Monday, March 12, 2018

is it weird i felt emotional about this milestone?

My girlfriend Rose and I talk on the phone several mornings a week, typically when I'm driving into work.  My blue tooth is set up so I can talk hands free, but my car is SO LOUD that it is nearly  impossible for the person on the other end to hear me and I have to disconnect it.  Rose called as I was driving in this morning and when I answered, she screamed "HEY! I HEAR YOU'RE IN YOUR CAR AGAIN."

Yes, yes I was.  And then as I pulled into the parking lot at work, Old Blue hit a big milestone.

100,000 miles.

That's a lot of miles. 

My parents bought Old Blue (which was ironically brand new) and I packed the trunk and drove home from my college graduation to start my life in the real world.  

Which meant I drove right back home to mom and dad's house for a year and a half because #EnglishMajor.

I drove Old Blue to interviews, and my first real grown up job.  And then I crammed that trunk full of all of my worldly possessions and moved into my first apartment.  A few years later I packed the trunk again and drove back to mom and dad's, where I stayed until I packed it one more time and drove to our new condo after Matt and I got married.  

I've driven to weddings and funerals and baptisms and graduations and into the driveway when we bought our house.  I've driven to big work meetings and thousands of regular days at the office and one time I had to drive a detective to a court hearing while I had the snapshot device from Progressive Insurance Company and it beeped every time I accelerated too quickly or hit the brakes too harshly.

Between visiting the beach and my brother, I've driven to New Jersey a bunch of times, which is where I got my first (and only!) speeding ticket.

I drove Old Blue to Maryland with my brother the last time we went on family vacation just the five of us, and the next summer I drove my Mommom to meet my parents and Emily for a few days at a lake in upstate New York.

I've spent a lot of time with Emily in the passenger seat, and consequently spent years saying "passenger door ajar" in my best automated voice trying to convince her the car was talking to her.  

I've sung probably well over 100,000 songs from behind the wheel.

I've written a lot of stories about Old Blue on the blog and it seems I've always been a little unusually overprotective of a car.  

I went to a wedding shower at a fancy place where valet parking was the only option.  I've never had a valet park my car before and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I was nervous handing over the keys.  Would he turn the lights off?  Would he put the emergency brake on if he parked on even a slight incline like I do?  Would he press the lock button twice just to be sure?
I dropped Old Blue off for inspection the other night, and I was very nervous about the whole situation for some reason.  I felt like a mom taking her child to the first day of school.  Completely ridiculous, I know.  But evidently she impressed all of the mechanics with her peppy gas pedal and highly enthusiastic air conditioning system because she passed with flying colors.  And she was safe in the dark, rainy parking lot overnight.  That may or may not be because I left her with strict instructions not to fraternize with the pickup trucks and the tough looking Toyota that was parked next to her.  Just kidding about that last part actually.  It was the Mazda I told her to avoid.

I never wrote about it but I also had an automotive AND minor emotional breakdown in the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru a few months ago.

Maybe I need to cool it with the fast food.

Matt changed the oil once a few years ago and forgot to put the cap back on, and I drove to a work training two hours away without the oil cap on.  When I arrive at my destination I thought it was just foggy, but it turned out smoke was pouring out from under the hood.  A colleague's husband came over with rags and my friend Jen stood in the giant oil puddle I'd created in her CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS and helped me wipe oil off of everything under the hood.

That's a good friend.

Since then Matt's successfully changed the oil and the brakes and even dutifully did a full inspection when I told him my foot was feeling a little tired, like it was working a bit harder than usual when pushing the pedals.  

He's actually addressed many non-specific automotive complaints over the years.  

And he made this label a few years ago and put it on my driver's side mirror, where it still remains.

A few months ago Matt came inside and said, "What happened to your car?"  I didn't know what he was talking about but sure enough, there was a GIANT scrape on the front bumper.  Obviously the only explanation was that someone hit me while I was parked in a parking lot.  But I told Matt that it wasn't a big deal, I hadn't noticed the scrape and neither would anyone else.

And then my parents stopped by that weekend and my dad said, "Hey Laur, what happened to your car?"

Bunch of eagle eyes around here.

My sister was home for spring break last week and we went to the store so I could buy some skincare products, namely those consisting of collagen and retinol because as I told her, I'm starting to look my age.

And I think the same can be said for Old Blue.

But here's to the next 100,000. 

May we both age gracefully.


Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real said...

100,000 miles is definitely a big deal! Sounds like Old Blue is an awesome car. Here's to another 100,000 miles.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I remember when my old car hit 100,000. Ironically, it was a blue car too!

Rebecca Jo said...

I just had my 100,000 mile picture come up on my time hop :) I felt the same way. I got my car at 45,000 miles & am nearing 145,000 now! YIKES. The life we live in these little movable pieces of metal.

Audrey Louise said...

Happy 100,000 miles, Old Blue!!
I get emotional over my cars, too. When I totaled Lenny the Beetle I cried and cried when I left him for the last time in the junk yard. Sigh.

Kelly said...

Happy 100K to Old Blue! Sounds like you've had many memorable miles together. I cried when I said good-bye to my first two cars - You get so connected them over time! We just rolled over to 50K in our car that we bought when Swede was 6 weeks old. They are growing up together!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I love this!! What a great car! And yes, I was super emotional when I had to get rid of my little red two-door Saturn when I was about to give birth to Jacob. It was the first car that I had ever bought on my own, it was the car I had when I met Brian, the car I had when I graduated college, got my first real job, got engaged, got married, got pregnant. It's bittersweet saying goodbye for sure! Cheers to lots more years with Old Blue!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

What kind of car is it? There are people who wouldn't be caught dead in a car that old, but I personally have no issue with it. A car you can count on is more valuable than anything else. No Car payment is great too. I need to check my mileage and see where I'm at, but I plan on driving mine that long too!

Mimsie said...

This sounds very familiar. We have a 2006 Hyundai Accent we call Li'l Blue. She has about 150,000 miles on her. We are very attached to L'il Blue and talk to her quite often, telling her she is doing a great job, and to keep on going. We aren't weird at all.

rooth said...

"Big wheel keep on turning" - that goes for all of us!

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Did I know you were an English major? Because I was, too and finished my degree at Arcadia! Anyway, I had the same (old, beat up) car from age 17 to 25 and was SO SO SAD when I had to get rid of was a 1998 Corolla and I just loved it so much!!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

So many fun memories! Happy 100,000 old blue!

Our car’s name is Black Betty, haha!