what i've been reading: july

Today I'm linking up  with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books.  Here's what I read in July.

I was all over the board this month.

First up.

River Road by Carol Goodman
I would give this 3.5 stars.  It was about a college professor who got some bad news at a work party, and then hit a deer on her way home on a snowy mountain road.  She woke up the next morning to a detective at her door informing her she was a suspect in a hit and run that killed one of her students.


The woman's own daughter had been killed in a hit and run on the same road years earlier, and the investigation uncovers some similarities between the two tragedies.  The professor works to clear her name and find the driver.  The story kept my attention, had some good twists and turns, and even had a little love story weaved in and you cannot beat that.


Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand
First of all, this book made me want to move to Nantucket.  It sounds so quaint and picturesque.  This was about three friends who go swimming in the middle of the night, and one of them goes missing.  The search to find her uncovers some a bunch of hidden secrets.  The ending was okay, but if I'm honest about this book, it was a little boring.  And by the end I couldn't keep straight who was having affairs with who.  It was a little much.


Columbine by Dave Cullen
I had heard so much about this book and decided  to give it a go, even though I knew it wouldn't necessarily be an entertaining read.  I was 11 when Columbine happened, so my memory of it is mostly the major headlines.  Many of which, as it turns out, weren't necessarily true.  This book details the media coverage of the tragedy and what they did right and what they did wrong.  It also covers the law enforcement response and investigation, and what was known about the shooters before April 20, 1999.  Parts were very difficult to read, but I couldn't put it down.


I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron
I drive a lot for work, so I listened to this as an audio book curing my trips, which was much more entertaining than flipping through radio stations.  I especially liked how Nora talked about getting her start in the publishing industry, and how she worked her way to the top.  She's also funny, which is a plus.


Dave Barry's History of the Millenium by Dave Barry
I love Dave Barry.  I think he is the most hilarious writer.  I listened to this as an audio book too, and I was CRACKING UP as I drove down the highway.  I had this playing one afternoon when I picked up my sister, and even though she was tuning in halfway through the millennium, she was laughing too.  It's totally ridiculous but that's what makes Dave Barry so funny.


The Island by Elin Hilderbrand
And this time Elin made me want to move to Tuckernuck Island.  I loved this book.  Two very different sisters, their well-meaning mother, and their quirky aunt spend a summer at the family's old house on the island after a broken engagement.  Over the next few months there are some new romances and unexpected discoveries.  Best of all, there is a happy ending.


When I read Sue Klebold's book earlier this year, she mentioned Dave Cullen's book as probably the best one on Columbine. I feel like I want to read it but I'm not sure if I can take it. I was in college when it happened and watching the coverage on TV burned a hole in my heart.
I use to read all the time but now not so much. This morning I just completed "secret lives of fortunate wives" by Sarah Strohmeyer. I had to renew it 2 times that how long it took me...lol
Jenna said…
I loved The Island when I read it! I haven't read Nantucket Nights but I've had the same problem of trying to keep everyone straight with a couple other of her books.
I don't know if it's the same thing but I have a podcast called Columbine about the tragedy. That book is on my "for later" shelf at the library.
Just added 3 of these to my TBR list! Thank you!!!
Kayla MKOY said…
I've now found a new book or two to add to my NEVER ENDING LIST! ;) thanks girl. You've crushed your reading lately! Go you!
Kathleen said…
Ohhh River Road sounds really good! Adding it to my TBR! Looks like you had some great reads/listens! :)
Rebecca Jo said…
I was curious what you thought about Nora Ephron's book. I think some books are just better on audio book. Its gives them another life.
Even if I did like nonfiction, I think I'd find Cullen's book difficult. Like Jana, I will never forget watching that unfold on TV. It was definitely a defining part of my young adulthood.
I haven't heard of River Road but it sounds like a great plot! I need to read another Hilderbrand book- I read one a few years ago and didn't love it, but would still like to try another for when I'm in the mood for some chick lit!
Dave Barry on audio would be hilarious...I'm going to have to try to get my hands on some :)
I love chick lit with happy endings - I haven't read any of Elin Hildebrand but I might try The Island - that's the second positive review I've seen so far today!
river road sounds interesting.... might have to add it to the list.
i haven't read any elin hilderbrand, but i love a good happy ending!
I am pretty sure I have The Island waiting to read at home - so excited to start it now! The first book sounds super interesting, too. Like some intrigue and of course a little love story!
Tanya said…
The Island is on my TBR already and now is the perfect time for it. Columbine sounds fascinating but hard. I remember it so clearly. It was just ... unbelievable.
Several people read The Island this month, and now I want to read it ASAP! :)
Dawn L said…
I just picked up The Island, at my library, after reading Summer People by Elin. Hoping it's a great read! I'm liking her style. Guess I'm adding Nantucket Nights to the list..
Lauren said…
The Columbine book sounds good, since I don't remember much about it, either. I have read one Nora Ephron book and loved it - I should check that one out.
Brittany said…
Ooohhh...River Road sounds super intriguing! I'll have to check that out. I'd also like to read Columbine, but I'm sure I'll have to be in the right mindset for that one.
I definitely need to jump on the Elin train! Everyone loves her and I have yet to read one... there are too many to choose from so I don't know where to start!
Michelle said…
I LOVED Columbine! Such a good book. So terrifying, but I couldn't put it down either.

Dave Barry is the funniest. I need to read that book!
I need to give Elin Hildebrand a try! I still haven't read any of her books, but I'd love to be transported to a small island, especially during the summer!
MilitaryPugWife said…
Omg you were only 11! I'm so old compared to you, lol. I've really got to step up my book game. Thanks for the recs!
Hilary said…
Loved both of EH's books!
JC Cross-Jones said…
Oh that river road sounds like my kind of book, love a good thriller!