the traditional three year gift isn't diamonds, but i'm not about to complain about my new necklace

When it was time for me to enter the real world and get up and go to work each day, one of my least favorite parts was scraping the ice off of my car windows every morning in the winter.

When Matt and I got married and moved to a condo, I mentioned to Matt, several months into winter, that the sun must be stronger at our new place because I hadn't had to scrape ice off my windows at all that winter.

And that's when he said, "That's because I've been scraping them every morning."

Well, wow.  He did that lousy chore for me, every single morning, and NEVER ONCE mentioned it to me for thanks or credit.

Yesterday we celebrated our third wedding anniversary and I am here to report that since March 8, 2014 I have never once scraped ice off my car windows.

For that reason, and a million more, he's a keeper.

   Also, we spent the evening at the police station.  That's a story for another day!


Way to be, Matt. And I'm sure he could come up with a million reasons for you, too. Happy anniversary.
Happy belated anniversary!! We are March 7, 2014 too fun!
Lizzie Simantz said…
Aw that is SO sweet he does that!! Keeper for sure :) Happy Anniversary!
Aww that is such a sweet story. You definitely have yourself a keeper!! Happy anniversary!!
I literally teared up reading this. How selflessly kind he is!! I feel like I always mention stuff so Devin knows he should/could thank me! Ooooops.

And you can't just casually mention the police station!! I want to hear that story now!!
Happy Anniversary to you both!!!
Lacey Bean said…
That's so sweet! He's a keeper for sure!
Amie said…
Happy anniversary!! Yep I would say he is a keeper :) How is the citizens police academy going??
Brianne said…
That is so sweet! Happy anniversary!
Jenny said…
Aww... Happy Anniversary! How sweet of him to do that for you. What a great guy! And talk about a cliff hanger. ;) Enjoy your weekend!
Oh Matt. What a great guy! Happy anniversary, you two! He's definitely a keeper. <3
Leslie said…
Such a sweet post! Happy anniversary, and you two make a gorgeous couple! :)
Torrie said…
This just brought a smile straight to my face---what a great guy! And so amazing that he's humble enough never to mention that. Sounds like you found yourself a keeper!
Rebecca Jo said…
How do you leave that last sentence & not tell more. I'll be waiting anxiously for that story.
... & AHHHH - what a sweet husband. Someone who does little things 'just because' -a winner.
Happy Anniversary.
How sweet of him to scrap your windows everyday. I love that. Happy Anniversary and I can't wait to hear about this police station visit.
It rarely gets cold enough in Florida to have ice on the windshield, but the couple of times it has happened I absolutely hated it. What a sweet husband you have!
Aw that is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!
Victoria said…
Laura, that is THE sweetest thing!!!! <3 Seriously...You've got a gooooood guy! But, then, I think you are FULLY aware of that.

Kelly said…
That is so sweet!
Love your wedding dress - You look like a Golden Age movie star!
Jenn said…
That is SO sweet!!! Happy anniversary!!
Marie said…
Happy Anniversary!! Love that picture of you two! Gorgeous.
Julie said…
Happy anniversary!!
Awwww... that's so sweet. LOVE it. Way to go, Matt. Happy anniversary!
Vicky Hunt said…
Your sweet hubby definitely sounds like a keeper. I have had mine for over 28 years now and he is definitely a keeper. It's those little things that mean the most. You are blessed.....Happy Anniversary!
Scraping the ice off windows is definitely a sign of true love! Happy anniversary :)
Michelle said…
I can think of no better reason to get married than not having to scrape ice off your car! Happy Anniversary!
Amy Cotton said…
Happy belated anniversary!!
Alice Red said…
This is so lovely to read! Happy third wedding anniversary. He sounds wonderful! xx
Aww such a sweet story-- happy anniversary!
love that! congratulations.
rooth said…
This made me laugh - happy anniversary and here's to many many more!
It's the little things! Way to go, Matt!
that's so sweet!!! Such a little thing but that's true love, man. Happy anniversary. Can't wait to hear the police station story though lol