Monday, October 28, 2013

the answer to the last question is - yes, he is

Occasionally I write myself little notes on my phone about funny things that happen day to day that I eventually want to write about.  Tonight I pulled up the notes app on my phone to get some inspiration and saw the following list from a few weeks ago:

Sleep cycle story
Mario -- broke his heart.
Ground turkey

I have no recollection of the stories that go along with the first two items on the list and as far as the last two go, all I can say is that sometimes a girl just needs some turkey chili and a pina colada.  

While I may not be able to remember the details about those four things, what I can remember is the last seventy two hours.

On Friday night Matt and I headed off to church to take a marriage compatibility test.  We're pretty sure we aced it and left there feeling super confident because YEAH, WE'VE ALREADY TALKED ABOUT OUR BUDGET.

(We actually had our first "budget meeting" last week and things were admittedly a little rocky at first because when talking about money, one of us speaks in terms such as "around, about, and approximately" and one of us speak in EXACT DOLLARS AND CENTS.   We met on middle ground and then went out to eat Mexican food because we needed to see how much leeway we should leave in the food budget for burritos and some supremo nachos.  It was really all in the name of research.)

Not only did our Friday night date include a compatibility test, but we also stopped at the sporting goods store because Saturday was opening day for pheasant hunting and Matt needed to buy some bullets (shot/ammunition/I'm not sure of the exact term).

Matt must have picked out a good box because I woke up on Saturday morning to a picture of him grinning eat to ear and holding a pheasant who had flown it's last flight.  Matt said he was going to head back to his dad's house to clean the bird which is when I asked "Do they bleed a lot when you clean them?"  I quickly learned that was a ROOKIE MISTAKE because about a half hour later my phone lit up with an up close photograph of the insides of a pheasant.

The answer is no, they do not bleed a lot.  I can unfortunately say I've seen it with my own eyes.

Matt came to pick me up later that evening and when I answered the door, he was standing there holding the poor pheasant's tail feather.  He wanted me to keep it, but other than having a prop when I sing the classic "Shake Ya Tailfeather" I'm not really sure what one does with the tail of a pheasant.  

On Saturday night we went out with friends to a hayride and haunted house.

It was the scariest haunted house I've ever been to.  It also included a bonus walk through a graveyard where a man SPRUNG UP FROM A COFFIN IN THE GROUND.  However, what was even scarier than the haunted attractions (and the two hour wait) was the poor couple behind us who were on a date.  My investigative skillz tell me it was their first date, because about a half hour into the wait, the gentleman turned to the young lady and, "Wait, so what's your actual name?"

I didn't think it could get much worse, but by the time we got onto the hayride, they had covered their favorite Christmas carols, their Chinese animal signs, a rifts in her extended family stemming from a conflict within a family owned business, and his parents desire for grandchildren.  

They covered A LOT of conversational ground for a first date.  And just when I thought they'd run out of things to say, she asked him, "So, are you like, really into zombies?"

Matt and I have been together a long time and I can honestly say that question is one that has never been asked.

It' just a good thing it wasn't on our compatibility test.



Faith said...

Haha, I love your posts! They always make me laugh.

I'm the dollar and cents one in our relationship. Fun, fun.

I would have loved to listen in on that first date. Interesting choice for a first date.

And now I really, really want a piña colada with turkey chili on the side. Yum!

Rachel said...

I would love to eavesdrop on a first date...and at the same time I'm so glad I never really had to go on a first date. Because Angel and I were friends for a long time, by the time we actually went on dates we were already planning to get married. I think I would be the most awkward person to be on a first date with, ever. :P

Sarah said...

Haha! My boss is obsessed with Zombies! I literally laughed when I read that line!

Lauren said...

What's your actual name should be covered before meeting in person, just saying... I love eavesdropping on first dates, it's the best!

Jayda said...

Hahaha, oh my gosh, that first date!! I can't believe my husband has never asked me if I'm into zombies...clearly he just doesn't care enough haha. And we have never taken a compatibility test, but it sounds like fun! I hope you guys aced it :-)

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

So funny about the first date at the haunted house, I'm not one to easdrop on purpose, but I'm sure it made your wait in line entertaining for sure :)

Amy said...

the dude forgot her NAME? man that just sounds like a bad start - but it seems they made up for it with the broad topic of conversation? yeah...

and I think the only reason to have a tailfeather is to shake it when the song comes on ;)

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh I would've died about that first date hahah!

Robin said...

Wow...I wonder if that couple has gone on another date since then!

Brittany said...

I love the title of this post. So perfect...and who isn't into zombies? It's hard for me to accept that they clarified each other's names before discussing Christmas songs and long-standing family feuds. I bet it made for an entertaining wait in line...

brooke lyn said...

i am more of the it's about, around, near type.... budgets, i need to be better with mine haha

Megan said...

Haha we had to do a compatibility test too. It was kind of awkward. A lot of the stuff on the test we had already talked about and all the rest will come as time passes and we learn to live together.

And dead animals... I have a similar story but with a deer! Haha, men.

CaseyinTO said...

bahaha your story reminds me of so many dates I have been on. And at some point I need to ask the guy what is last name is and it always seems super awkward :P

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Sarah Mc. said...

Hahaha! What a weekend! I especially love that you got to listen in on that amazing first date dialogue. It really makes budget talk pale in comparison.

Haley said...

HAHA.. so funny that you send yourself little reminder notes like that. No joke, just five minutes ago I checked my reminder notes and here's what a few of mine said:
BI (Blog Idea): tomato slicer
Guys that don't do certain household jobs.
Protein, chk, panko crumbs
Xmas: Pruning blade for sawzall.
Yup.. a couple of blog ideas and a Christmas present idea.. and grocery list to Costco.

I love that you 'people listen/watch' like I do.. I find other people's conversations so fascinating and ESPECIALLY in your case with a first date.
Nope, never asked my husband the zombie question either!!

Baby Sister said...

I wouldn't really know what to do with the feather either. Good luck with that one. Watching people on first dates is SO hilarious and amusing!! I love it!!

Hilda said...

LOL!! Those posts ideas are a great idea! I'm forgetful too. :P

Sarah said...

I'm glad you passed your compatibility test because I'd hate to return your wedding gift. Feel honored because I have NEVER in my life been this on top to buying someone a wedding gift. We're talking MONTHS IN ADVANCE. I'm so proud of myself incase you can't tell.

ps. It would have made my entire week if you had to make a collage about each other like PW and MM did when they had their marriage counseling.

Michelle said...

Ahahaha that date!!! That poor couple. Hilarious.

I love that he brought you a pheasant tail. What a gent.

Becky M said...

We had budget meetings before we got married, and still do. They work out great!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Hahahaha... he brought you a feather... that is hilarious! Such a boy! :) That date... ooof... so glad I'm done with that! lol :)

Anonymous said...

"It's last flight" should be "its last flight". You need a possessive pronoun in that sentence and not a contraction for "it is". Ironic, isn't it, considering the grammar post?