i hope this doesn't go on my performance review

Happy Friday.  May everyone's weekend start with a cocktail with a flower in it.

I'm always ready for the work week to end, but some weeks more than others.  This week was a good one, with one small exception.

I am on the newsletter committee for my company, which basically means that my English degree is pretty much paying for itself once per quarter.

The newsletter is called The Resource.  I had been communicating about my article with the woman in charge, who happens to be an executive at our company, via an email thread with the subject "March The Resource" Assignments.

Several emails in, I got a response back from her with a rather shocking subject line.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it, and thought, wow, I can't believe she used AY-ESS-ESS in the subject line.

And then I scrolled down to see the last email that I sent, and realized that I WAS THE ONE WHO CHANGED THE SUBJECT LINE.

To this:

I can only blame that unfortunate typo to a new laptop and a keyboard I am still getting the hang of.  After I died of embarrassment, I decided that the next step was to do what any professional woman would do.

I changed the subject line back, pretended like it never happened, and requested PTO for Monday.


A Gal Named Al said…
That's too funny! I had a mortifying misspelling of a SCHOOL where I was applying in the email that I sent to the principal. Spelled it right the whole rest of the email but the opening I completely forgot a letter and yea... AGH! Have a good weekend!
Confuzzled Bev said…
Oops!! Funny for the rest of us though :-)

And now I want a cocktail with a flower in it :-)
Emily said…
Haha oh my word!! So unfortunate but so funny at the same time. Hopefully the lady has some sense of humor. I'm fully in charge of our newsletter at work so I know how a little typo can be a big issue. Enjoy your PTO on Monday! lol
Brianne said…
Hahaha oh my goodness! I would have done the same thing! Enjoy your Monday off!
Caitlin A said…
Oh no!! It totally happens to us all. I appreciate your humor in this though!
Oh gosh, that's funny! Hopefully no one noticed.

Who reads the subject line anyway? ;)
Oh no!! Hey, at least it wasn't a NEW email. She probably just clicked on it and didn't really read the subject line, believing she already knew what it said.

Kayla MKOY said…
LOL! Too funny! This one time in college, (everyone called this particular old lady professor "BIG Z") I saved a document to my desktop as "EssayforBIGZ" and definitely forgot to change that name before I submitted it! LOL so awkward!
lol! i've done stuff like this. in my old job back home, i worked for a fleet company and the two types of leases we had were called novated and associate. we shortened them to nov and ass. so you'd send emails with ass lease and it always made me chuckle because i am 13 apparently.
Rebecca Jo said…
come on... if you cant laugh at that, you dont deserve to be happy person in life.
Oh my goodness! Lol. This is too funny...workplace blunders are sometimes the best.
rooth said…
LOL bury head in sand moment - gotta have those occasionally to keep us humble, right?