Friday, November 7, 2014

several unrelated thoughts

Every time Matt and I drive by Cracker Barrel we say, "We should go there for dinner one of these nights."

And then we never go because I am turning into quite the chef and also, one can only eat so much fried food.  Well, on Sunday night we were feeling wild and crazy and decided to head over for dinner.

At 4:30 p.m.

So maybe it wasn't wild or crazy at all, but I blame it on a combo of the time change and a small lunch, and certainly not our ever increasing senior citizen tendencies.

Shortly after we sat down, the most adorable family was seated at the table behind us.  It was a young couple, and the man was wearing an army uniform and they had a little girl about two or three who was insistent that she did not need a lid on her cup and was fascinated with unwrapping butter packets.  As they looked through their menus and did their best to keep the butter unwrapping to a minimum, the manager and another man came over to their table.  The man told them that he came from a military family, and to show his appreciation for their service he wanted to pay for their dinner.

And the men shook hands and the baby smiled and the wife burst into tears.

Which made me fill up with tears because I am becoming a softie in my old age.

Even our waitress was so distracted that she brought us two bowls of cornbread.

A few years ago I babysat for a family with three little boys.  The youngest was two at the time, and when I would pull up in front of their house he would be sitting at the front door waiting for me, and he would greet me with the most enthusiastic welcome and I always thought about how I'd love to get that kind of hello every day.

One time I babysat around Valentine's Day and upon my arrival he presented me with a little plastic baggie filled with pink and red sprinkles that he'd saved for me from the donut he'd had for breakfast.

That wouldn't be bad every day either.

On Saturday afternoon I closed my eyes during halftime of the Penn State-Maryland football game, which, in my defense, was a SNOOZE FEST, and woke up three hours later.  And when I opened my eyes Matt said, "Are you awake? Oh, finally!! I have missed talking to you so much!!"

So I guess my wish came true, just without the sprinkles.

By 8:00 on Sunday night, all of our sheets and towels were clean and I even washed the bathroom rugs because I was on a laundry roll.  The ironing basket was completely empty and every single item of clothing we own was washed.

And so I slept in my jeans so that I didn't have to throw anything in the hamper.

Just kidding.

But I thought about it.

My cousin got married on Friday night and I love a good wedding photo shoot.  I had a new dress and Matt and my dad clearly called each other to discuss wardrobe.

Also, my dad wore his halo to the wedding.


Allison said...

Each one of these made me smile! And I love your dad's halo! Too funny!

Kristen said...

This post just made my day - thank you! While nice thought-out posts that take a week to plan are great to read, I love short simple stories. Those are the type that mean so much more because they don't have an over amount of details. Anyway, that first one is my favorite! Paying it forward is always the best, no matter the situation :)

Robin said...

How nice of the man to do that for the family! Something similar happened to us once. We aren't a military family, but we were eating at an IHOP once and a man arranged to pay for our meal before he left the restaurant. I guess he meant it as a random act of kindness thing.

Corie M said...

It's been a while since I've had a completely empty hamper :( That is one of the best feelings! LOL

Brittany said...

I would melt into hysterics if I saw that awesome Cracker Barrel moment. My brother is in the Marines and ever since he enlisted, I've been so aware of the sacrifices made by those families. I totally know what you mean, by the way, about not wanting to put anything in the hamper. As soon as I put one item in the clean basket, I get so depressed.

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Your dad's halo is awesome! Cracker Barrel is Trenton's favorite restaurant. He thinks it's a "fancy restaurant" because there are candles on the tables!

Baby Sister said...

I love when people help out our military like that. It's so sweet.
Yay for no laundry! I love when that happens.
Love your dad's halo. :)