i never did like small post earrings

So, my brother got married last weekend.

And then three days later, we all got together at my parents’ house to say goodbye to my sister because she left for college on Wednesday.

And in between those two Major Life Events, I turned twenty six and suddenly I feel like I have to cross all sorts of grown up things off my list because I’m basically staring thirty in the face and running out of time to do things like become a morning person and decide if I prefer white wine or red wine.

Basically, it’s been a big week around here.

Tonight is Emily’s first weekend night as a college student, which is really unbelievable because it was just yesterday that she was coming to Penn State with my parents to visit me and my brother, all the while vowing she would NEVER, EVER, EVER GO TO PENN STATE like the rest of us.

She was going to be different.

Break the mold in a family full of Penn State alumni.

But between you and me, I think she was destined to be a Nittany Lion from day one.

In honor of her new adventure and all of my nostalgia, I went through my box o’ important documents the other day to remind me of my youth.  And in addition to my diploma, graduation cap, and several English books, I found two documents that made me laugh.

Exhibit A:

When I was a senior, my parents brought a car up to Penn State near the end of the semester so that I could pack up and drive myself home as soon as I finished my finals.  Along with the car, my dad brought with him detailed directions about how to actually get myself home.  Back then I had absolutely no sense of direction, or a GPS.  And so I taped this piece of paper to my dashboard so I could look over at it during the journey.  

I was nervous about making the drive, and my dad even sent me an email the morning I left, encouraging me to “Just remember, once you make it to 83 south, you cannot go wrong.” 

Guess what.

I went wrong.  In fact, I went wrong all the way to Grantsville, Pennsylvania.

In the past four years I’ve developed a (slightly) better sense of direction, and I’ve acquired a GPS.  And, in a twist of what I’d venture to call irony, the home office for the company I work for is halfway to Penn State and I have to take these very same highways to get there.  Every 45 days.  

Oh Life, you are funny.

And now for Exhibit B.

My Penn State student ID.

Could I possibly look any less thrilled?

The answer to that is no, no I could not.

I’m happy to say that not only has my sense of direction improved since college, but also my ability to smile appropriately for identification photos.  Take my recent drivers license picture, for example.
I’m so happy to report that a fairly normal smile made an appearance.

It’s just a shame that I couldn’t find a pair of large earrings.

Dear Emily, smile in your ID photo.  And if you need a pair of earrings to wear, just let me know.  I can be there in three hours, I still have the directions.



Aw, yay! I'm glad she's keeping the tradition going!
Rachel said…
Umm, yeah, definitely sounds like a huge week for your family! All fun stuff! :) Last time Angel got his driver's license photo, I was teasing him about smiling for the camera, and they ended up capturing him with the biggest smile--he already has big teeth, so his smile can be gigantic--everyone who he ever has to show his id to comments on his smile. ;P
Baby Sister said…
Congratulations to your brother and sister!! How exciting for both of them. Isn't it crazy how fast time goes the older we get? I hate it. I wish I could slow it down.
So many exciting things in your neck of the woods! I wish I could go back to college bc I just turned 31. Now that's sad lol!
Amanda Klein said…
Cracking up at your 26 = basically 30! Haha :) I didn't become a morning person until I had a baby and it's only because HE'S a morning person ;)
Robin said…
Glad I found your blog again! I took a break from blogging for a while and am still catching up on everyone. :)
CJ said…
Congratulations to your brother and good luck to your sister. I'm hopeless at directions too, I get lost going everywhere! CJ xx
R said…
My cousin just left Va Beach, where she was born and raised, to go to Penn State. I remember her being in kindergarten when I graduated high school and it makes me feel so old that she's in college now. Hope both the girls enjoy their first year.
scrapperjen said…
Your family has been busy!!!!
Thirty isn't bad...I promise!
I love your sister-in-law's wedding dress! GORGEOUS!
And I hate you for having such a good driver's license picture... I look like a fucking convict in mine. lol
Katie Elizabeth said…
So many good things happening in your family! Congratulations to your brother and your sister and happy belated birthday to YOU!
Sarah said…
As soon as I saw your license picture I said to Annabelle "She's rocking those earrings." As someone who saw your earring collection a few years back, I'm not surprised you decided to wear that subtle pair. You didn't have too many to pick from. ;)
Loved this post! Are you not truly considered old until you become a morning person...? I have a ways to go. I'm just a little over a year away from 30 and it's not scary be yet...maybe it will be this time next year!
Karen said…
Hi Laura, your family had a lot of great events close together, big excitement! I love the directions your father wrote for you. My dad did the same for me,for the same reason. No sense of direction lol. Mine has gotten better but it is still pitiful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog It's so nice to meet you. You have a great writing style.
Wow what a full week !

Ah to be 26 again would be a dream. :)

AVY said…
Thirty is no age. The beginning of life.

/ Avy

P!nky said…
UMMMMMMMMMMM, holy family milestones in a week, that's so awesome! Congrats to your brother, his bride's dress was gorgeous!

happy bdaayyyyyyy!

And super excited for your sister. College is so fun, I know she'll love her time at Penn State!

Have a great week!
Kristen said…
hahaha this is so funny! i could get lost going to work every day and it is a straight road from my house to the office, so.. i feel ya! lol. love the large earrings ;)
Rebecca said…
You actually have a good driver's license photo! I liked my photo on my last license, but then I got married and took a horrible photo for that license!
Rebecca said…
So I just switched to a different comment widget and I can't reply to your comment! I haven't decided if I'm going to see the movie, If I Stay. It was a pretty emotional book, and I find it harder to watch things than read. It might just be too hard for me to watch the movie! It's a very sad book!
Rebecca Jo said…
ahhh - funny to watch those younger then you go through the things you did. Smacks you with a dose of reality of growing up :)

Your smile outshines the big earrings so you're all good :)
Devon said…
The comment about becoming a morning person and deciding between white and red wine made me laugh. The directions from your dad are pretty funny too. My dad gave me a printed list of things that went along with using his car (a 1972 GMC Jimmy) in college like not taking it to Mexico ;). I hope I still have that list. Have a great day and thanks for the sweet note on my blog!
Haha! You're too funny :-p Love your analysis of your ID photos....those are large earrings! SO fun that your little sister is going to Penn State like y'all. So many big things going on! Enjoy your last 4 years in your 20's! Of course the 30's feel exactly the same so you only have great things to look forward to! :)
Sienna said…
congrats to your bro and happy 26th sweets!!
OMG one time I drove from Austin to Houston alone, without my parents knowing about it and I got super duper lost. How am I even alive today, and how did I make it without a GPS??? Haha!!!
lil desiqua said…
That is a super busy week! But definitely exciting- and happy belated birthday! That's funny about Penn State- I actually worked at the Berks campus for a little bit after I graduated college. And I'm jealous you can smile in your ID! I just went to renew my license last month and there's a new rule saying we can't smile "with teeth." Such a dumb rule!
Niken said…
i just 25 this year and i feel like i'm sooo old! ha. i wish i took better pictures of my time in college. such a gem to look back
Paige Gunter said…
Well if it makes you feel any better, I have to go by landmarks, so my sense of direction is lost on major roads. When I bought my car last year I thought all would be well with OnStar. The first & only time I have used it was to locate the Social Security Office after we were married. Instead, it took me to Social Services. At least you have managed to conquer your troubles, lol!