Thursday, June 4, 2015

at least we had donuts

As a follow up to my last post, I will share that I went back to the mall this weekend and bought a few more things for my work wardrobe, including a black skirt.

Actually, two black skirts.

Okay, actually three black skirts.

Apparently I'm trying to create some sort of uniform for myself.

This morning I put on the fanciest of the skirts because I had a new employee starting and I wanted to look like a boss.

Usually I get flowers for new employee's desks, but since this particular employee was a man and I wasn't sure how he'd feel about a vase of daisies, I decided to pick up some donuts instead.

I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts and was about ten minutes into my commute when I glanced down and saw a gigantic rip right in the front of my new skirt.  And then I sat at a red light and contemplated whether or not I could keep a file folder strategically positioned over my right thigh all day without looking like a nut.  In the end I decided that I couldn't, so I went home to change into a pair of pants.  And I considered grabbing an extra outfit to just keep in my trunk in case I ever need spare clothes in the future.

My pants and I made it to the office in record time.  I had to set up the new employee's user account and he needed to add numbers to the end.  He said, "I'll just use my birthday.  July eighth, nineteen NINETY TWO.

Someone born in 1992 is old enough to be a grown up and have a real job.

And I was born in 1988 and am considering keeping a spare outfit in my trunk.

Age is just a number.

Speaking of jobs, Matt works for a huge law firm and his boss told him that he'd have to go to University of Pennsylvania's law school a few days this week to answer any questions new law students might have about technology.  Matt anticipated the question pool to be pretty shallow and was geared up for a week on easy street.  He even considered bringing a few issues of American Hunter in case he had some down time.

And then he walked into the meeting on Monday and one of the firm's top partners said, "Now everyone, make sure to utilize your trial master, Matt."


It turns out his boss didn't give him the full story, and he was assigned to be working at the firm's trial academy for incoming associates from around the nation.  The first day's mock trial had quite an impact on him and he's now contemplating law school.

He also sent me this text on his way home.

He held true to his promise because when he got home tonight he had a bag with half a dozen donuts in hand.

It was good to start the evening on a high note because after dinner we had to complete my open enrollment insurance information.

Insurance is not my wheelhouse.  For example, when I got my first real job I brought the insurance information home for my dad to look at and said, "I didn't look at it too closely but they have a cafeteria plan! Can you believe it?"  Because I thought a cafeteria plan meant lunch every day.  And that I'd hit the jackpot.

And then my dad broke the news that this is the real world and a cafeteria plan is a type of health insurance plan.  MAJOR BUMMER.

The insurance torch has now been passed to Matt.  I think in our marriage vows we should have said, "I promise to love you in good times and in open enrollment."

In the last few months I had a full eye exam and ordered six months worth of contact lenses.  When I made the appointments Matt asked if I used my vision insurance and I said no, because I didn't get vision insurance last year.

We logged into my benefits accounts tonight and Matt said "Let's check exactly what insurance you had last year so we can compare."

Guess who got vision insurance last year.



Luckily I still have my current insurance through the end of the month, so guess who will be getting a brand new pair of glasses next week?

I'm hoping that my vision will be better than ever.  Maybe it will so clear that I will notice a rip in my skirt before I leave the house.


Angela said...

and now I really want a donut!

P!nky said...

How nice that you get flowers or doughnuts, that's so awesome! And it's national doughnut day today, woop woop!

Robin said...

I was also born in 1988, and still have not had a "real" job (due to a combination of things). Awkward. :( But when/if that happens, keeping a spare outfit is something I should do!

Andrea H. said...

I totally hear you on the feeling "old" thing. We just had summer interns come in this week and I was amazing by how young they seem...eek!! And you are 100% without a doubt right about the insanity and annoyance that is open enrollment. THE worst!!


Mree said...

I'm so bad with the insurance thingy too. There is nothing worse than leaving the house and then noticing a rip on your skirt. I too would have go back home to change, I don't care how late for work it would make me. Have a great weekend.

Martha Woods said...

Open enrollment suuuuuuucks. I hate doing it, but I guess I am glad to have insurance when it's time to get new glasses or someone needs to fill a prescription!!

Ashley R said...

LOL. You guys are too cute! I definitely keep back up shoes in my trunk, because I had a heel break once and you NEVER know! Another time my skirt ripped at work and my (female) boss had to sew me in... haha!

Becky said...

Whenever I'm at the grocery store and see the "you must be born in 19XX to buy alcohol" I get sad that my birth year is getting farther and farther away from that number! Though if people at work find out how old I am they seem to lose their minds and I don't really get it because at one point everyone was my age! I made a vow to my future younger co-workers to never say "oh my gosh you are just so young!". Like I can't really help how old I am?

Brittany said...

I can totally relate with the shock at people born in the '90s. I mean, we were so close (I was born in 1987), but it just feels so...far away...and don't mind the fact that I also act like an old woman. Don't hate too hard on having a spare outfit in the trunk. I think that's a genius idea!

Amanda Klein said...

Lol at your convo with husby! Also, at least you had donuts AND you get new glasses :)

Liz Joiner said...

I'm still balking at the fact that my (at one time) youngest cousin that I held as a baby, is driving....

What a surprise for Matt! I'm sure he handled it well though.

If it makes you feel any better, I usually run to my mother to figure out the mumbo jumbo as well. We don't have vision, but my husband and I are strongly considering it since we both have horrible vision.

liz @ sundays with sophie

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh this is hilarious. except now i want some doughnuts.
i totally keep a spare pair of pants in my car because i have been down that road before :(
health insurance is so confusing, i totally leave it up to my husband... who asks his mom. neither of us can adult ;)

Evelina said...

Total bummer about the rip in your new skirt! I hope it wasn't too expensive. Enjoy glasses shopping! Haha :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Oh man! that rip story is so annoying, hilarious about the file folder contemplation. that totally would have been my thought as well. And I know 1992 = a real person now. WHYYY!

christina @ the new mrs said...

Haha I love that text! That's something my husband and I would do - hope you enjoyed!!

Blake @ Thirteen Ninety Eight said...

Pretty much everything about this post cracked me up! I remember when my mom was talking about her insurance a few years ago and she came across "cafeteria plan." We had no idea what it really meant either! I also thought it was because she had a cafeteria so she could just pay a monthly fee and go as many times as she wanted... haha

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

LOLOL - I graduated high school in 1995. People born in 1992 are old enough to be in the work force? Wow.

Federal Donuts are pretty good!

Miss Rachel M. said...

Donuts make everything better. They really do!

That's such a nice gesture to get new flowers/ welcoming gift for your new employees!!

Baby Sister said...

Oy vey. That's a very rough day. I hate when I notice stains/tears on my clothes AFTER I get to work. It's the worst. Someone should invent an alarm system of sorts for that kind of thing. They would make millions.

Crystal said...

Hilarious. At least there were donuts! That makes everything better :)