Books I've Read

On the second Tuesday of each month, I link up with Steph and Jana for their monthly book post! I love to track what I've read, and see what others are reading!  Check out some past posts below.

July 2016: Two chick lit and two suspense.

August 2016: All over the board.

September 2016: In which I share an unpopular opinion about Big Magic.

February 2017: Lots of beach reads in the dead of winter.

March 2017: These were awesome.

May 2017: The books weren't great but the beach pics are awesome.

June 2017: If you want to cry, read these books.

July 2017: I read most of these on the hammock in the sunshine, and they were lovely.

August 2017: Tugging at the heartstrings.

September 2017: Meh.

October 2017: The one with my favorite book of the year.

November 2017: Including a major tear jerker about foster care.

December 2017: I was on a holiday romance novel kick.

February 2018: One one book, but it was a good one.

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