i wrote this whole post while on hold with the USPS

I have a lot of vacation time I have to use up by the end of June, so I took Friday off and went to visit my niece.  I picked her up from daycare before lunch and we spent the rest of the day together.  I know I’m biased but she is the cutest thing ever.  She talks a little bit, but what I really wish she could tell me is how she gets so much volume in her hair.

We did a LOT of reading, and I love this picture because the book is as big as she is and she’s holding it up with her feet.

One of my good friends got married on Saturday and the ceremony wasn’t until 5:30.  When we got the invitation I said, “Awesome, a 5:30 wedding means we can still be super productive and get a lot done that day before we have to leave.”

Do you know what I did before the wedding?

Laid around, read my book, laid around, painted my nails, laid around. 

So it wasn’t exactly productive, but it was relaxing.

The wedding was a blast.  We had a fun table and the food was amazing.  The bride is one of the most genuine, kind people I’ve ever known, and the groom is hilarious, and everyone was just so happy for them. 
All of my wedding dreams came true (aside from marrying Matt, obviously) when halfway through the night, the DJ said, “I didn’t know this until I walked around and his buddies told me, but the groom is a closet Meatloaf fan!” and then proceeded to play a Meatloaf medley.


The icing on the cake was when we were driving home and the radio DJ said “stay tuned, we will be giving away Zac Brown Band tickets in the upcoming future.”

The upcoming future.  

As opposed to what?  The past future?

It sounds something the Department of Redundancy Department would say, and it cracked me up.  If I ever start a band, I'm going to name it The Upcoming Future.

I felt like Cinderella because before the clock struck midnight I’d traded my fancy dress and makeup and pearls for sweatpants and my nighttime mouth guard and I woke up on Sunday morning with a slightly swollen and infected eye.

My eye has improved slightly, but I'm hoping it's completely healed sometime in the upcoming future.


Ha ha...I set aside my weekend to be productive and that lasted for about three hours! Sounds rough about your eye, but I'm sure you'll get back to being the glamorous version of Cinderella soon enough. ;)
Rebecca Jo said…
That's usually what happens to me if I'm out anywhere near midnight too.
Meatloaf... I can only think of like 2 songs.. what am I missing that he has enough to play a melody of? I need to go to YouTube now & start listening away.
I need to start using my feet to prop up my books. Count it as a quad workout.
Leigh said…
That's fun that your family lives close to you so you can pick your niece up and spend time with her :) Makes me jealous that we don't have any family close to us.
Amie said…
She is absolutely the cutest!!
Kayla MKOY said…
Isn't getting home from being dressed up, taking off your bra, and throwing on sweats THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD?!?! ;) you look lovely!! Glad you had a fun weekend! Your niece is precious!
Hahaha, the upcoming future. So good! You look so pretty at the wedding - and your niece is precious!
Rebekah Lewis said…
I despise the usps. Like the least productive company ever that constantly operates at a ridiculous loss but because the government is involved they get to still exist in their same crummy way. Anyway, your niece is super cute!
That hair! Pretty sure my mom gave me that same style for the first 4 years of my life, ha ha. The wedding sounds like fun...your dress was perfect!
Faith said…
Yes, your niece has awesome hair!

Sounds like a great wedding. I love Meatloaf too, haha. Gorgeous dress!
Your niece IS so adorable!! That's awesome that you got to spend some extra time with her :) Sounds like the wedding was a blast too. That is hilarious about the upcoming future ;)
Oh she is just precious! I love her little hair style!
LOL The Upcoming Future -- such a great band name. Some people, I tell ya...
rooth said…
Look at you two cleaning up so nicely!
Ugh! Seriously USPS...boo! But at least you were productive? And being lazy before going to a wedding, is pretty much perfect.
Mary Leigh said…
Your niece is so cute! I'm glad teh wedding was fun - you look great! And hilarious about the upcoming future, but not so much your swollen eye! I hope it gets better soon!
Nadine Lynn said…
Ahhh what a cutie!!! So fun you got to spend the day with her. You looked beautiful at the wedding! Love that they played Meatloaf. Who doesn't love that?
Brianne said…
Changing into comfy clothes is THE BEST!!! I can't wait to go home & do that when I'm done with work. Lazy days are definitely required sometimes...especially before a big event!
Robin said…
Haha. I wonder if it was a poorly-worded way of saying "very soon" or "shortly". The bride and groom sound like great people.
Leslie said…
You look lovely at the wedding! I hope you're feeling better in the upcoming future soon! Also, your niece is adorable. :)
Lizzie Simantz said…
Your niece is SO cute!! How fun to spend the day with her. You looked gorgeous at the wedding! Love when the DJ's play fun songs!
Lr Jamison said…
Yikes! I hope your eye is okay! Sounds like a really fun wedding and you guys looked nice! Your niece is too cute and I love the pic of her holding the book with her feet! :)
Sarah DeWald said…
Oh my gosh - did we have the same weekend? We went out to dinner at 7pm on Saturday night and I read my book, ate some snacks, took a nap, shopped online, and then frantically threw a dress on before dinner!

Hope your eye feel better soon!
Audrey Louise said…
Hahaha - "the upcoming future" :D
I love fun weddings! When a wedding is done right and the people are fun it's like the best party ever! And home in sweats before midnight?? Perfect! :)
Gosh, there's not much I love more than the second real clothes come off and comfy clothes go on. Ahhhh. And I agree, a wedding experience is make or break for the guests if everyone is having a good time!
This post title is for real the best. I laughed so much and loved the post as much as I loved the title!! Sounds like such a fun wedding reception, and your niece really is the cutest!
Your niece's hair is adorable.

Great photo of you guys at the wedding!
You looked gorgeous for the wedding, and yay for a day of lounging around beforehand. Those are the best! And how adorable is your niece <3

That sounds like my kind of wedding. I haven't heard Meatloaf in forever. You two looked great at the wedding! And a day of lounging sounds amazing. I hope your eye is healing well.
Weddings are awesome! It's been way too long for me. I'm waiting on one of my friends to get married so I can finally go to another one.
Oh man. The high ponytail is killing me. So adorable. Also frightening me, because we just found out we're having a girl, and I have realized that I have to do her hair, don't I? And what if she has really curly hair like mine? That would be my mother's sweet revenge for years of struggling with my snarls and unmanageable head of hair. I have no skill with hair, not being a girly person myself, and having three boys whose heads I shave into short buzz cuts every month. My husband is better at braiding hair than I am. Maybe I should make him the resident hair stylist.
Your niece is so sweet! What a fun wedding!
Your niece is adorable... and you look darn good at that wedding! Love that dress!!!
Your niece is ADORABLE!

It sounds like it was an awesome wedding - but boo to your not so glamorous day after!