Monday, March 14, 2016

next time i'm hoping for a convertible

I've had to do quite a bit of driving for work lately, and since Old Blue is getting up in mileage, I've decided it might be a good time to start renting a car for these longer trips.  Last week my mom and I walked at the park in the afternoon (the spring weather and my mom's hand me down Fitbit have turned me into a new, motivated girl), and she dropped me off at Enterprise after our walk.

As we pulled into the lot, she said, "Wow, look at that fancy Dodge Charger.  I bet that's the car you'll get."

Then, after a scan around the lot, she spotted a plain jane sedan parked on the side and said, "Actually, you will probably that one."

And I agreed with her because I work for a non-profit and all employees are specifically instructed by the Fiscal Hotline to request the most basic car available.

And then I went inside and the man behind the counter said, "Would you like the Dodge Charger today?"


I confirmed that the price would not change, because the last thing I wanted was a call from the Fiscal Hotline, and five minutes later I was driving home in a brand new vehicle that had settings for the "climate," and not simply heat or ac, and with the key sitting in the cup holder and not the ignition because TECHNOLOGY IS SO FANCY THESE DAYS AND THE CAR TURNS ON WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON.

I left early the next morning for my meeting and as I merged my spaceship onto the turnpike I realized the Charger really had some get up and go under the hood.  So please imagine my panic when I glanced down at the digital speedometer and saw 91 flashing on the screen.

After I slammed on the brakes I realized the speedometer was set to kilometers per hour.  Whew.

I knew I wasn't going that fast.

I returned the Charger on Thursday night with a heavy heart, but on Saturday morning I was back at Enterprise to pick up a new car for this week.  This time I got a cute Jeep Cherokee, which has a smooth ride and an old school key that actually goes into the ignition just like God and auto mechanics intended.

The Jeep seemed a little simpler and more my "speed," until I went to the gas station.  And had to read the manual to figure out how to open the gas cap.

And then I tried to pop in a CD and learned it has no CD player.  It has a USB port, and an SD card port, but no CD player.

Technology has officially PASSED ME BY.

However, in addition to automatic and four wheel drive, the Jeep does have have settings (options? gears?) for sport and sand/mud.

And I have the Jeep until Saturday.

I think an off road adventure is calling my name.

It's just too bad I won't be able to listen to a CD while I drive through the mud.

Monday, March 7, 2016

what's been going on

We recently cut down the majority of an old crabapple tree in our backyard.  We thought we could do it all in one weekend because the tree looks practically miniature when you're gazing out at it from the kitchen window, but when you're out there chopping it down, it is gigantic.  

Plus, we are working in a swamp because our yard still hasn't dried out from the great garden hose tragedy of 2016.


I took off of work on Friday to drive to Penn State to pick Emily up for spring break, and my mom let me use her car.  She told me she had some CDs in there, and when I reached into the console, I found this. 


I listened three times on my drive there, and started it again for the drive home.  After a few songs Emily rolled her eyes and said, "Wow.  You even sing the instrumental parts."

That's when we turned on the radio.


Emily had a job interview today and I drove her.  It wasn't even my interview, but I was so nervous on her behalf that I that I was distracted from my driving and drove by the place three times before I could actually turn into the parking lot.   I could tell my navigational issues weren't calming Emily's nerves, so I tried to give her a little pep talk as I attempted to get in the correct lane for the third time.  "Think about it like this Emily," I told her, "It'll be over in an hour.  And you'll either get the job, or you won't."

My motivational speaking tour will be kicking off any day now.


Annabelle came for a visit this weekend and she's still the cutest baby around.


Em and I walked outside today.  God bless two digit temperatures that start with any digit 5 and above.