what i read this month

I'm linking up with Steph and Jana today for their monthly book post.  It's a fun way to share what you've been reading and get ideas to add to your list!

First up for me this month is In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.  
I feel like I'm the last person on earth to read this book, but in case anyone hasn't read it, I don't want to spoil it.  So I will just say this: I couldn't go to bed on Saturday night until I'd finished it, which meant I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading.  Our kitchen is an addition off the back of our house, with a LOT of windows, and when I went up to bed I was too scared to walk into the kitchen and past all those dark windows to turn the dishwasher on.  Read it, but not late at night.  Because then you might not have any clean plates or coffee cups the next morning.

Next up is a book by Aimee Bender, called An Invisible Sign of My Own.  

This book was good, but in a weird way.  Or weird, but in a good way.  Either way I felt like I knew what to expect because I'd read another book by this author, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which was also a good-weird.  I know this type of book isn't for everyone, but give it a try if you like slight suspension of disbelief, unique plots, and quirky but troubled characters.     

I also read another thriller, No One Knows by J.T. Ellison. 

 I really liked it. The book was 368 pages long, and on about page 362 I still had no idea how the author was going to manage to tie everything together by the end.

The last book I read was Spring Fever by Marykay Andrews.  

This was the second book I read by her, and I LOVED it.  It was lighter than the thrillers for sure, but not so cheesy that it didn't make me think.  I loved the main character, there were some interesting twists and turns and the end was a total shocker.  The thrift store was having the 25 cent book sale a few weeks ago and I got several more Marykay Andrews books and I can't wait to read them!

That's it for me this month!  Have you read any of these, or do you have anything I should add to my library list?


Tanya said…
I have still not read in a Dark, Dark Wood yet, even though it's been on my TBR forever. I need to read it because I love books that you can't put down and leave you scared to be in the dark afterwards. :D No One Else Knows is also on my TBR. An Invisible Sign of My Own intrigues me and I'm adding it to my TBR.
Lizzie Simantz said…
No One Knows sounds like a page turner! Adding that to my list!
lol i haven't read any of ruth ware's books yet, so you aren't the last person. i like clean dishes though, so i might skip it for now. haha. no one knows is on my list, sounds very interesting!
Brittany Pines said…
I haven't read Ruth Ware yet, although I really need too!
rooth said…
I've been trying to plow through Ruth Ware's book and I just cannot make it through. I'll have to give it another shot later on this spring
Hehe, I love your description of Ruth Ware's book, which I also have not read. I have read books that have given me that feeling though!!! Mary Kay Andrews sounds like an author I should try - I still haven't read anything by her! That J.T. Ellison book sounds good too.
Mary Kay Andrews is one of my very favorite authors - all her books are hits for me! That first one sounds creepy, but has my super interested. Adding it to the list!
ha! I also finished IADDW late at night and then did not want to go into the dark yard to let the dogs out.
I actually just purchased In a Dark, Dark Wood for like $3. I normally don't read scary stuff but it looked intriguing! I'll definitely make sure not to read it at night, ha ha.
I'm definitely intrigued by An Invisible Sign..., I've never read the author's other book, but it sounds familiar and might be on my tbr list.
I have strong feelings about Ruth Ware, none of them good, but Dark Dark Wood was a little creepy.
I've seen several people mention Mary Kay Andrews recently so I guess I need to check her out! I haven't read anything by her yet.
Nadine Lynn said…
I enjoyed No One Knows too and didn't really know where it was going until the end either. Mary Kay Andrews has been on my TBR, I dont think I have read any from her.
Rebecca Jo said…
Nope - you're not the last one - I've not gotten around to Dark Dark wood yet... I'm always the last one to pick up a popular book.
Victoria said…
My Mom read through Ware's books this last fall/winter!!! Have you read Elly Griffiths's "Ruth Galloway" series yet?!?!? I THINK you'll love her! I got my Mom hooked on those after she was finished with Ware.
Can I just say how awesome it is that you read that many books..I haven't read 1 this year...boo! But there are a lot sitting on my nightstand screaming at me each night.
Michelle said…
Somehow I've never heard of any of these books! I'm intrigued by them all.
Julie said…
I agree, spring fever was good!
Leigh said…
Just requested No One Knows and still waiting for In a dark, dark woods to come in at the library. Both sound good!
Audrey Louise said…
Hmm... I've read none of these. I'm not a big thriller-reader so there are SO MANY books that people love that don't necessarily peak my interest. I'm a historical fiction/sometimes fantasy reader :)
I haven't read In a Dark, Dark Wood yet and really need to! I liked Noone Knows too. :)
Lindsay Bononno said…
I haven't read any of them! I just finished Leaving Time by Jodi Piccoult, and it had a lot about spirits and ghosts (a psychic was a main character), and I was super creeped out after reading late at night, too!
I still need to read In a Dark Dark Wood! I loved The Woman in Cabin 10 though. :)

