all's well that ends well

I planned to write a post last night, but after dinner I got wound up in an organizational frenzy.  Things went downhill when I reached the linen closet and discovered a sample of Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer.  Even though I have used Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel on my face every single morning and night for twelve years, I foolishly decided to switch things up and take the free sample for a test drive.

I washed and moisturized my face immediately because how is a girl supposed to go one more second knowing she's not as positively radiant as she could be?

Seconds later, my eyes and face were burning with the heat of a thousand suns and no matter what I tried, the pain would not subside.  I took out my contacts and washed my face repeatedly with the gentlest cleanser I could find and even switched out my washcloth and towel.  Nothing worked.

I finally ventured out to the living room with my eyes open a teeny tiny bit to tell Matt his optically compromised wife was going to bed, and this was on the TV.


Just kidding.

Fear not, Matt's not toying with the idea of entering the dental field.  He had an appointment for a dental implant scheduled for this morning and wanted to prepare himself for what was to come.

I am a girl who once fainted at the dentist office after getting a cavity filled.

And the morning after I got my wisdom teeth removed, I went into the bathroom to rinse with salt water and when I saw my very swollen cheeks in the mirror, I hit the floor.

So, since I don't do well with gruesome dental details, I got in bed.  Matt came in when the implant video was over and when he asked if I needed anything, I requested that he hold the small fan I keep on my nightstand up to my eyes because that was the only way I could feel some relief.

Luckily I woke up today and my eyeballs had cooled way down to normal temperature.  But Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer is forever dead to me.

Matt and I both had the day off today, and he was hurting big time after his dental implant appointment.  He was describing the intensity of the pain to me and I stopped just short of saying "BUCK UP COWBOY, I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH A POSITIVELY RADIANT MOISTURIZER LAST NIGHT, SO I KNOW PAIN," because something tells me having a giant piece of metal screwed into your jawbone is probably a little bit more painful and also, not done purely in the name of vanity.

So I made sure he had a steady supply of ice packs and jello and that he took his medicine and then I made a trip to Sonic to get him a milkshake because HE HELD A FAN UP TO MY EYES last night as I fell asleep and I thought that was a debt I should attempt to repay.

I'm happy to report that I just so happened to have an eye doctor appointment scheduled for this morning and everything checked out in tip top shape.

But it's safe to say I won't be betraying my beloved Clinique anytime soon.

Or organizing the linen closet.


Oh no!! That's awful! So glad the pain went away! I will for sure be staying away from that lotion too.
Brittany said…
The dentist is also my weak point, although I should mention I've passed out at the doctor's office, too. I have some absolute horror stories, but I'll spare you the details because it's much more fun to be upright and conscious.
Mree said…
Thank you for posting this. I used one their cleansers and thought my face was gonna burn off. I'm not a fan of their skincare products at all. I don't know how they can say they are for sensitive skin. They so are not. Feel better soon. Good luck at the eye doctors.
Amanda Klein said…
That's so weird about the moisturizer! Stay away!! Also, I'm prone to syncope as well - try to sit down if you feel it coming on!
Amanda Klein said…
That's so weird about the moisturizer! Stay away!! Also, I'm prone to syncope as well - try to sit down if you feel it coming on!
Rebecca Jo said…
You'd die if you were me... with needing 8 root canals & 7 crowns, you'd be in a constant Sleeping Beauty state :)
I hate the dentist and also when a product literally blows up in my face.
Kayla MKOY said…
Hahah! You poor thing! Okay but for real, that Clinique gel is the real deal. I used that ALL throughout high school and you just made me want to drop the big bucks on it again! Miss that stuff! I'm glad to hear your eyes are better, and I hope your mans jaw feels better soon! I hate dentist stuff!
BLovedBoston said…
Well you're certainly a good wife for being with him in his time of need :) I actually have a really funny similar story - the St. Ives scrub...i use it daily and one of the little grains got into my eye, but like really in there and it hurt like whoa - i was screaming saying i was going to go blind and my husband literally starting laughing...probably because I was being dramatic but it took literally 15 minutes for the grain to come out lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
Melissa said…
That moisturizer burned the living heck out of my skin, so you're not alone! Glad to hear your eyeballs survived the tale :)
Miss Caitlin S. said…
lol, oh no! I'm so sorry!!! I have had allergic reactions like that and it suckkssss. I'm glad you didn't actually faint!
Whoa girl! Thats scary! Hope the organizing is going smoothly!
Baby Sister said…
Ouch to both!! I could never watch something like that, it would make me far too queasy.
Dee said…
Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad reaction. I'm glad you did get some relief the next morning, though. You know, I really enjoy your posts. You have a wonderful way with words and your sense of humor really shines through.

