Sunday, November 16, 2014

this is why i am a homebody

Last week I had to go on a work trip, and I stayed in the not-at-all-difficult-to-navigate hotel with the fourth and fifth floor on the same level, and the third floor located on the ground level.

I have stayed there at least ten times and I still get lost trying to find my way around.  

When I checked in Wednesday evening for my twelve hour stay, I was given a glass of complimentary apple cider, information about the continental breakfast, and a key for room 441.  I immediately began to regret my excessive packing as I lugged my rolling suitcase, laptop bag, two jackets, purse, lunchbox, and complimentary apple cider down the hall to the elevator, where I made the pleasant discovery that I was staying in the friendliest hotel in THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

I could hardly believe my good luck.

My belongings and I traveled from the groundthird floor up to the fourthfifth floor, and down several long hallways until at last I arrived at room 441.

I slid my key into the door, and the red light blinked.

Slid it in again.  Red light.

I flipped it over and tried once more.  And once more I saw the red light.

So I gathered my composure and all of my belongings and trudged back to the desk.  A different employee was there and she said, in a VERY FRIENDLY manner, "Hello, miss!!!! Is there something I can help you with?!!!"

"There is," I said, "I just checked into room 441 a minute ago and my room key isn't working."

She typed furiously on her keyboard for a few seconds and then said, with the biggest smile in the entire country, "I'm so sorry, but no one has checked in yet for room 441."

"Well," I said, "I am all checked in.  And my paperwork here says room 441."

After she looked into the matter a bit further and consulted with her manager, she discovered that I was supposed to be in room 449.  As she fixed me up a new key, she looked at me and said, "Don't worry Ms. C.!  You aren't the crazy person!  I AM!" with the COUNTRY'S FRIENDLIEST smile on her face.

I didn't think I was crazy at all, but the statement was oddly reassuring.

I am happy to report that the key to 449 worked beautifully and aside from a moment of my own confusion in the elevator, the rest of my stay at THE FRIENDLIEST HOTEL IN THE COUNTRY was incident free.

Since the location of my meeting was halfway to Penn State, I decided to drive the rest of the way there after my Thursday meeting and visit Emily.

I also decided to book a hotel for the two of us since my days of sleeping in a college dorm are way behind me, and what college girl doesn't love a chance to get out of her dorm for a night?

Emily and I checked into the hotel on Thursday evening and the lady behind the desk gave us the key to room 233.

As we made our way to the room I told Em all about my experience from the night before and we laughed and laughed because ISN'T THAT CRAZY?  HOPE WE DON'T HAVE SUCH BAD LUCK THIS TIME AROUND.

And then I slid the key into the door in room 233 and it opened right up.

I turned on the light and waltzed in a few steps, only to discover THERE WAS ALREADY SOMEBODY IN THERE.

I saw a pizza and sodas on the desk, and I do believe I saw legs under the covers but I cannot be sure because I backed right out of that room faster than I've moved in years.

I whisper-yelled GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! as I literally RAN.  EMILY. OVER.

We hightailed it back down to the desk as Emily kept saying how that seemed like the opening scene of a Law and Order SVU episode and sufficiently FREAKING ME OUT.

When we got to the front desk the lady asked what was wrong, and I said, "It appears that there is someone in the room already."

"Well, there shouldn't be," she said.


She reassigned us to another room, which was, quite fortunately, unoccupied.

And then we took this adorable picture because we were so happy to be reunited and headed out for dinner (Emily), and...alive (me).

We had a very pleasant stay, but I think my next visit will just be a day trip.


Emily said...

Um what?? Someone was already in a room and they didn't know it???? WEIRD.

Brittany said...

Unreal. I must say - walking into an already occupied hotel room has never happened to me and I would probably panic. I have, however, checked into a room that had popped popcorn in the ice bucket, so that was an unexpected treat.

Martha Woods said...

What a weird hotel! But friendly, apparently! I agree though, your second check-in experience sounds just like an opening shot from a crime show. All you need is the serial killer standing behind the door. :P Ha, I'm not helping, am I?!

Sarah said...

I love your stories. The.End.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

HAHAHA - whisper yelling always makes me laugh.

When my room key doesn't work in the door, I call from my cell phone because there is NO WAY I am hauling all of my stuff back down to the front desk.

Robin said...

I feel like this belongs in a Stephen King novel for some reason.

Michelle said...

I feel like this is the kind of thing that would only happen to you. Your car and hotel stories never cease to crack me up.

Brenda Wilkerson said...

I was also given the key to an occupied room once - thankfully no one was in it at the time, but their stuff was everywhere! Pretty alarming.

Kenya said...

OMG.. I would have died!!!!!

Too funny. Well, not for you but it did make a great blog post. Lol.

Meg Doherty said...

Okay, so maybe they're the friendliest in that they want you to make new friends while you're there? Or maybe the friendliest but not the most competent??? Either way, just crazy!!!

Victoria said...

I loved reading your stories, especially your check in experience the second night!!! :) I laughed out loud, read it to my Mom, and now I'm "crying" from laughing so hard!

That would have been me. I'm always running people over in "emergency" situations!

Also...You reminded my Mom about the time she opened up a hotel room that she had just checked into only to find a large man sprawled out on the bed wearing ONLY his boxers, flipping through channels! She made eye contact (AWKWARD) and said, "I am so sorry!!!" As she quickly backed right back out of there!


Baby Sister said...

Ummm....that hotel is ridiculously confusing. I can't believe both hotels screwed up!! I have never experienced that.