eye've been better

Well, I've been 25 years old for ten days now, and while I could say that embracing my new age has been a breeze, that would be a lie. 

For starters, I've noticed an alarming new development.  Each morning when I wake up, my eyes are puffy.  Not in a "something is wrong, I need to call the doctor" way, but more of an "evidently these twenty five year old eyes could have used another hour or so of sleep" way.

So, I have begrudgingly started a new morning ritual that includes a cup of coffee and a cold compress on my eyes.

My life is very glamorous.

As if the puffy eye situation wasn't bad enough, I have misplaced my toaster.

I can't even explain how that happened, all I know is that I discovered it was missing when I tried to toast a bagel the other morning.  A lengthy search turned up nothing.  To make matters worse, my tiny apartment kitchen only has approximately two square feet of counter space and six cabinets.  There aren't many places that it could have gone.

This past weekend Matt and I left my toaster troubles behind and drove to the beach.  On the way down we daydreamed about where we will live after we get married.  Well, one of us daydreamed and one of us talked seriously because the reality is we need a place to live in seven months and we will never get one if we just say WOULDN'T IT BE SUPER FUN TO HAVE A SPIRAL STAIRCASE AND A WRAPAROUND PORCH AND A YARD WITH A WEEPING WILLOW TREE SOMEDAY?

We briefly discussed the pros and cons of living in the country and then I defined how close I would like to be to a Target and a Macy's.

Lead me no further than three miles from a major shopping mall and a plethora of well respected hospitals in case I come down with a terrible sickness or this puffy eye situation becomes more serious.  But don't lead me close enough to either of those things that we live inside Philadelphia city limits.

A few hours later we were on a fancy boat, cruising around the bay feeling the sunshine and the sea breeze and that's when I looked at Matt and said, "My biggest dream is to one day have a tiny house on the water in a little town and own a boat."

So it's safe to say that only one thing is for sure about our future home, and that is that whether it's in the country or on the water or next door to a Macy's, Matt better plan to keep a very close eye on our toaster.


Lauren said…
Obviously living near a Target is a must. Where else will you buy your replacement toaster?
OMG I just turned 25 last week and noticed my eyes are puffy and dark too (I blame allergies!) either way, I dragged my self (sore back and all) to the Clinique counter to buy some eye cream! Getting older is the pits!
The Lady Okie said…
bahaha! You misplaced your toaster? That's.... well, I really don't even know what to say about that.
K said…
Haha I have to say, I've lost some weird stuff, but I've never lost a toaster! Haha. Hope you find it!
Pamela said…
This is so cute!!
Robin said…
Maybe your place is haunted and a ghost moved it!
Amanda said…
Columbus, OH would be the perfect city for you. Three huge malls, some of the best hospitals in the country and you can live in the burbs or country and still be close to everything!
KatyK said…
Try Clinique's All About Eye cream. Its worked wonders for my 28 year old could use so much more sleep puffy eyes :)
Happy belated birthday my friend :)

I have had the same thing happening with my eyes. Doc says it's allergies.


That's fantastic, 25 betrayed you. I turn 29 next month, craps gonna hit the fan. I'll call you.
Faith said…
Haha! Too funny because I have no idea how one misplaces a toaster!

I love your requirements on where you'll live. Living close to a Target is a necessity! I love the way you think ;)
Chloe said…
I love the way you write. You make everything sound hilarious and it's wonderful! I hope you find your toaster soon. As for eye puffiness, well, good luck with that. I have nothing. I look like I got stung by a bee every morning.
Angela said…
So funny! I'm sure you two will work it all out. :) Maybe you should register for 2 toasters, just in case.
Allison said…
I love the missing toaster.. cracks me up!
I've heard eye cream with caffeine in it is amazing for puffy eyes.. my mom swears by it!
Rachel said…
haha!! Sometimes we used to talk about where we eventually want to live. We rent a house in the boondocks right now...and there are advantages to having no neighbors and a huge yard....but we also have a 30 minute drive to EVERYWHERE. :P
lololololol.... wait til you hit 35. You're still a baby, trust me! :)
Sarah said…
Missing toaster..hilarious!!!!
Kenzie Smith said…
I'm curious on whether or not you've found your toaster yet, ha ha. How did you misplace it? That is too funny :)
Baby Sister said…
Lol! How does a toaster just up and go missing?? Seriously. Hilarious!