cesar millan, what do you think of this pearl?

My mom has always liked to share her "pearls of wisdom" with my siblings and me, little life tips that she wants to pass along to us.  Some of her classic pearls are: don't put wooden salad bowls in the dishwasher or you will ruin them, don't ever buy store brand mayonnaise, you gotta look out for number one, and nothing good happens after 11 pm on a Tuesday.

Now, Mom (and Dad) have a different kind of Pearl in their life.

My dad was traveling yesterday so I stopped home to let Pearl out for a bit, and I got to see firsthand their current attempts at keeping Pearl off of the furniture: balloons and chafing trays.

(Pearl looks totally unimpressed.)

This particular Pearl of mom's is a bit of a challenge.

But she sure is cute.


Bailey Bryant said…
How is your entire family so funny?!
Robin said…
Pearl is adorable! The trays might be a good idea, some people use foil to keep cats off furniture.
Pearl is so cute!! We have spent many months (years) training our bulldog NOT to get on the furniture lol
Too funny! But I bet it'll work!
After making my own, I don't think I will ever buy storemade mayonnaise again. And my parents would decorate the furniture like yours when a cat they inherited developed a UTI. I can relate.
Brianne said…
LOL at the balloons and trays. Whatever works!
A Gal Named Al said…
That is hilarious! Our dog is an outdoor guy, so luckily we haven't had to deal with these issues- she is such a cutie though- it'd be hard to be mad at her!
I'm dying. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I love puppies and all of the hilarity they bring.
This is too funny. You gotta give them points for creativity.
Audrey Louise said…
That's hilarious... Pearl seems pretty smart, though. Ha. I bet it's not long until she figures out how to get around all that. Hehehe!
OMG... this is hilarious! Is she scared of balloons then?
rooth said…
HA! I hope it works. My sister is having training problems with her new puppy - must be a baby dog thing :)
Nadine Lynn said…
The balloons are cracking me up! And I dont think anything good happens after 11pm most nights at my age lol.
THE BALLOONS! That is hysterical.
Rebecca Jo said…
oh my gosh... that is the funniest.
Those trays would be nothing but chew toys to my Harvey Dent.
Lux G. said…
She doesn't like this idea. haha. But looks familiar. Looks like our own house.
Oh my goodness!! This was so funny, and Pearl is totally precious
Andrea Nine said…
Omg. So funny and how precious is Pearl!!
Liz Jo said…
She's a cutie. We gave up on trying to keep Teddy off the couch and other furniture. We figure if we let the cat sit on it, he may as well, even if he's five times her size.
Hah! I love this. Aw, Pearl is a cutie. :)

Toooooooooo funny! I think Pearl's cuteness is totally going to sway your parents and before long they'll be sitting on the floor so she can have the couch :P