Saturday, January 4, 2014

and now we're pretty much all caught up

Last night Michelle asked if I’d like to join her and some friends for drinks after work, and I said yes because I’m not one to turn down a glass of chard on a Friday night.  The only caveat was that I was hesitant to drive because we got a few inches of snow yesterday morning and I have not had the best luck with snowy roads this winter.  

The short explanation is that a few weeks ago, it started snowing as I was getting ready to leave for work.  Because I apparently operate like the US postal service and neither rain nor snow nor dark of night will keep me from my duties, I decided to brave my four mile commute anyway.  

I ended up sliding most of the way, and when I was just a few blocks from my office I got stuck at the bottom of a hill and had to abandon ship and walk the rest of the way to work.   Uphill.  In the snow.  In patent leather high heels because I still have not learned to wear boots on snowy days.  

There may or may not have been tears involved.  

I’m still recovering from the whole experience, and when yesterday’s snow threatened the morning commute, I called about six people to get their takes on the road conditions and polling them about whether (or should I say, weather)  or not I should drive to work.

Spoiler alert.  I drove and everything was totally fine.  

Long story not short at all, Michelle was game to drive last night.  She piloted us with confidence and didn’t even flinch when her anti-lock brakes slid us through an intersection or when a deer darted into our path on the highway. 

This morning I woke up at the crack of 9:00 ready to take on the day.  However, a check of the weather reflected that it was in the single digits outside.   So I showered and then promptly got right back into my pajamas and set up shop on the sofa and spent the next I’m-embarrassed-to-admit-how-many hours reading and eating and watching eight episodes of The Pioneer Woman.  

Around 3:00 Matt called and asked if I’d like to go out to dinner and I said yes because I’m no fool.  And then he said, “Ok, I’m leaving now.”


I knew that there was no way I could change my clothes, put on makeup, fix my hair, and clean up the blankets/books/pillows/snack setup I had going on in the living room in the fifteen minutes it would take Matt to get to my apartment.  So instead I sent him a message that said, “Ok, but don’t judge me when you get here,” and hoped for the best.

I pulled myself together and we had a great dinner and then a romantic date to Lowe’s where we spent serious time in the lumber department because Matt has some grand plans to make himself an Adirondack chair.

And now it’s time for my pink leopard broom and I to go sleep.  Yes, I’ve started taking my broom into my room at night, not to ward off any would-be intruders but rather because the people who have recently moved into the apartment above us are apparently also housing an elephant or nine.  Additionally, all evidence points to them being nocturnal, because they don’t make a sound all day long and then suddenly between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. they vacuum (OH, THE VACUUMING), play musical instruments (I’ve heard a clarinet and a drum set), drop bowling balls onto the floor repeatedly, scream, cry, run, and jump.

I have been awoken from a deep sleep many a night to one or more of the above sounds.  And when that happens I hit the ceiling with my pink leopard broom and even though it doesn’t seem to do much good as far as noise goes, it makes me feel like a very big deal.

Maybe I should bring it along in my car the next time it snows.

Couldn't hurt.



Say Yes Joe said...

i really want some snow in my town but at the moment everything looks like is spring. I hope you're feeling fine after your little adventure!

Whitney Alison said...

Hahaha the image of you hitting the ceiling with your broom is hilarious. Sorry they've been keeping you awake.

Becky said...

Snow is only fun when you don't anywhere to be and you can stare at it from the comfort of your couch!!

Ugh I don't miss the crazy noise levels at random hours of apartment living! I don't understand why people don't realize it's NOT THE TIME TO VACUUM at 3am!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The neighbors would kill me! I can't stand being woken up.

UGH on the uphill walk in the heels.

My train was cancelled Friday, and my boss advised me to work from home. I don't need to be told twice!

Rachel said...

We've had some scary episodes already this winter too--at this point I'm okay with NOT driving as much as humanly possible!

P!nky said...

I hate loud noisy people that live above, they are the worst! keep pounding with that broom!

Haley said...

I don't know what's worse.. getting stuck then having to walk uphill in the snow with heely boots on.. OR crying because of it. I know that when something like that happens and I'm willing myself NOT to cry, I almost always do. I'm like- "damn it! Stop crying.. this isn't a big deal." But it feels like a big deal at the time!
Those neighbours sound awful, like insanely awful. I love how you have taken on the characteristics of a 90 year old grouchy woman and just resort to banging your broom stick into the ceiling. LOL !! It's something!

Angela said...

So funny. If you are going to sleep with a broom, at least it's a stylish one. :)

ae said...

Glad we do not have to deal with snow on the roads in GA!

Jodi said...

OMG I had my broom in my room for a while b/c my upstairs neighbors were SO loud. I would always tell my mom that I thought they had a pet elephant. I never could understand how she could make so much noise. She moved out in Nov and it has been so wonderful. I felt like a crazy person when I took the broom and banged on the ceiling. Hahaha!

Driving in snow/ice is a regular thing here but I don't like it much either. It is my first year w/ no 4 wheel drive and it is scary. Glad you are ok and sorry you had to walk the rest of the way to work!

Baby Sister said...

Lol! I should get a broom like that. Sounds awesome. :)

Jamie said...

Driving in bad conditions is seriously scary. I got in a spin out on the freeway at 70 mph during a rain storm in San Diego. I am still scarred.

Fourteen Five said...

Oh tell me about the neighbors upstairs... I've had my share of them :) I've been wondering if I sound the similar to people who have lived below me or it's just a curse I had with upstairs neighbors..

Have a great day, hope it runs smoothly :)
xo Kat

Sarah said...

When we lived in the ghetto the lady below us would bang on our ceiling all the time. It got to the point that we'd pull the couch about two feet in front of the tv when watching a movie so we could have the volume down. Once Christopher was cleaning his hat with an electric razor (NOT a loud device!) in the middle of the day and she started banging. That's about when we started ignoring her. Not to mention that she babysat her crying granddaughter and yelled at her all day. She was hardly quiet as a church mouse herself. It was a lovely home. ;)

Faith said...

Hahaha!! Seriously I'm sleeping with a broom now because of the same damn reason. I hate apartment living!

And snow sucks. Hate driving in it.

Hena Tayeb said...