Have a great week... :)
Emily Gilbert said…
Oh my at your horrible side effect of using the moisturizer. Refuse all samples from here on out! I use Clinique products too. My sensitive-ass skin loves them.

Dental work is the worst! Just slip your husband a few dozen Advil.
Oh no!! It's the worst thing ever when you try something new and your skin reacts badly to it! I had that happen with the yes-to cucumbers face wipes, it literally felt like my skin was burning off of my face which was crazy because it was supposed to be for sensitive skin. I don't do well with dental things either so I can't tell you how fast I scrolled past that picture!
So sorry you had such a bad reaction! Perfect timing with your eye appointment, *hugs* hope you feel better and his dental implant goes well ;-)
Katie Elizabeth said…
I have had this happen to me and it is SO PAINFUL! Glad you're feeling better today!!
Emily said…
Oh no! Hope you're face didn't stay red for too long!
Svetlana Holt said…
Oh my goodness! I've never had a bad experience with Aveeno moisturizers (knock on wood!). But thats great that you guys take care of each other so well :) - Svetlana @Life with a Side of Wine
Candace Shiflet said…
k you are hilarious!!! I loved every word. and I will nawt be risking trying that positively radiant moisturizer ever because that sounds TERRIBLE. how you survived, I will never know!and that would be super cool if he went to dental school! My brother just graduated from dental school and i will tell you his paycheck makes be cry bc I will never earn that much ever.
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants
Goodness, lady!! Hope you're OK!!
tina bumblebee said…
Hahaha that sucks. I'm allergic to like every skincare product so I completely know that feeling. I wake up with my eyes swollen shut a few times a month and get random rashes or hives all over my skin at least once a week. I just have super sensitive skin I guess!!!! In my experience, the things that give me an allergic reaction are NOT GOOD FOR YOU so it's like my skin is just making sure I stay healthy. I used to use that Clinique moisturizer years back but it broke me out in these white heads. I did love it though, I was sad to throw it away.
Evelina said…
Oh my gosh fainting is no joke! Glad to hear everything is ok. I fainted once in Disneyland from heat stroke -- it's not the typical memory most people have from that place haha!
Jenny said…
Oh man! Both of those sound painful. I love the humor in this post though. Even with all the pain... you had me laughing! :)
Victoria said…
I've never tried that lotion, but I have been there with catching my face on fire with a "beauty product"!!!! It's HORRID!

As for the cleaning spree turning into clean the whole house, been there too!!!

Glad you and Matt made it through your own tragedies!!! I can't even imagine the implant thing...OUCH!

Now would also be a good time for me to say that you have AMAZING skin!! Like seriously...Do you even have a line or wrinkle?!?!? I know we're in our 20's, but my 40's are coming QUICK!
Alia said…
I'm so sorry that happened, but I seriously laughed out loud reading this. My kids think i'm crazy.
Karen Perry said…
I shouldn't have laughed, but I totally did at the way you described your torment. I have had bad reactions to Aveeno products so I can totally relate. I have figured out that anything Aveeno with sunscreen is a big no-no for my skin. It swells and burns and at that point I may as well have a sunburn.

Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care