Tuesday, February 6, 2018

budweiser is giving the entire city free beer

Well, I'm sure everyone has been on the edge of your seat waiting for an update on last post's trifecta: the ceiling, the tent, and the water meter.

The ceiling is finished.

Our neighbor Diane dragged the tent fifteen feet back into her yard where it still remains to this day so Matt did not have the opportunity to trash pick it, much to his disappointment and my delight.  Diane must have put something inside the tent to weight it, down because while it's blown and flipped around, it hasn't moved from it's anchored spot.  

I remain unclear as to why one would randomly set up a tent in late January.

As for the water meter, let me just share this word of warning.  If your water meter is hypothetically broken, and even though you call the water company right away, they can't come out for months, let me caution you against uncharacteristically liberal water usage during that time.  Because the repairman might hypothetically come out and tell you that while the meter gauge was broken, it still records usage digitally and it's time to pay the piper.  

Or, pay Aqua Water Utility company, as the case may be.

Ask me how I know.

Those long showers and extra loads of laundry cost a pretty penny, and if we can't make the mortgage payment next month I might have to ask Diane if we can sleep in her tent.

Also, it's a big week around here because the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, for the first time EVER.  I shared two weeks ago how the police department greased the light poles downtown with Crisco to prevent climbing.  People still managed to climb them, so this week they broke out the good stuff.

Hydraulic fluid.

They even had shirts made.

And then the Eagles won and the city went crazy.  Actually, the majority of the celebrations weren't destructive, but a few bad apples can spoil the bunch, or knock down some light poles, despite the hydraulic fluid.

The victory parade is on Thursday and they are expecting THREE MILLION people downtown.

Matt and I were talking about Justin Timberlake's halftime show, and Matt said, "I don't get it, is Justin Timberlake even relevant anymore?"

I know.  God bless him.  I didn't marry him for his pop culture knowledge. 

However, in full disclosure, I should admit that I thought "dilly, dilly," the Budweiser catchphrase that has gone completely viral, was a term that President Trump invented.

A la "covfefe."

I had no idea it was from Budweiser.

And then the "Philly, Philly" trick play was key in the game, and Nick Foles became the first quarterback in a Super Bowl to throw AND catch a touchdown pass.

(If you play that video you can hear the quarterback and coach talk about calling the play).

I should also admit that I am not an NFL fan and I did not even watch an Eagles game until the division championship two weeks ago so BANDWAGON, PARTY OF ONE.  

But I was able to scrounge up some Eagles green nail polish for this week and read 5492 articles online about the Eagles.  

And for them to have such a season with a coach that just two years ago was called the worst coaching hire in the NFL, to lose the starting quarterback in week 14 and then to make it to the Super Bowl, only to beat the PATRIOTS with our BACKUP QUARTERBACK, it's a story you can't help but love. 

I drove to work yesterday and all of the billboards on the highway said YO PHILLY, WE DID IT, and it made me so happy.

The host of the radio show I listen to on the drive home said he hopes that this is the year every single Philly sports team wins their championship.

I think that's a pretty big jump but go ahead and wish for the moon, Philadelphia sports fans.

Dilly, dilly.

Or Philly, Philly.


Brianne said...

This post made me go check my rent/water bill. When I paid my rent on the 1st there was no water charge added to it & I never got the postcard saying how much in the mail & I thought "what the what?! free water for me too?!" But now I just checked & nope. No free water for me...

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Love your nail colour - totally perfect!!! I am super happy for Philadelphia and what a game! I loved JT and laughed so hard at Matt's comment but I can't blame him really!!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

When y'all won the other night I totally thought of you and the Crisco on the light poles. I was telling Brian about that and he gave me the same face that I had when reading your original post. Like, WHY the light posts?! #DrunkPeepsAreCrazy

Rebecca Jo said...

OK... so this is cracking me up because on Groundhogs day, they kept saying Dilly Dilly & I used it as a hashtag for groundhogs day. haah... now I'm all confused :)
How stupid are people climbing up poles & standing on awnings? I guess REALLY stupid is that answer

Julie said...

So is the entire city closed for the celebration?

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Penn Law is closed tomorrow for a parade, much to my (and my student's) dismay. I was really hoping those Pole Patrol shirts actually said Pole Patriots. Because that would be a much more entertaining play on words. I'm happy for Philly... because the Pats suck, and because I'm rooting on Penn law to come through for me, too.

Rachel said...

I'm totally clueless about the Superbowl in general but I find the idea of adding Crisco and Hydraulic fluid to light poles to make them harder to climb highly amusing. How do people even think of ideas like climbing light poles? Is this what alcohol does?

Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis said...

Loving the nail color! Perfectly festive for the Eagles win! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Philly Philly!

rooth said...

Wasn't there a guy who ate horse poop? The world's lost its collective mind, I think

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I didn't know they greased the light poles. That is crazy. I bet today is crazy there with the parade. Soooo happy that Philly won.

Erica @ Whimsical September said...

My husband is going to DIE when I show him this post!! He will get so much enjoyable out of reading the behind the scenes of this kind of chaos, especially the Pole Patrol. SO FUNNY!!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

As soon as I heard the Eagles won, my mind immediately went to the light poles 😂 you have totally educated me on the ways of Eagles fans haha.