Friday, February 18, 2011

i can't come up with a creative title

Well, nothing funny or out of the ordinary has really happened to me this week.  I normally hesitate to just write summaries of what I’ve been doing, because I feel that those types of things can quickly cross into the boring territory, and that’s a territory I would rather not spend a great deal of time in.  However, my adoring fans (my mom and Emily) have been begging for a new post.  And I aim to please.  So I’m working with what I’ve got.

I visited Matt this past weekend.  I left after work on Friday and the drive was going along great until I got off at the wrong exit, despite the fact that I have made this particular drive before.  More than once in fact.  I forgot that exit 295B comes before exit 295A, maybe because that makes no sense to me at all and the next thing you know we will be reading books right to left.  Or tfel ot tghir, as the case may be.  I knew immediately that I made a mistake, but in an effort to restore my poor navigational reputation I tried to correct things without having to make a tearful SOS call to one of the men in my life.  Those men being my dad, Matt, my brother, or Brad Paisley. 

(The ironic thing is that this fancy new phone I have can do pretty much everything except actually drive the car for me.  It has at least ten GPS features and programs and apps.  That was one of the features that SOLD me.  Unfortunately, I was so confident that I knew exactly where I was going last weekend that I didn’t take the time to set any of them up, and because I packed my common sense I knew the last place I wanted to be fooling around with my phone was alone in a car off a dark exit in Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania.  I’ve watched CSI.  And nothing good happens off dark exits in the Middle of Nowhere.  Reminds me of when my brother and I were in high school and would ask why OH WHY our summertime curfew was midnight on weekends but only 11 on weeknights.  My mom’s answer was always “Because nothing good happens after 11 pm on a Tuesday.”)

Anywho, I regret to inform you that I made things worse and eventually had to make a call.  Unfortunately Brad Paisley was busy so I called Matt and told him that I was on the fast track to the other side of the world known as WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE MATT.  PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET BACK ON THE ROAD TRAVELING EASTWARD.  The good news is I keep my dramatics and tears in check, and made it to Matt’s safe and sound.

Sorry you didn’t get to see me, Western PA.  But, chances are I will end up unintentionally headed your away again soon, so fear not.

On Saturday Matt and I took a self guided driving covered bridge tour.  Lest you think I am the only one who struggles with directions, I will share that things got off to a rocky start because we missed the first bridge on the tour.  Flat out skipped a turn and sailed right on by.  After that I took on the position of navigator and got A LOT of mileage out of the phrase, “Go west, young man.”  Every once in a while I would add, “Go west, young man, go west and grow up with the land!”  In a totally cool, not at all nerdy way of course.

It was supposed to be a sunny, spring like day at home, so I supposed the weather would be the same at Matt’s school.  Well, you know what happens when you assume.

It was snowing.
And cloudy.

With a high of 28.

So we made it to the first (which was technically the second) bridge, and in a fit of boundless excitement I leapt out of the car and onto the pavement, which happened to be a complete sheet of ice.  My legs flew out from under me and I fell flat on my back.

I am graceful like a swan.

Halfway through the trip we were planning to stop at a state park to do some hiking.  I thought we had packed everything we could POSSIBLY need for the day,
but sadly, we forgot our ROPE AXES!
So between our lack of rope axes and my recent experience with ice, there was no hiking for us.  We ate our lunch there though and kept an eye out for cabin people. 
We didn’t see any.

We journeyed on though and had a lot of fun and the drive was SO PRETTY.

And we ended the day with a stop at the Tractor Supply Co, because how else would you end such a day?
Okay, maybe we went out to dinner.  And maybe the desserts were half price.  And maybe I had two.

Then we went to the Red Box to rent a movie and Matt picked.  I am a fan of cheesy, romantic, cinematic masterpieces.  Matt is usually a good sport about it and always tells me I can pick the movie, but I have been noticing for the past few months that every time we watch one of those movies, Matt insists that it’s the same one we watched the time before.  I will admit that the majority of the plot lines are strikingly similar, but how can you mix up P.S. I Love You and The Holiday?!  If you don’t count the ways those movies are exactly the same, they could not be more different.  But, I’m sad to say Matt is suffering from a case of All Of The Romantic Comedies Are Running Into One Another-itis. 

So, Matt picked on Saturday.  We watched The American, which wasn’t a total loss because hellooooooo Mr. Clooney.  Plus Matt enjoyed the suspense and danger and lack of love songs.  Can’t blame him.

So, that was the weekend.  ‘Twas a happy Valentine’s Day indeed.  I am staying home this weekend and plan to spend my time watching Sleepless in Seattle, 500 Days of Summer, and Return to You.  I also should probably figure out how to use my GPS, I would hate to get lost on the way to the Red Box.

Happy Friday!


Things to Do said...

I also am navigationally challenged. I got lost in 3 states in one day once. It's been my most awesome achievement ever.

And I don't think you could post something boring if you tried! Happy weekend.

ae said...

I am directionally challenged as well! It usually leads to some pretty funny stories. Sounds like a great weekend!

mskanorado said...

Sounds like you had a heck of a time getting there but I'm glad to hear you had a lovely weekend!!

Courtney B said...

Oh my heck I love reading your blog!! Seriously hilarious!
I have the biggest crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I don't understand why she doesn't want to kiss that man for the rest of her life on that movie.. sigh.

Anonymous said...

How does Tractor Supply compare to Cabela's? TS is a darling of The Wall Street types and they say it could be a market threat to The World's Foremost Outfitter.

Sarah said...

But I'm an adoring(I almost wrote 'annoying')fan too! I so understand the need to have one of your men by your side. Mine happen to be Josh Turner, Josh Groban and,can we share him?, Brad Paisley.

We should get together sometime!! But we'd have to plan an extra five days on each end just for all the turn arounds we'd each do while trying to reach the restuarant,or where ever we'd be meeting.(Of course it would be a restuarant...we LOVE to eat!)

Why are my comments always the LONGEST?!

Laura Darling said...

Dear Anonymous/Dad,

TS has NOTHING on Cabela's. Any competition between Tractor Supply and the WORLD'S FOREMOST OUTFITTER is laughable at best in my opinion. Don't worry at all.

Holli said...

Your posts are SO not boring. I loved reading this!! Very funny!

Emily said...

So... cabin people sort of make me think of hobbits. Which makes me think of Frodo. Which makes me think of Gandalf. Which makes me think of "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" which makes me think of John Green imitating that scene from LotR using an umbrella. Which makes me think of nerdfighters. Which makes me want to go read Paper Towns again. So I am going to go do that. now. DFTBA.

Diana Smith said...

Great movies to watch this weekend! I love 500 days of Summer, the soundtrack is one that I frequently listen to too!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You're not boring at all! Oh I hate getting lost and going places without my way! lol