipe that called for mango, and Matt walked into the kitchen while I was painstakingly peeling that slippery mango.  "Why are you peeling it?" Matt said.  "You can cut it like you cut an avocado."


Who knows what other produce I'm incorrectly cutting/slicing/peeling.  It's much easier to eat candy and potato chips.

But least I know how to crack an egg.


Hooray! There is nothing better than eggs from your own chickens. Though it's probably just as well you didn't have your own eggs when it was time to make deviled eggs, because fresh eggs--and they don't get any fresher than when they come from your backyard--don't peel. At all. They just all pull apart with the shell and make you want to cry. So if you hard-boil a fresh egg, you should just crack it all around the equator with the edge of your spoon, break it in half, and scoop the egg out with the spoon. Kind of like the avocado thing, actually. And then you obviously have to use it for something like egg salad, which doesn't require an intact egg.

End unsolicited advice. And again, hooray for the egg! I'm jealous.
Robin said…
Hey, if the food is good in the end, I don't care how you peeled/cut/sliced!
Sarah in Color said…
Laura, this story made my morning. I LOVE guac, and I agree with Robin - if it tastes good, it doesn't matter how you make it!

I'm so glad to have found your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more :)

Sarah //
You got an egg! Yay!!! And I buy the mango already sliced at Costco because that's dangerous stuff! The avocado one I knew - they just have such a short window of being perfectly ripe!
Fresh eggs are the best!! I took a cooking class in high school and they taught us about cutting avocado and all types of fruits. It was pretty interesting, and I never knew all those shortcuts lol!
rooth said…
Eating chips is WAY easier than all that other work :) Congrats on the egg!
Claire Davis said…
I have been wanting to have chickens, my mom used to get wonderful fresh eggs from hers. That's so exciting that you got your first egg! :)
Marie said…
Yay for an egg! Fresh eggs are the best. I wish I could have chickens but I think my condo board would have a fit about it. haha
Brianne said…
I was on the phone with my mom last night & she said they just recently got their first egg from the chickens too.
Yay for your first egg! And lol at peeling avocados! But cutting them and gutting them are a lot of work too, but there's nothing like homemade guac <3
Green Fashionista
Hahahaha, I bought kiwi a few months ago and I had no clue what to do with it either. I had to google it! Ha!

And YAY for an egg! Tell them they need to get busy because one egg isn't going to be enough for a meal!
Vanessa Best said…
Your blog makes me so happy.
Hahaha, you always crack me up! I wouldn't know how to handle a mango either - I usually go for the frozen chunk. Good to know, though!
YAY for the first egg! Love the avocado story! So funny. :)
Bahahahahah! At least you're pretty! ;)
Evelina said…
Your posts aaaalways have me LOLing! I alway turn to YouTube for proper fruit cutting instructions :)
Evelina @ Fortunate House
Rebecca Jo said…
I literally bust out laughing that you peel the avocado... doesnt it just get squishy when you get the skin off?
I feel like someone should gift you with an avocado cutter now. :) haha
The avocado thing cracked me up! What? I'm still trying to figure out how to cut that like an avocado. You're not the only one who didn't know that!
Amy said…
I hate to tell you something else you're doing incorrectly, but you're supposed to store the eggs with the pointy end facing down. Sorry. Love you.
Rachel said…
Peeling avocados??? Yeah...that would be quite the ordeal, I don't even know how you would hold onto it. Granted, I'm not sure I entirely knew avocados existed before meeting Angel, but he very quickly enlightened me as to their existence, how to pick a good one, and the best way to speedily cut them up. I blame growing up in Malaysia. Avocados are 'exotic' here, and brutally expensive, no wonder my family never bought them....but I love them...
i laughed so hard at you peeling an avo. hilarious! mangos are far too messy, i love them but ugh they are a pain to eat.
yay for eggs!
Katie said…
Oh my gosh. I love your. Your posts make me laugh every.single.time. I also would have no clue how to cut an avocado and would probably do the same thing you did so no judgement here.