would anyone like a martini? or several hundred feet of cable?

Matt texted me on Friday morning and asked if I wanted to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner to use a gift card we got for Christmas, and I told him I was all in.

He texted back, "Okay, I'll make a reservation. Is 6:00 too late?"

We're old.

After work we headed out, and as we drove around the corner, Matt slowed the truck down and pulled over to where a Comcast workman was standing by a telephone pole.  He rolled the window down and called out to the workman, "Let me ask you a question, do you guys get rid of those wooden cable spools when you're done?"

The workman paused for a few minutes, sized us up, and then said, "Yeah.  You want this one?"

Comcast has been working in our neighborhood for about a month installing new cable lines, and Matt said he'd been eyeing up the cable spools for weeks because he thought it would be cool to make one into an outdoor table.  

Before I knew it, Matt was out of the truck, the man was showing us the new wires, and then the two of them were loading the giant wooden spool, CABLE AND ALL, into the bed of the pickup.   

The workman asked us if we lived in the neighborhood and when we said yes, just a few houses down, he said, "Good.  Let's get this in, and then get out."

I've never felt more daring as we drove the 1000 feet back to our house to unload the cable spool, which is now on our back patio and looking a whole lot bigger than it did when it was laying next to the telephone pole.

We made it back to Bonefish for dinner and had a delicious meal and a wonderful time.  I ordered a Wild Orchid Hawaiian martini, and it came with an actual orchid in it.  As I admired the cocktail, Matt said, "You know, my grandfather is responsible for bringing edible orchids to the area."

Matt's grandfather, and later his dad, owned a produce business for many years.  Every morning they would fill their trucks with fruits and veggies from the produce market in South Philadelphia, and then deliver the produce to restaurants all over the area.  For this reason Matt is very particular about produce and I will never forget the first time we went grocery shopping together and he began enthusiastically slapping the watermelons.

Anyway, he told me that his grandfather was the one who encouraged restaurants to start using edible orchids in drinks and on cakes, and therefore deserves full credit for the popularity of the edible orchid in the Philadelphia culinary scene.

I'm not so sure I completely believe that, but what I am sure about is that the first cocktail I have at the new cable spool patio table better have an orchid in it.

(They see me rollin'...)


Brianne said…
So I probably actually emailed you first because this blogging from your phone is no joke...or maybe it is a joke? So because it's not quite 5 am and I'm quite sure I messed up my comment the first time around... let's try again...

In short:
You two are hilarious
I wish I was your neighbor
That's going to be an awesome table.

Actually that's pretty much my first comment verbatim but in bullet form...
Faith said…
I cannot wait to see the finished product!

And yes, orchids in drinks are a big yes! Matt's grandfather, thank you :)
Danielle said…
I majorly LOLed at "slapping the watermelons" - thank you for making my Tuesday brighter.
That is such a great idea for a patio table! Make sure to post the finished product! I love Bonefish. What did you get? I'm obsessed with the Bang Bang Shrimp!
That's going to make a great table. It does look large. All the more space to hold your cocktails, though.
First, I always look forward to your posts because the titles make me laugh! Second, that martini is ALMOST too pretty to drink.
The wooden spool as a table idea sounds really cool! Although, I imagine getting it out from a truck and into the yard probably wasn't lol. Also, that drink looks amazing!
Audrey Louise said…
First of all, those orchid martinis are AMAZINGLY delicious. I don't really like martinis but I love that one from BF.
Secondly, I'm cracking up that Matt just pulled over and asked about the cable spool. My husband is so quiet and introverted- I could never see him doing that. Lol.
Enjoy your new table!!
Amie said…
You two could have your own sitcom, hilarious!
Oooh I can't wait to see how the table turns out! My brother borrowed some spools from people he does work for to use as decor at his wedding and they looked SO good in the ceremony space
Bahahaha! I always laugh so hard when I read your posts! What will Matt do and say next? Lol. But seriously, that table is going to be one bad mamma jamma!
Oh my gosh, that will be an awesome table!

I love that Matt basically asked if he could have it... and also that he slapped watermelons.
Rebecca Jo said…
I cant believe they let him have that with cable still on it. That's amazing.

I'm just intrigued your hubby was raised with produce in his veins. I'd make him pick out everything at the grocery. I've got a gift for buying everything that is rotten inside.
Says a lot about my life ;)
next time i see a cable guy i'm going to ask for one of those wooden spool thingys too.

i don't like flowers in drinks. even though they say edible they confuse me because they don't actually taste good. hahahaha. perhaps i'm eating the wrong flowers.
Emily said…
I've been to Bonefish so many times (one of my fave restaurants) and never tried this martini. Perfect cocktail after a long work week. Looking forward to seeing what your husband makes out of the wooden spool...sounds like a man on a mission and so very random for your Friday evening events.
A Gal Named Al said…
And now my husband is flagging down the Comcast guys! Ha! What a cool story about your husband's granddad! (And we're old too- the early bird special all the way!)
Fellow old couple right here! We eat dinner eaaaarrly. Why? Potentially because it means we can go watch tv and be lazy sooner haha.

I'm actually kind of jealous of the cable spool. Oh the DIY projects I could do with that!
rooth said…
Okay those pictures are hilarious. So how do you dispose of the wire or do you even dispose of the wire?
Holly said…
This was such a funny post- I LOVE it! You will have to share pictures of the "table" in your yard! :)
What a fun date night! And you get a new table out of it?!?! That's so great! I love the orchid, so pretty!
Robin said…
I literally LOL'ed at the thought of him slapping the watermelons in the store.
Cable workers everywhere should be warned--they are about to get a lot of questions about taking their gigantic spools...especially if your table works out! Keep us posted, it looks like an awesome idea.
Rachel said…
Gotta admit, that's pretty innovative thinking, to see telephone cable guys and decide to ask them for their spool!
Cool story about the edible orchids in the family history. On my Dad's side, my family were small farmers, made a living from a roadside produce stand. My Dad worked at the produce stand and in greenhouses when he was growing up...so yeah, slapping watermelons and spouting off on random names of varieties of flowers and vegetables...I know what that's like...