and so this is (was) christmas

merry merry

at least i don't have to do any of that again for six months

who said that english degree wouldn't be marketable?

get fancy for the holidays

tomorrow will be a rough return to the office

just call me cindy lou who

mint, jewelry, and tinsel oh my

reason 3,468 I was an english major

the last four days have been keepers

i'm a health conscious girl

a lengthy summary

because there's nothing cuter than pictures of kittens

be careful what you wish for

oh tannenbaum

i'd love mondays if they were all like this one

it's really just as essential as a post-it

imagine there is a clever title right here

because it's snowing here, so i'd kind of like to go back

never doubt betty crocker. or, for that matter, tom hanks.

a wordy post about nothing in particular

during hurricane sandy