coming to you live from the place where winter never ends

Well the theme of the last few days around here is snow.  Emily was home on spring break last week and I took Friday off so that we could hang out.  Unfortunately, we had a little morning snowstorm.  If there is even a hint of winter precipitation in the air, I don't like to drive, but luckily the storm ended around lunchtime.  Because Mother Nature is crazy and it was  60 degrees the day before, the roads were warm enough that the snow didn't even stick.

I picked Emily up and we went to Corner Bakery for lunch, and then decided to do some shopping at Primark.  I decided that despite the snowy weather, I was in the mood for some springtime accessories and picked out this baseball cap and sunglasses for LESS THAN FOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS.

I tried them on and asked Em to take a photo discreetly, and she looked at me and said, "Well, there is NOTHING discreet about you right now."

We wandered to the shoe department and these caught my eye.  "I might get a pair," I said to Emily, "aren't they cute?" "Well," she said, "they're...leopard." In Emily's terms that's a hard no, so I passed.

Instead I picked out a pair of sporty sneakers, and she said, "Well, there is no way your othotics will ever fit in those."

So, we walked over to the makeup section and I said I'd like to find a new lip gloss. "Ehh," Emily said, "lip gloss really isn't 'in' anymore."

The moral of this story is, if you want to simultaneously feel very old while not spending any money, go shopping with Emily.

Just when Friday's snow started to melt, we got hit with another storm Monday night.

There is nothing Matt likes more than a snowstorm.  He tracked the radar all weekend long and kept me posted with periodic updates.  He knows the names of all the radar models and throws around terms like the NAM and the Euro like he's Jim Cantore.  When he got home on Monday evening, he walked straight to the big back window in the kitchen, looked out, and said, "Yep, there they are.  Just as I expected."

"There what are?"  I asked.

"The high level clouds I've been waiting for."

After dinner Matt did some snow prep, which involved bringing wood inside for the fireplace and using the word "rations" in conversation and without irony. He also did some work on the chicken coop that involved tarps, plywood, and a nail gun.  We are officially those neighbors.

The meteorologists predicted a foot and a half of snow, and, true to form, we ended up with about 7 inches due to the snow "underperforming."

Whatever the storm's performance, I got a snow day out of it, and an out of town work trip was canceled, so I was a happy camper this week.

And now, I'm ready for spring.

I even have the appropriate accessories.


Lindsay Bononno said…
Hahaha! Your sister sounds familiar...mine is a super trendy little NYC hipster chick who can pull off things that embarrass me just to look at. She has more style than I can imagine and makes me feel every bit of the 2.5 years (and 2 kids) I have on her.
Hah! She keeps you in check with spending money I suppose. Too funny.

We got a little bit of now this week but nothing much and it didn't really affect the schools. Sigh. I was hoping for one big snow this year at least! I do really want spring to come though at this point. :)

One thing about living on the Canadian border: The snowstorms are never underperformers. We got at least three feet, with drifting over five feet. We're navigating from the house to the road and the barn through tunnels my husband dug out. Makes me feel like Pa in "The Long Winter."
My favorite part of this was Matt's quote... "Just as I expected."

HAHAHA. Have a great weekend!
I LOVE Primark! When I was in England I went like 12 times. It's probably a good thing I don't have one near me, ha ha.
Audrey Louise said…
The weather conversations with your husband crack me up. When men get super invested or excited about something they're just so adorable. Ha.
Hahaha! Love your sister! I also love how invested your husband is in the snow. Hope it all melts away soon but glad you got out of a work trip.

Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte
Marie said…
This weather is so crazy. It's so cold. I too got a snow day this week and was really happy about it. Although, I really could without this cold. Don't you love Primark?? Such a great store.
Bahahaha. Matt! That's how we are down here in the south with severe weather. It's like everyone suddenly turns into a weather man... myself included.

Have a great weekend!
Faith said…
I need your sister when I want to buy unnecessary things. You don't need a no spend (insert month) at all!

And seriously so over winter. You had your chance now you can leave!
rooth said…
HA! Your sister's running commentary is sort of hilarious and also makes me feel like an old lady. My dude is a weather nerd as well so I totally feel ya on the predictions and such you're getting. Stay warm!
LOL at lipgloss not being in, and those sunnies! Can she come shopping with me so I don't buy all the things?! Happy Friday <3
Green Fashionista
I love leopard shoes and lipgloss. Hashtag old lady!

I do not love snow. Over it.

MFD and Matt are definitely the same with the storm tracking!
Emily said…
lol @ Emily's comment but I love those sunnies! I wish we had a Primark near us. I've never shopped there before. Hopping for a sunny and warmer weekend ahead.
Rebecca Jo said…
Your sister is needed in my life to help my bank account... & I'd pay her to walk around & slap food out of my hands as well. Make it a full time career to keep my life in order ;)
Brittany said…
Sometimes it's nice to have someone like that around while shopping! Keeps you in check while also keeping it real. Whenever you quote Matt, I pretty much die laughing. He seems like the funniest guy ever, whether intentional or not. Glad you enjoyed your snow day, but bring on the spring temperatures!
Angi said…
Oh man, I feel like I would have to have some serious self control in a store like Primark! Love the sunglasses, though. I'm not into leopard print but who can say no to $5.00 shoes?

It's currently blizzarding here. I feel your pain. Enough is enough!!
Kimberly G said…
We don't have primark here. I love lip gloss, I think it will always be in. But I am old though. We are suppose to get more snow this weekend. I don't want anymore.
Courtney said…
My sister and I are planning a trip to KOP next month just so we can go to Primark! Also somehow our snow overperformed and we got almost 19 inches, which was about 19 too many.
I'm so jealous you have a Primark near you! I've been trying to convince my boyfriend to take a trip with me out east just so I can go shopping there hahaha
Nadine Lynn said…
LOL @ there is nothing discreet about you right now! Whatever, that hat and glasses are cute and what a deal!!! I know I always feel old when I go shopping with my nieces. They are always like, ew no. And talk about brands and things I have never heard of.
First of all, I was SO jealous of your impending blizzard!! Second of all, I am SO your husband!! Even though the storm was NOWHERE near me (I'm in MN), I tracked that baby for a week, lol!! I love weather and especially the threat of bad weather. It'd a sickness, I tell ya. Have a great weekend!
Danielle said…
I feel like you have to be somewhat close to me - probably further east - because our winter in NE Ohio has been weird too!! We got about 5" in the last storm but then it all melted the next day?! And tonight it was hailing. So confused.
Lizzie Simantz said…
Less than 4$ for the hat and glasses!! That's awesome! I love that Matt is so into the storms, but I'm with you, ready for Spring now!
Corie M said…
The snow predictions/reality always kill me! They're never right! I'm glad you got to enjoy some sister time :)
Snow days are the absolute best. I am so glad you got one! I love a day to just stay at home and do nothing!!
I'm laughing so hard at your husband's weather play-by-play. My hubby is a big weather nerd, too!
A Gal Named Al said…
Oh no for snow! We're in the 80s today and took the students out to walk the track during activity period (I may have a sunburn already in March!) Hope you guys get some relief soon!
So much snow! We got the tail end of a recent storm, but I'm so ready for spring and all of the cute accessories!
Hena Tayeb said…
I love primark!
it's funny and cute when you say 'Nothing makes Matt happier than a snow storm'
Lr Jamison said…
I like how your post really tells a story and I can actually picture myself there. Those sunnies/shades are cool! I have to agree with Em on the leopard. :) I know this is an older post, but I was drawn to it by your title and the fact that we have such great weather this week! Sorry, not sorry! :)