day in the life - prepare to be underwhelmed

Some of my favorite posts to read are day in the life posts, because I guess I'm nosy.  At work a few weeks ago we had to do a time study exercise and record our day in 15 minute increments and I LOVED IT.  So I figured I'd do a day in the life post, even though no one except maybe my sister will find it interesting.

I picked a day and took photos a few weeks ago, forgot about it, and when I got around to writing the post, I could not remember one thing I did that day.  Did you listen to the first season of the Serial podcast, when Sarah Koenig asks high school students to account for their whereabouts on a day in the recent past?

That was me.  I hadn't the foggiest recollection.

So, I decided to do a second take on Thursday.

I should start by saying that my job is unique in that I have a home-based position, but I supervise 12 people in three different offices, so I travel to those offices 3-4 times a week, and work from home the other days.  I can make my own schedule, which I like, but last Thursday I unintentionally scheduled three different meetings in three different offices, so it was a busier day than most.

Matt usually leaves for work before me, and kisses me goodbye and always says something when he leaves-- I just never know what it's going to be.  Sometimes it's a joke, sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's "you kind of hogged the bed last night and kicked your socks off on my side."  On this day it was the inspirational message to "cherish today, live for tomorrow," said in a very dramatic voice.

I always say "Have a great day" in as cheerful a voice as I can muster at that hour and act like I'm going to hop right out of bed but then I continue to lay there/go back to sleep for anywhere from 2-60 minutes.

On this day it was only 2 minutes because I had an early morning.  I showered and then drank my coffee while I did my makeup, listened to a podcast, and made the bed.

(Side note, we got new coffee this week and when Matt was making it the night before, he looked at the bag and said,  "Well I guess I like my coffee like I like my women - rich, complex, and full-bodied."  I laughed for ten hours at that.)

Then I headed to the kitchen to make a smoothie and pack my lunch.  My smoothie doesn't ever look one bit appetizing but it tasted good and made me feel healthy and I suppose it's better than the Oreo and peanut butter I regularly enjoyed for "breakfast" from the years of 2011-2014.

I left my house at 7:30 and got to the office at 8:15.  The meeting was at 8:30, and was only about 20 minutes, so I chatted with the paralegals there for a few minutes and hit the road for my next meeting at about 9:15.  I also stopped for gas because why get gas in advance when you can wait for that handy light to come on?

I got to that office around 10:00.  Please meet my favorite elevator.

I left there at 12:30, ate my lunch quickly in my car in the parking lot, and headed to the third office.  I got there at 1:30, met with two paralegals, and did a little work in an empty cubicle before leaving at 4:00.

I'd filled my water bottle up before I left the office, put it in my cup holder, and evidently made a wild turn out of the parking garage because it went flying across the car, totally soaked the passenger seat, and despite the fact that I grab handfuls of napkins whenever I stop for food, all I could find was one measly paper towel.

On the way home I got a call from a paralegal at the first office and had to pull over and make a few phone calls regarding that, so I got back on the road at 4:20.

Luckily traffic wasn't too bad, and I got home around 5:20.  Since I spend so much time in the car I listen to podcasts and talk radio in addition to music, and the evening drive talk radio host is my favorite.  I got the red light at my favorite tree, so that was a nice treat.  I love this tree.  Does everyone have a favorite tree on their commute?  No?  Just me?

If you're keeping track that was 3.5 hours in the car, so I was happy to get home and OUT OF IT.  Although I went back out with a towel and tried to sop up what I could of the water.

For dinner I made this Hello Fresh recipe.  We ordered Hello Fresh for a few weeks using some coupons and a free trial, and we LOVED it, but it was too expensive to keep up.  So last week, I discovered that they post all of their recipes on their website.  I picked five for the week, bought ingredients at the grocery store, and we still had a delicious dinner every night for a fraction of the price!

We ate dinner when Matt got home, let the chickens out, and went for a walk.  The rest of the night was rather uneventful - I did some laundry, read my book, and we watched a documentary on string theory.  Believe it or not I felt dumber at the end of the documentary than I did at the beginning.

 I'm glad there are people in the world who understand string theory, but I'm going to stick to other challenging things like remembering to put the lid on my water bottle.


Brianne said…
I LOVE day in the life posts! I almost documented my day yesterday, decided not to, found out work was cancelled, got home & wish I had decided to document it. Oh well! I didn't know that Hello Fresh posted their recipes. I'm going to have to look into this!
Nikki said…
I love day in the life posts. I really should do one and take photos along the way. I feel your pain on being in the car of so long! I used to have a terrible commute thankfully I have cut it dramatically! How do you like Hello Fresh!? We used to get it all the time then we took a little break from it and signed up again and I feel like its not as good as it used to be.
Danielle said…
I love how you were casually like "let the chickens out" as if they are LITTLE DOGS. I am so jealous! I want chickens - can we get more chicken posts? I would read the crap out of those posts. Also your husband is funny and now I want to start telling my husband something unique before I leave for work in the morning. You two have inspired me.
Lacey Bean said…
I love how the mundane days to us are so interesting to other people! My sister in law has chickens too - they're great! One thinks it's a dog/person and runs in the house every time the door is open.
Michelle said…
I LOVED THIS. I seriously salivate a little over day in the life posts, because I love to see how people spend their days. Please start keeping records of Matt's morning phrases and post them.
LOL at your husband's morning words of aspiration. Men always know exactly what to say, ha ha.
Please share your favorite podcasts with me. And go...
I loved this! Also my boyfriend and I made a game out of that Serial "recount your day" thing and test each other all the time. I tend to win since I use a planner haha. I laughed out loud at the water bottle accident. It's always in those moments when of course you only have 1 napkin in the car lol.
Audrey Louise said…
Like most all other nosy bloggers, I love "a day in the life" posts. I always get jealous at how relaxing and laid back people's mornings are. Mine are insane. I sleep in too long, rush around, argue with the dogs, and usually forget to grab breakfast. Teach me your ways, lol.
Rebecca Jo said…
The coffee comment. bahhhaaa
I love your one little wet napkin trying to clean that whole seat up.
I have a few trees that are my favorite. I legit have cried when trees have been sawed down. They are like my morning or afternoon inspiration. i'm much like Pocahontas... or at least the Disney version style.
Nadine Lynn said…
I love seeing what everyone's day looks like. You spend a lot of time in the car. I love listening to audiobooks. I get so many books done that way. I dont have a favorite tree, but I have a favorite spot I drive by each day. Or well, I did before I had to take Zoe to my MIL. Now I go a different way to the office and hate it.

