maybe our neighbors also went to the shawnee trading post

Every summer growing up, we would spend two weeks at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland.  It was the highlight of the summer.  Our vacation always included a trip to the Shawnee Trading Post, a place where you can buy everything from a two ton mahogany elephant to a six foot tall metal alien.  Do yourself a favor and click on this link and take a look around.  You won't be sorry.

I looked through some old photos tonight to see if I could find any I'd taken at the Shawnee Trading Post, and I found two.  This one, of countless garden statues:

And this one, of Emily, a family friend, and an enormous lobster.

Anyway, after one our annual visits to the Shawnee Trading Post, my mom and I came up with an (incredibly ridiculous) idea to get a dinosaur statue and keep him in the front yard and name him Christopher.  We told the rest of the family we'd dress him for holidays and special events and thought we were hilarious as we talked about putting him in a Santa hat and bunny ears and a Penn State jersey on game day.

I remember that the discussion occurred on the patio of a lake house called Island View, and I remember that my dad laughed with us, my brother laughed at us, and my sister was completely unamused by the whole ridiculous conversation.

In fact, this photo was taken on that very patio and I do believe it might have been the same night because that is how I remember Emily's facial expression as she listened to us.

The thing about Emily is, she never, ever shows her emotion.  As you can see, it's completely impossible to tell what she's thinking in photos.

Take this one, probably from the same vacation.  I can't tell, but I bet she's thinking "I just love nature and all of this family time!  I hope this hike lasts forever!"

While I was looking through pics I came across one of my most memorable vacation photos.  One year Emily and I played "lady in waiting," and the first week she was royalty and I was her servant/lady in waiting, and the next week we switched.  We LOVED that game, and one night we all made royal capes out of beach towels and took a family photo.  Emily had this photo hanging in her bedroom when we got home, until one day she got mad at me and crossed me out of the family with a giant green X.

I wonder if that's ever happened to Kate Middleton.

Anyway, I was taking a walk last week and watched a woman around the corner take a mannequin out of her car and stand it up by the lamp post at the end of her driveway.  I figured she was just unloading it and the lamp post was a temporary location, but then a few nights later, the mannequin was still there.  And this time, wearing a dress and standing beside a small red stool.

I walked by earlier this week, and the mannequin, the dress, and the stool are all still residing on the front lawn.

I have so many questions about this.

Not the least of which is, does she know Christopher?


Brianne said…
Haha oh my goodness! I bet she does know Christopher! She's probably lost him & that's why she's waiting at the end of the driveway now!
Michelle said…
I'm cracking up! Everything about this story is hysterical. I think it's time you and Matt get a Christopher of your own!
Too funny! I feel like my brother would love for us to get a dinosaur statue and put him outside. So would my mom.
Rebecca Jo said…
Lordy,I love your stories....

I literally busted out laughing at my desk with the green X on the pic. It's like a hit list picture. You better watch your back!
Traci said…
So funny! There's a house on the way to my inlaws that has a GIANT gorilla statue in their front yard. When I say giant I mean bigger than an actual person. It's dressed for every holiday. In another part of town there's a little duck statue on a pedestal & it's also dressed for all holidays.
rooth said…
That's creepy - no?!?

Also, love your yellow nails :)
Oh my goodness I'd probably wreck if I saw this while driving down the road!! So creepy! And girl, your family is hilarious! I always know I can come to your blog if I need a good laugh!
Bailey Bryant said…
Literally laughing out loud. I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
Hilarious. WHYYYYYYYYY. I need to know.
Christi said…
I want a Christopher... This is too funny. I actually know a house that had 3 dino's in their yard, but they were about 5-6 feet tall so it would take a lot to dress them.
Sarah DeWald said…
So funny! The picture with the green X is my favorite!

We've been to Deep Creek a few times so now I want to stop in at the Shawnee Trading Post next time we're there!
Ahahaha! What in the world?! That is so creepy! Why anyone would want a mannequin on their lawn is beyond me....

That green X is pretty awesome too!
Robin said…
I am curious about the mannequin...does she think it will scare away stray animals or burglars?
Mary Leigh said…
Stop it. I cannot even handle that mannequin! The dinosaur seems funny to me, the mannequin a bit strange? Maybe I'm weird. I don't know.

Also, this whole post is hilarious. I hope you are having a great weekend!
Rachel said…
The mannequin is REALLY weird!!!! Also, I love that photo where your sister crossed you out of the family. That's hilarious. Ahh, loving families...
That is beyond creepy!! I'm cracking up that your sister crossed out your face. My sister would have done the same thing, lol.
Audrey Louise said…
A mannequin on the lawn is SO creepy! I feel like that'd freak me out every time I walked or drive past. Maybe that was her intent...? Hmm.
Haha this is a good story. I wonder the same thing about this one and Christopher.