if anyone has the answer to the titanic question, i'm all ears

A few weeks Emily and I went to a Switchfoot concert.  

Emily is a serious Switchfoot fan.  In contrast, the only Switchfoot songs I know are the ones from the movie A Walk To Remember.  My knowledge includes, but is not limited to, the following verse in their song "Someday We'll Know" which ends with what is quite possibly the most thought provoking lyric OF ALL TIME:

Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?
Did the captain of the Titanic cry?


I am quite certain I spent no less than 100 hours between the ages of 12 and 14 pondering that last question.

Things started off on a less than perfect note the night of the concert because there was absolutely no parking near the theater.  It was dark and raining outside, and the streets were all one-way and very crowded and HELLO, MY NAME IS LAURA AND I CANNOT PARALLEL PARK.

Eventually I found a nice, big spot on a residential street approximately 4.7 miles from the theater.  It was perfect really because who doesn't love a brisk walk on a dark, cold, rainy night?

Emily, that's who.  She was not thrilled with the trek that we faced but things started to look up when we  finally (and I do mean finally) made it inside the theater and discovered that our seats were in the second row like we were some sort of VIPs.  The theater is very old and was evidently constructed during a time when people were itty bitty little things because WOW, WHAT SMALL SEATS YOU HAVE.

Things were tight and I had a feeling we were going to become very familiar with our neighbors.

The first half of the show was a documentary about the band, who hails from California.  The woman seated next to Emily felt it necessary to scream SAN DIEGO at every point during the movie when California was mentioned.  Meanwhile, the gentleman who was sitting next to me was, as my dad likes to say, taking his half out of the middle in the armrest department.

However, he was not yelling LOS ANGELES so, WIN.

The movie portion ended and after a quick intermission, the band took the stage for the show.

Everyone got on their feet for the first song and that's when it began.

The clapping.

The man next to me start clapping with more vigor than I can even put into words.  And he didn't just clap with his hands.  He clapped with his entire body.  I didn't know it was possible to clap with your knees but oh, he did it.  I've never seen anything like it.  

A few minutes into song numero uno, I kind of crouched down in an effort to avoid his elbows, and that's when I realized that he was wearing basketball shorts and a button down shirt in the pattern of the American.  It was very appropriate considering his wingspan was probably comparable to that of the national bird of the Unites States of America. 

I stayed in the strategic crouch position during a particularly upbeat song when the clapping was in FULL FORCE, and that's when I saw that Mr. Clapper was not wearing shoes.  


Lest you think Emily was having an easier go of it next to me, her neighbor screamed SAN DIEGOOOO an average of one to three times.

Per song.

Between my bare foot, enthusiastically clapping neighbor, and SAN DIEGOOOOO, the concert was one to remember and it certainly gave us a LOT to laugh about, which worked out because that is my favorite thing to do.

And Emily looked like this the entire time.

So it was worth sitting in the line of fire.


Elizabeth said…
Concerts are in my Top Ten List of Best People Watching Places.
Also, I have to say that the first question in those very thought provoking Switchfoot lyrics is the one I'm most concerned with. Amelia Earnhart and her whole tale just haunts me... Every time I think of her (which is probably more frequently than the next person) I think, "I wonder what Amelia's thinking right now?' Because I firmly believe that she's still wandering around somewhere out there wondering, "WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYBODY?? I'VE LIT, LIKE, 100 S.O.S. FIRES!!"
Very entertaining post! Thanks for sharing!
Parallel parking is literally the worst thing ever :(
Whitney @ EHFAR said…
I saw them in concert too, but I saw them in 2004. I had their CD with their songs, Meant to Live and Dare You to Move. I don't remember much from it, because it was so long ago and at the State Fair.
hahha ! San Diegooo! Glad you two had a blast.. ;)

