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Last week was not my favorite in the work department.  On Thursday morning I sat in my car in the parking garage for a few minutes willing myself to actually walk into the office.  And then I got out, and was standing at the passenger side of the car getting my laptop bag and coffee, and it was so windy that the car door blew into my head.

I literally saw stars.

My first thought was I'M BEING MUGGED but after I remembered it was an especially blustery day, I just headed into the office and thought "please, get me to the weekend."

I did indeed make it to the weekend, and it was a busy one.  Friday was Matt's birthday, Saturday I had a bridal shower, then Matt's parents came over for dinner, and on Sunday we had my family over for a birthday brunch for my dad.

You can see Annie was feeling especially crazy.

Speaking of craziness and Sundays, last Sunday my parents went to visit Emily at college so I was in charge of watching Pearl.

Pearl is now four months old and let me tell you, she is a wild thing.  She eats your shoes, both while they are off AND while they are still very much on your feet.

She bounds through the pond without a care.

And she would rather eat her bed than sleep in it.

My mom and I frequently walk at a local trail after work, and now Pearl has joined our walking club.  She has never met a person she doesn't ABSOLUTELY ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PERCENT LOVE and practically hops on her hind legs across the path to get to someone.  You can almost hear her saying, "PET ME, PET ME, OH PLEASE PET ME."

It's a little embarrassing.

She graduated from puppy kindergarten a few weeks ago and immediately took a giant bite out of the bottom corner of her diploma, which is proudly hanging on the fridge at my parents' house.

It reminds me of my junior year of high school when they would hang my D+ physics homework on the fridge.

I wouldn't say they were proud of the D+, but when it comes to physics, everything is relative.

(Get it?)

(Just a little physics humor.)

(And that's why I became an English major).

Anyway, the only time Pearl is somewhat calm is when it's time to go in her crate.  Then she flattens herself completely against the ground, and shimmies along the ground to her crate.

I can't tell you how much time I spent luring her into her crate with a pieces of hot dog last Sunday.

Maybe I'm the crazy one.


Courtney said…
I need a Pearl in my life! But maybe a calmer one. Our dog refuses to get in the crate, not even hot dogs can tempt her, so Pearl's winning there!
I literally lol while reading this post. Here's to a better work week!
Oh my goodness...Pearl is the cutest. And I laughed through this entire post because I have a crazy, energetic pup as well. She's in puppy kindergarten right now and was the only one in class last week who couldn't calm her little butt down enough to receive a treat from the trainer. There will probably be a chunk missing from her certificate as well, lol.

Hope you have a better week!
hotmesscoolday said…
Oh goodness! I have a form of Pearl living with me as well. His name is Peter. He is absolutely crazy and chews everything! I caught him munching on the cabinet doors in the kitchen recently. Ay yi yi!
Oh Physics!! It was my worst subject ever. It was the first D that I ever got and I was SO upset. And looking back I'm still wondering why the heck we had to take that. I have yet to use anything that I learned in there in real life. I mean seriously!
Oh my gosh she is so cute!!! But reading that made me tired just thinking about our pup's puppy days. She was very similar to Pearl and ran us ragged the first few months of of her life!
Rebecca Jo said…
Even with the shoe & bed eating, Pearl makes me want to get another puppy. I legit have puppy fever like women have baby fever.
Kelly said…
Oh... Puppies! So cute but so destructive and so much work!
Did high school Physics suck or what? That was my worst class ever.
Lizzie Simantz said…
Oh my gosh Pearl is hilarious! I'm sure you weren't thinking that when she was eating your shoes though :) Seriously though, puppies are crazy but oh so cute!!
Pearl seems hilarious and if only we could all have her energy! I hate work days when you don't even want to go in. Hopefully Pearl and your walking club make up for those days :) Beautifully Candid
Pearl is too cute! Also, I'm so sorry about your terrible work day! A near concussion before even making it in the building does not sound like a great start at all lol.
Audrey Louise said…
LIFE WITH A PUPPY IS SIMULTANEOUS HEAVEN AND HELL. Haha! Pearl is seriously SO cute, though, so I'd probably buy new shoes just for her to chew. Hahaha. I'm glad you survived last week. And the weekend. Here's to making it to the end of this one... lol.
Julie said…
What a cutie!
Brianne said…
Hahaha I really just want to see Pearl shimmy across the carpet!
rooth said…
She is 100% a nut but a really cute one at that. Oh puppies
Oh my gosh, Pearl is the cutest thing ever! I really want a dog but we can't have one right now... I will have to live vicariously though your pictures! Also, I'm glad that you're okay after getting hit in the head!!
Mica T said…
Pearl is so cute! :) My in laws bought a puppy recently and it is SO crazy! We adopted our dog when he was approximately a year old so even his settling in antics were nothing compare to a puppy's energy, haha! He's still not sure what to make of the puppy as he's rather set in his lap dog / king of the house ways, ha!

Hope you are having a great week and it's much better than last one!

Away From The Blue Blog
Stephanie said…
The bite out of the diploma is the stinkin cutest thing I've ever seen!
Brittany said…
How perfect is it that she actually ate part of her diploma? Fantastic.
I love puppies because they are insane and bold. Who would eat their own diploma? A puppy.
I feel like Pearl's response to her diploma just shows you the type of pup she is - not afraid to run her own race :P Trixie was TOTALLY like that and she still has her moments now, but she's a little less crazy :P

What an adorable puppy!!!!
What a cute pup! Congrats on her completing her training!
this is so freaking cute!