our trips were practically identical

In an unusual turn of events, Matt and I both traveled for work this week.  Matt hardly ever travels, but when he does it's on the fancy law firm budget, which means the nicest hotels and luxury steak dinners.  

I travel at least monthly, but when I do it's on the non-profit social service agency budget, which means the Red Lion Inn and dinner is the value meal at Moe's.

Actually, in September, on my five year work anniversary, I put my foot down about not staying at the Red Lion Inn anymore.  I put in my time there.  And so this month I stayed at the Sheraton, and I will tell you when I walked into the lobby, I felt like I was walking into the very lap of luxury.  

I walked across that shiny floor to check in, and was greeted with a glass of cucumber water and a man with a British accent.


The woman told me that I would be in room 346, and when I asked her where the elevator was, she said, "Oh, you won't need to take the stairs.  346 is on this ground level."

Well that sounds familiar.

Are all the hotels in this town built into the side of a giant hill?

I made my way to my room, and couldn't wait to check out my view.  Matt had sent me a photo of the view from his hotel, and I decided I'd send him a picture of mine.

This was his view.

And this was mine.
Some trees and the backside of a Petsmart.

As I was heading out for dinner, Matt sent me a few pictures from the work event he was attending at the Field Museum in Chicago.

And then I drove over to Moe's to pick up my dinner, and parked next to this.

That would be a deer in the backseat.

How about that wildlife, Matt?

On my way back from dinner I entered the hotel through a different door, evidently on a lower level, and when I got into the elevator, I could not find the button for the third floor.  

There was no 3.

It took me about four minutes to realize the little sign next to "L" said "Lobby is 3rd floor."

Is it just me or are hotels always this complicated to navigate?

Unfortunately on Tuesday night I felt like I was getting sick, so I ordered room service.  I decided to go crazy and get spinach dip AND pizza, and when the gentleman brought it to my room, he lifted the lid of the spinach dip and then the lid of the pizza box and waved his hand dramatically over both, as if he was presenting me with lobster tail and caviar as opposed to chips and dip and honey barbecue pizza on some sub-par, pre-made dough.

I felt horrible yesterday and today I went to the doctor.  Turns out I have a sinus infection and an ear infection.  

I don't know what we will be eating for dinner tonight, but I can promise you it won't be Moe's or a fancy steak dinner.

Or venison.


Elenie Counts said…
The deer! The room service guy! This whole post had me giggling.
Other than the sinus infection part :( feel better soon!
LOL I've totally been there on the lackluster work trip locations and accomodations! His view in downtown Chicago is amazing, looks like you need to piggy back on his next trip :-D
Oh and I'm so sorry you're sick, hope you feel better soon and it doesn't linger too long.
Martha Woods said…
As soon as I read "346 is on this ground level" I busted up laughing because I remembered your last hotel experience with the mixed up floor ordering. I've never been in such a strange hotel!

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Sinus and ear infections are no fun at all. :/
Robin said…
I hope you feel better soon! The entire hotel stay sounds interesting...I would like the cucumber water and food presentation, haha. LOL at the deer. Reminds me of the "Get in the car, I'll explain on the way" memes.
Leslie said…
You always crack me up, and this pretty much sums up how I felt about my husband versus mine work lives! I hope you're feeling better soon!
Bethany Carson said…
Oh my. This post had me laughing. Love it. Get well soon!
Lux G. said…
Oh, wow. Fancy.

I wish I could travel with such a budget as well. It's always shoestring for me.

Get well soon. I think tomato soup with basil is good for you for dinner.
My husband one time stuffed a deer he had shot on the first day of hunting season in the trunk of my Nissan Altima and drove home like 30 miles with the feet and head sticking up out of the trunk. (In all fairness, he had never hunted in that place before and didn't actually think he would get a deer). He took my car because his pick-up truck was filled with scrap metal he didn't want to unload. And when he got home and unloaded the deer, there was a smear of blood on the back bumper that the chickens spent quite a bit of time pecking at, because they are blood-thirsty modern dinosaurs, and that is why "vegetarian-fed hens" is a crock.

That wasn't the MOST redneck moment I've ever had with my husband (there have been so many), but it was right up there. My car is now off-limits to him when he goes hunting, and now I have a minivan, so you can imagine how tempting that is to him.
Jen Mc said…
I'm sorry my friend, but I was DYING LAUGHING through this post. I think your wildlife trumps Matt's dinosaur...sorry Matt! Sorry you're feeling crummy and hope you are on the mend soon!
Emily Jane said…
You are SO funny, I love how you write. His view of downtown Chicago was pretty awesome. Back of Petsmart, a dear in the backseat and pizza don't sound too bad either (if anything it makes for an amusing blog post). Feel better!
Rebecca Jo said…
Whatever you have, I hope its presented to you in a formal way :)
Hope you are feeling better!!!
Julie said…
I work PT at the Sheraton here and 3rd floor is always lobby and no 3 is anywhere near it unless you look up at the top of the elevator.

I love the Westin in the picture your husband showed you. Its a extremely nice hotel.
Hahahaha! This might be one of my favorite posts of yours yet! This is totally classic!
Brianne said…
I am cracking up. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. I hope you get better soon.
A LIVING deer?! If so, I would like to get in on that action. I would totally be down to drive my pet deer around town.
Sarah Albertson said…
Hah! I would have been very confused as well looking for the third floor! Glad you were able to find your way though, :) It looks like you had quite an interesting hotel adventure. I hope you feel better soon!
Oh no! Hopefully you're feeling much much better now?

I totally agree with you on how confusing hotels are - or the fact that they often skip numbers entirely so you're walking through a corridor thinking "okay 301.... 302.... 303..." and then all of a sudden you're at 355 because someone apparently forgot how to count ;)
Emily said…
Glad you got to stay some place fancier this time. Feel better soon!
Don't feel bad I almost always get confused with the numbers in the elevator at hotels. Lol It shouldn't be that complicated but it's like my blonde genes kick in!
I cannot believe that deer in the backseat! Oh my gracious, so odd.

And I would've had trouble figuring out the 3rd floor/lobby thing too, ha!
Literally dying!!! But hey, at least you got the British guy and cucumber water!
Faith said…
Hahaha, this is hilarious! His view vs. yours made me laugh out loud! I hope you're feeling better.
rooth said…
Was the deer in the backseat dead?!? Hope you're feeling better now
Natasha Hill said…
This post made me smile and laugh a lot, so thank you for the giggles on a Monday morning! I'm sorry to hear you're not well too, I hope you get better soon. I geeked out a little at the dinosaur skeleton at Matt's convention - more dinosaurs are needed in everyday life. I think your deer spot trumps it though, haha! Was it alive?! I loved the difference in views as well from your window. Hope you have a good week! - Tasha
omg the deer in the backseat! wtf?!
Oh my lord. That poor dear. Like literal, dear... This makes me sad, I don't even want to know why it was in someone's car. :( Otherwise this post is kind of hilarious. We used to get PD money for work... and now the budget has been busted. Bye bye PD money. Ah well. XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things
Hahaha wow...your husband's trip did look quite fancy! Love your sense of humor.
Holly Hollyson said…
I need to know how that deer ended up in that car?! I would have been thrown by the elevator too!
Kait said…
I laughed out loud about the part on hotels. I am a Sheraton girl through and through, so anything else to me is like...why bother?! I went on a trip one time that I wasn't paying for and we stayed at a Howard Johnson...I was like, what is this?!