Laughing so hard at his coffee comment, that is pretty epic.
These are the absolute best posts! I don't know why it's so darn interesting to read about the mundane daily tasks of other human beings but I love them. You should do these more often!

And LOL about Matt and the coffee... my Dad always says that same thing, but his goes like this - "I like my coffee like I like my women... strong and black." LOLOLOLOL. My dad, ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, I actually did used to have a favorite tree on my commute when I lived at home with my parents. It was huge and absolutely stunning in the fall when the leaves would turn colors. I miss driving by it every day. Now my drive consists of hundreds of Georgia pines lining the highway. :o)
Kelly said…
Agree with Michelle's comment, Please do an entire post of Matt's morning comments.
Favorite tree - Not on my commute but when I lived in Denver we'd drive back and forth to Durango to visit family frequently and I definitely had a favorite tree along that route!
Robin said…
LOL at Matt's coffee comment! I like these posts, it's interesting to see what someone else's average day is like. I've also had a favorite tree on past regular drives.
Krysten Quiles said…
Your room is so pretty, I love your wedding pic!
Oops, I just sent your a "contact" with this comment. LOL. Anyway, I love reading these too!!
I love these posts! I am about to start a free trial from Hello Fresh and I am so excited! I am glad to hear they have recipes on their site.. Also I just send this same thing to your contact list.. Sorry about that!
i love day in the life posts but i've never done one. my daily life is super super boring hahaha.
i had no idea hello fresh posted their recipes. we tried it and actually really disliked it, but only because of the specific recipes and size of the meals, so i will still have a look at their recipes.
Stephanie said…
Whoops, I just hit enter and it sent you my comment as a direct message to your email instead of on here. Oh well! At least I know you got it haha
Kayla MKOY said…
LOL! You poor thing with the water, I can definitely say that's happened to me too many times! ;) I also have a favorite tree...but it's not on my daily commute! Whenever we head up north to Columbus there is this one huge creepy tree off the highway and I always have to tell Caleb "there it is!!" lol!
So. A few months ago, my dog threw up in my car. And, like you, I pick up napkins everywhere I go. I'd like to know why, on that particular day, all the napkins were AWOL and I had one. ONE. To clean up dog barf. That was fun.
Sarah said…
", complex, and full-bodied." That is HILARIOUS.

I had no idea Hello Fresh has recipes on the site!! I'm going to have to check that out. I thought I paused our shipments for months, but I accidentally didn't for last week. This morning I got an email saying we'll recipe a box tomorrow. It's too expensive to get when I'm not expecting it!
Emily said…
That's cute Matt says something new every morning. I'm jealous of your work from home job and flexible schedule. My commute kills me and lack of flexibility sucks.
Tanya said…
That is such a great tip about the Hello Fresh recipes. I had been wondering how I could have some of the "different" dishes from a meal delivery service without the price. Thanks and have a good weekend!
Seeking Sandy said…
I love reading these day in the life posts and I love that your husband says something different to you every morning! That is so sweet and creative!
I don't have a favourite tree in my neighbourhood - but I do have a favourite house because their front yard is FULL of flowers and it's beautiful and amazing and everything my black thumb wishes it would create....

Except all the flowers died a few months ago in the extreme heat and that kind of made me feel better about myself because I realised they're not superhuman hahaha.

rooth said…
The coffee comment - I CAN'T! Hahahah
I love day in the life posts.

LOL @ the coffee comment. Also been there with the spill in the car. I have reams of napkins when nothing spills. As soon as something does...nothing.
As I'm reading this I'm thinking...gosh she spends a lot of time in the car, and those offices are SO far apart that it takes her 45-60 minutes between each one, yikes! And I thought my commute was bad, about 45 minutes to work and 1.5-2 hours home. I love these posts! And I have a favorite hill, although they changed it and took away all of the sweeping grass that was on it, so it doesn't sway in the wind any more, boo.
Kelcy Duvall said…
These types of posts are always my favorite!! I love seeing how other people spend their days. :)
Rechelle Morris said…
Oh I love the ordinary of day in the life posts! It is just so interesting to read what others do in a day :)
I love day in the life posts . . . I find them so fascinating! Guess I'm nosey too! I just discovered podcasts and am loving them - maybe do a post about the ones you like the most for us newbies!!!