In a Dark Dark Wood has been on my to read list since reading The Woman in Cabin 10. I liked that book and heard this one is even better! I've read a couple of Mary Kay Andrews books but haven't been a big fan.
In a Dark, Dark Wood sounds perfect for reading at the beach this summer. I always stay up way too late reading scary books in our flimsy, door with no lock cottage.
You're totally not the last person to read In A Dark, Dark Wood because I still haven't read it! I read The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware last year and didn't love it, but I've heard that this one is better. No One Knows sounds like one that I need to pick up too!
Hilary said…
Love love love MKA! I added those thrillers to my list - thanks!
Oooh! No One Knows sounds good. Like, can't put it down good!

I haven't read any of these so I need to add them to my list!

I've been binge reading Kelly Rimmer's books and if you're into books that make you cry, you should totally read one of hers, hahaha :P
I definitely haven't read the Dark Dark Wood book yet, but then thrillers terrify me so I probably won't be adding it to my to-read list, haha! Glad you had some good reads this month!
Sadly, you aren't the last to read In a Dark Wood, because it's still on my list to read. I love it when a book makes me scared to walk through the house, especially by windows, so this one needs to move up on my list. I've had the audiobook by J.T. Ellison since its release and started to listen to it on Sunday. I wasn't focused enough to get into any book, so I put it down. I'll probably try again next month.
Bailey Bryant said…
I wish I'd seen this post while I was at target the other day...definitely would've picked up Spring Fever! my husband has requested I stay away from the thrillers for now. :)
That one book cover is wild (An Invisible Sign of My Own)! I'm not familiar with any of these, but a couple seem interesting!
Adding Spring Fever to my to read list! If I was brave enough to read the first one (which I'm not), I would totally leave the dishwasher full of dirty dishes as well!
Rachel said…
Basically the very thought of a 25 cent sale on books makes me drool. There are not really any cheap options for books here...which is why I only read books from the library and usually a very strange assortment of books because of the limited selection. ha! A girl's gotta read!
Abbey Peralta said…
I'm still one of those people that haven't read In A Dark, Dark Wood yet. I wanted to last Halloween and time got away from me but now I really want to pick it back up! I love Mary Kay Andrews! Her books are perfect Spring/Summer reads.
Sarah DeWald said…
I've never read any Mary Kay Andrews but now I think I want to start!
The last book sounds really good! I like thrillers in theory but I get freaked out and can't sleep when I read them at night so I can only read those when I'm on like a really happy beach vacation lol!
yay! glad you finally read in a dark, dark wood - I made my friends read it before my bachelorette party in the mountains. it was great - especially when we got to the cabin and there was no cell service. fun book!
I have not read a dark dark wood yet. Good head's up though! I haven't read any Mary Kay Andrews either, but it seems like a good beachy fluffy type genre! :) We visited Tybee over the summer. She either lives there or summers there, I dunno, but they had tons of her stuff around! XO - Alexandra

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Nicole said…
I'm just starting to become more interested in reading thrillers. I'll be noting No One Knows for a future read.
So jealous of all you read in a month! I am lucky if I get through one book. My sister told me about Mary Kay Andrews...I have to add the one to my Spring Break reading list. Would love it if you thought about joining The Blended Blog's virtual book club! www.theblendedblog.com
Erica Ashley said…
I am SO adding these to my list of things to read on vacation!! Thanks for the reviews!
Katie said…
I don't read blogs much anymore but I will say that yours is still one of my favorites. I read In a Dark, Dark Wood as well and liked it. Have you read her other one called The Woman in Cabin 10? I enjoyed it too. I am a big fan of thrillers. You might want to try Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight. It starts off a little on the slow side but I won't lie that the last bit had me on edge about what was going to happen and I didn't expect it and to me THAT makes for a great book. Also, if you've never read any books by Sophie Kinsella hers are always good light fun reading - my favorite is You've Got My Number. Oh, and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is one of my fave books in the chick lit genre.
Ever Emma said…
Ooo IADDW sounds good! I may need to bump that up on my to-read! I have Spring Fever on my shelf, so I'm pleased to hear that it was good!
So I am pretty new to loving thrillers, but now I am totally addicted. I read The Woman in Cabin 10 which was one of the first books that got me into thrillers. I've been wanting to read In a Dark Dark Wood for a long time. I am adding No One Knows to my list too! I just finished The Good Girl by Mary Kubica which was kinda crazy but I liked it a lot. I also just read All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker, which I absolutely hated.