Also, I love the name of your blog.. :)
Haley said…
Awesome recap of your concert. There is always THAT guy or girl at the concert sitting near you!!! We went to the Paul McCartney concert in Vancouver last year and we had this one drunk chick behind us SCREAMING every chance she got.. Wooooooo! Wwoooaaaaaahhhoooooo! She was soooo irritating. It's so irritating but they do make for great stories AND even better blogging material!
"WHAT SMALL SEATS YOU HAVE!" was probably my fav part of this post, by the way. Very funny.
blm said…
so sweet! i took my little sis to a pop-punk festival a few years back and i felt SO OLD. but she loved it and well, that's what big sisters are for, yes?
hilarious! but girl..i'm totally with you on knowing switchfoot songs in a walk to remember. aaaaah! YES! absolutely. :)
Jessi Otey said…
this post literally made me laugh out loud! what a night! :) Enjoy your week!
I'm with you, I only know their songs from that movie, but the soundtrack and the movie are both guilty pleasures of mine ;)
Rachel said…
hahaha concerts are always such an interesting experience. I haven't been to many--the people are always a cross between scary and amusing.
Areeba said…
O em gee! A different kind of concert haha! You're neevr going to forget this, are you? 100 points to Mr. Barefoot clapper!
Renee said…
Sooo with you on only knowing that one song from the A Walk To Remember movie! But I do really love that one!
Brittany said…
You're so right about only knowing the songs from A Walk to Remember. That's exactly what ran through my mind at the start of this post. Also, please tell me the gentleman in the background of that picture is overzealous, barefoot clapper.
Erin said…
ahhhh why do people think it is ok to not wear shoes??? I saw a guy walking along a main road with no shoes on at 9pm the other night! It's colddddddddd
brooke lyn said…
people are weird. who goes barefoot in public?! people in portland (and evidently this concert) that's who.
Susannah said…
Wow, girl, that concert sounds like quite the experience! I went to a Switchfoot concert years ago and LOVED it!
his little lady said…
Oh gosh, after I heard that song in the Walk To Remember movie I always asked the same question. Too funny :)
xo TJ

Alicia Mackin said…
Haha love the pix of Emily she looks like she had a grand time!

Allie of Dressing Ken
Brittany said…
That is crazy!! I am glad you were a good sport about it, I may not have been.
Sarah Mc. said…
Haha, what an experience! Your description of the guy "next door" is hilarious.
Faith said…
I love Switchfoot!

And omg! The way you tell stories is hilarious! I laughed out loud several times! The guy clapping with his entire body completely killed me. SO freaking funny!
Sarah said…
HAHA. This post made my night.

1. I can't parallel park either. I haven't done it since my road test when I was freakin 16. No lie.

2. Clapping with your whole body. HILARIOUS.

3. Barefeet? What the heck!!!!!
Angela said…
I'm with you--I only know the mainstream Switchfoot songs... but sounds like an entertaining concert nonetheless. :)
trishie said…
Sounds like a ton of fun!
Miranda said…
I love the songs from A Walk to Remember. That's where I first heard of them! Those lyrics are just phenomenal. I think that's why I like them so much...they're just so darn creative, and they really make you think.

Sorry y'all had such bad seat neighbors! Although, I'm dying at your description of them. I can't believe the guy didn't have shoes on! Ha ha.
Deidre said…
Oh my, it sounds like a fantastic story for later, but not 100% pleasant during :)
I am seriously laughing OUT LOUD at this! Too funny!!!
Say Yes Joe said…
amazing recap. and emily looks so happy and passionate about the event :)
Michelle said…
This is hysterical. Concerts bring out the STRANGEST people.

I saw Switchfoot when I was....12? They had just put out their first album. I've loved them ever since. But let's be honest, their songs on the Walk to Remember soundtrack are my favorites.
Baby Sister said…
How awful!! I guess at least you were being entertained I guess. But just wow. I like Switchfoot, but like you I really only know them from A Walk to Remember. However, I think it would be fun to see them in concert.
Holy crap that's a long walk lol! Despite all of the craziness it's great that you have stories now though. Crazy ass CA people ;)
"He clapped with his entire body" bahahah Just from reading this one post so far I already know I'm going to have to backtrack and read all of them!!!!!
Amy Powell said…
what a funny story! (though I'm sure walking through the cold, rainy night wasn't fun :)

I haven't listened to Switchfoot in YEARS. but so glad she had a great time. and you're a good friend for it all :)
Oh I could just spend hours people watching! Emily looks so happy!
Haha! I am dying laughing! I mean who doesn't wear shoes to a concert like that?! lol