the tale of the cracked drip pan

When we were cooking breakfast on Saturday, the fridge made a strange noise.  It kind of clanked for a minute and then we heard the sound of streaming water.

Matt and I dealt with it in our typical fashions: I turned up the music because I employ the same "if you can't hear the weird noise it's not happening" strategy in my car and it works just fine.  Meanwhile Matt pulled the fridge away from the wall to check for leaks and then got out the owner's manual.

After a few minutes we chalked it up to a fluke and went on with our lives.  Later that afternoon I ran to the grocery store and called Matt to ask what kind of fruit cups he wanted, and he said "peaches in sugar-free strawberry gel, but I gotta go, the fridge is leaking a lot."

It took me a minute to process the leaking fridge because I was trying to wrap my mind around his request of peaches in sugar-free strawberry gel.  But things really sunk in when I got home and saw a vast array of tools on the kitchen floor, a pool of water, and no Matt.

I figured he'd gone to the hardware store because desperate times call for a trip to Lowe's, and judging by the fact that the hunting knife he uses to clean pheasants was lying on the floor beside the oven, it seemed to be a desperate time.

He got home a few minutes later with a fix for the problem, which was a cracked drip pan.  I half-halfheartedly offered assistance, and when he didn't jump right on my offer I did what any wise wife would do and got the heck out of dodge.

I decided to go to the library and then for a walk around the grounds of a local cathedral and some old estates because one of us should be able to relax on a Saturday afternoon.

It was a nice day and I spent the time imagining that the rich people who lived in those mansions probably never had to worry about a cracked drip pan or be humbled by the amount of dust that gathers behind the fridge that you don't think about until you have to move it.

When I got home from my walk, the fridge was fixed and the kitchen was back in order.

So I guess our own little castle isn't so bad after all.


Miranda Hunt said…
Ugh, why do home appliances have to be such a pain in the butt? I'm the same way though...let's just ignore it! Lol. (Until it's actually an issue.)
Julie said…
We are opposite - my husband usually does the ignoring while I try to figure out the problem because it will bug me to death!
Rebecca Jo said…
I literally put in ear buds when I hear problems in most things. I'm the Queen of trying to deny issues. I need a castle to escape too as well. Its the perfect place to go when you need rescuing afterall
Kayla MKOY said…
Those old mansions are amazing! I'm so glad your hubby was able to fix the fridge. We had a leaky fridge once and luckily we were able to get a new one (we rent) pretty quickly, but a lot of our food spoiled!! Stinks!
Ugh, I hate refrigerators! We bought a brand new one when we moved in our house seven years ago and it has caused nothing but trouble. I think we've had a repair guy out like three different times since we've had it! At least Matt knew what to do!! He probably saved you $150 just to skip a service call! Haha.
Rachel said…
We moved all the appliances for spring cleaning and all the dust behind them was just disgusting. Scary, really.
You guys have a local cathedral and mansions??? What? How elegant!
Wow those views from your walk are gorgeous! I am like you - I let my husband figure out all the stuff like that around the house. He is an engineer and is MUCH better at stuff like that (and loves to do it), so it's up to him. haha. I do usually offer to help which is often met with a laugh.
Marie said…
The Cairnwood!! I recognized it right away. It's a beautiful estate. My friend got married there, it was so fun. Home appliances are just pains. I think my fridge is on its last days but I refuse to believe it. Adulting can be so difficult. haha
Liz Jo said…
You got some gorgeous photos!

So you were able to get the fridge fixed? I hope it's not too new having problems like that. We bought a fridge that had a dent in the bottom of the door, but no other major problems.
jenn said…
okay. i'm a little jealous that you get to see things like that just walking around... i get to see strip centers and gas stations, basically.
I love that you turned the music up to ignore the sound, haha!

Our fridge did a similar thing recently and I just hollered for jesse and got on with what I was going 😜
Jenny said…
I love that you offered to help, and then ran. Hahaha! Well done! ;) I'm glad he got it fixed though, and can we talk about those pictures... gorgeous! I'm ready to move in!
Susannah said…
What gorgeous photos! You did the right thing in offering to help and then leaving. ;-) At least you can say you offered. Haha
Wow, what a peaceful place to be able to walk around and admire. Ha ha about getting out of dodge, but I can't say I blame you, especially if you have beautiful estates to go look at. ;)
The same thing happened to us recently and this story made me laugh because I'm all about let's ignore it but my husband fixes it (thank goodness!)
Corie M said…
I'd do the same thing- get out of dodge and enjoy some pretty nature!
mypixieblog said…
Oh, no! I'm glad your hubby was able to resolve the problem, and I'm sure I would have taken a mindful walk myself to get out of there. There's not much "help" I can provide in those kinds of situations unless it's to pass a tool. Beautiful photos!
Nora Gouma said…
Love this great post, the pictures are truly gorgeous, thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next exiting post!!!

Glad your husband was able to fix the fridge!
rooth said…
Oh the joys of home ownership...