Matt and I have music playing almost all the time.  Thanks to our Amazon Alexa, we have constant music in the house, and love a good sing-a-long in the car.  Matt is famous for singing with great enthusiasm, but only marginal accuracy in the lyrics department.  This past weekend we were in Matt's truck and Eric Church's song, "Kill a Word" came on the radio.

We were both singing along but after a few verses, I said to Matt, "Wait, what are you saying?  Kill a what?"

"A worm," he said.

I heard the song as someone singing about all the negative words out there that he would kill if it was possible.

Matt explained that he heard a song about a fisherman who was ultimately unsuccessful in that pursuit since he could not bait his hook because he didn't want to kill a worm.

This past Christmas Matt told me that his dad always thought that the words "oh night divine" in the song Oh Holy Night were actually "oh night-y night."  So I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I've mentioned my all-time favorite of Matt's lyrical confusions on the blog before, but it's in Circle of Life.  At the beginning of the song, when the lyrics are sung in another language, he swears the words are "Oh my God, a penguin and a llama."

Earlier this week, one of my favorite podcasts, The Popcast, posted on Instagram that they were planning an episode on misheard song lyrics.  They asked for some good ones so I commented with Matt's penguin/llama remix.

I worked from home on Wednesday and was CRACKING UP as I listened to the podcast.  I even texted my sister and said "You have GOT to listen to The Popcast this week.  They're talking about misheard song lyrics and I am laughing so hard."

And literally, as I hit send, I heard Jamie say, "Laura5170 said..."



She proceeded to play the beginning of Circle of Life and read my comment and it was so funny and made my day.  I replayed minutes 34-36 it a few times right here.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who laughed because later that night, one of my favorite bloggers posted this on Instagram.  SHE MADE PENGUIN AND A LLAMA INTO A HASHTAG.

I laughed all day today about it and read Matt some of the comments when he got home.

The other comments cracked me up too.  One girl named Erica thought growing up that "God Bless America" was "God bless, I'm Erica."

Tonight The Popcast posted this picture and I am not kidding when I say I am going to print it out and hang it on the fridge because this made my week.

If you need a laugh this weekend, listen a few episodes of The Popcast.  Or watch The Lion King and try to spot the penguins and llama.


Omgz. You're totally famous. If there's a shirt, you totally know you've made it!!
Confuzzled Bev said…
Hahaha, this is amazing! I love misheard song lyrics. I need to listen to The Circle of Life again and see whether I can hear it.

My boyfriend's aunt misheard the lyrics to Venus by Bananarama as "I'm your Venus, I'm on fire, Georgie's Eier!" (Eier (eggs) being German slang for a certain part of the male anatomy).
Lindsay West said…
You're famous!! And I can't stop laughing ��
That is HILARIOUS. Now I am going to sing it that way! I've also added this podcast on Insta. I feel like such a hipster now.
I am laughing SO hard at all of this! A worm?! A llama? This is pure gold.
Sarah Elizabeth said…
I was crying so hard while laughing listening to this week's episode! Easily one of the best episodes, and your submission was the best - hands down!

My misheard lyric has always been during Dynamite with Taio Cruz and I thought he was saying "ay oh Galileo!" and I thought it fun that an ancient astronomer was getting some pop culture love.
Oh my God, a penguin and a llama... there are no words. NO WORDS. I cannot stop laughing.
Michelle said…
THIS IS AMAZING! I just listened to that section of the podcast and cracked up. You and Matt need a tv show.
Rebecca Jo said…
OH MY GOSH... that is the best.
Plus, I literally - LITERALLY - just got done listening to that podcast too. I want to relisten because now I can say, "I FOLLOW HER BLOG - we're like best friends!!" ;) haha
This is SO awesome. I love misheard sound lyrics so I am definitely going to listen to that podcast episode. Haha. Matt's misheard lyric is the best and I love that you are famous now!!!!
Wow! You are totally famous!

For the longest time, my brother thought TLC's Waterfall song was about a man named Jason Waterfalls. "Don't go Jason Waterfalls" makes the song so sad! Those poor girls just wanted Jason to stay! Ha!
Amie said…
Ha this is awesome! You are totally famous!
I literally was crying I was laughing so hard reading your post! This is so hilarious! #penguinandallama Love Melanie Shankle! And I just subscribed to The Popcast. I had actually listened to a few episodes awhile back after Jamie Golden was on The Happy Hour, but kind of forgot about it. Looking forward to listening to the rest of this episode!
My sister is REALLY bad with lyrics - but she happens to think that she's really good and everyone else is wrong so she will argue with you that her version is the right one - and then try to swipe your phone from your hand when you go to google the right version because she refuses to be wrong :P

Matt's penguin and a llama is TOTALLY going to be the next meme sensation... you need to trademark it quick and make ALL THE MONIES ;)
Audrey Louise said…
Hahahaha, I agree with everyone- you're famous!
I just listened to the clip from the podcast. That's hilarious!!
AnneMarie said…
This is so hilarious and OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS ARE SO FAMOUS! Wow. That's really epic.
Stephanie said…
hahhahaa I just listened, that is amazing!! And now that I've heard it, I can never un-hear it - it completely is a penguin and a llama!
Nadine Lynn said…
Oh my goodness I am dying over here laughing. I thought the kill a worm thing was hilarious but a penguin and a llama takes it all!!!! This had to be shared with the world because it is just too good! My husband rarely gets the lyrics right when he sings along too. But nothing like this!
rooth said…
HAAAAA! I was just wondering this weekend if there's a term for people who can't understand song lyrics to save their lives (me too) and here you go with your "penguin and a llama" - that's perfect. I'm loling at his Eric Church interpretation as well
Rachael Alexis said…
Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I was having kind of a crap day and this brought a serious amount of laughter. I will never look at the Lion King the same, which seems to be the general consensus around here.

Brianne said…
Hahaha that's hilarious! So awesome that you mentioned on the podcast. Definitely looking it up!
I am cracking up over this! haha amazing