About Me

By way of background, I named this blog Laura Darling because one of my lifelong dreams was to marry a man whose last name was Darling.  I got married in March, and while my husband's last name isn't Darling, that's pretty much his only downside.  He's a keeper.

I began this blog when I moved back to my parents' house after college in an effort to bring my family a few seconds of quiet and a desire to keep my English major brain from turning into a pile of unwritten words and unexpressed thoughts. 

And what do you know? I've kept it up.

I am a big fan of my family for many reasons, including but not limited to the fact that they agreed to take a picture in my favorite "popping pose" on my wedding day.

As far as the important things go, potatoes are my favorite food in the world. I don't run. Carbonated drinks are gross. I think baseball games would be great if they were only four innings. I say "crown" not "crayon." I would rather drink out of a mug than a glass. I sleep with all the covers on even if it's 100 degrees out. I've never gotten a speeding ticket but if I do I hope the cop says, "You was goin' fifty-five in a fifty-fo," Jay-Z style. I hate toaster ovens. My favorite word is cavalier. I'm pretty sure I'm my parents' favorite child. Personally, I think I'm hysterical. I look both ways when I cross one way streets.