call him special agent matt

Well, the rest of the Pope weekend was uneventful for those of us in the Philadelphia suburbs.  Saturday was the perfect fall day, so I went for a long walk, got a fancy coffee, wandered the thrift store, went to Trader Joe's and Target, and ended at Burlington Coat Factory in search of a new pair of jeans.

I've been hearing that boot cut jeans are back in style, which is something I've been waiting for since about 2002.  However, there have been a lot of styles I've totally bought into and then later regretted.  I'm looking at you bubble shirts and parachute pants.  So I decided to text my sister just to make sure boot cut jeans really and truly are popular again, because if there's one thing Emily knows how to do it's give an honest opinion.

So I sent her a text that said, "When I say boot cut jeans, you think ____."

Do you know what she said?


Thanks Em.

In the end she assured me they were in style again, so I bought a pair and I can't remember the last time I was so happy with a purchase.

Speaking of purchasing things, I wore my new jeans the next day as we went house hunting.  Matt and I have looked at houses with our realtor a few times now, and each time has been significantly better than the first when I cried before we even left our apartment because WHAT IF WE PICK THE WRONG HOUSE AND RUIN OUR LIVES AND OUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURES OF THE NEXT GENERATIONS?

And Matt said, "Laur, take a deep breath, we're not buying a house today."

He was right, and I haven't cried since.  I just bring my little list of very important priorities along (window over the kitchen sink, good view of the sunset, and a nice patio or deck) and throw out as many HGTV terms as I can.

We ultimately didn't end up finding a house this weekend.  Matt and I both worked from home on Monday, and I tried to look at some more online listings that morning, but my internet was acting funny.  And then I tried to print something for work and discovered my printer wasn't working either,

I was so happy my very own IT guy was sitting on the couch and could employ a method other than my tried and true strategy of unplugging the offending device three times and saying a Hail Mary.

"My printer isn't working," I told Matt, "Could you take a look at it?"

"Sure," Matt said, "Although it may just have something to do with our wireless profile.  I had to update some information."

Well yes, that would explain it.  Evidently the information that had to be updated was the name.  And it didn't occur to me that I should connect to the FBI surveillance van internet.

Our future neighbors are going to think we are nuts.

At least I'll look cute in my new jeans.


Myra said…
Hahahaha, we have a neighbor who has the SAME wifi network name, except he has it spelled wrong! Don't think he'll be making it into the FBI soon, huh?!

P.S. I'm pretty pumped about boot cut jeans being back in style and I'm highly grateful you told me! I lovvveee that style best!
Karissa Marie said…
I love boot cut jeans!!!! I am really not a fan of the super skinny jeans! House hunting can be very overwhelming and at times discouraging. I remember when we were on the hunt we were "out bid" on what I thought was THE house. I did cry, BUT after months of searching our house, the one, came on the market and all fell into place! Good luck and happy house hunting!
Bijoux said…
My daughter and SIL just moved into their first home. It took them seven months of looking, which isn't that bad. Good luck! And thank God for the return of boot cut jeans.
shelleystursma said…
Our friends have the same wifi network name! He will bring his jetpack/hotspot thing to the high school where he teaches just to see his students' reactions. :) He jokes that it keeps their behavior in check.
LOL at the wifi network name - nailed it! It seems like this season all styls of jeans are in - skinny, high waist (yuck), boot cut, flares - all of them are on trend <3

Green Fashionista
Hahaha! That's hilarious. I love creative wifi names. I saw one (on Reddit, probably) where one neighbor started the Bill Nye the Science Guy song, and then every other wifi network followed along and put some variation of "Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill."

Boot cut can't come back. I just finally accepted skinny jeans. Why must change keep happening?!?!
Rebecca Jo said…
I'm too dumb to even figure out how to change our Wifi name...

I just finally FINALLY got my butt in skinny jeans & trends change. DANGGUNIT!
Hehe, looking at wireless network names is one of my hubby's and my favorite past times. We like to randomly pull up the Wifi networks on our phone when we're about and about, and pretty much every time, hilarity ensues.

Oh, and also, I kid you not - I just recently pulled out my very favorite pair of Gap boot cut jeans that I have been saving since ohhhh, maybe 1999? 2000? They still fit, and you can bet yo bottom dolla I'm gonna rock them this season!
Sarah said…
I don't understand why Matt didn't want to go back to your workinggirls username. ;)
Your wifi name is too funny! I love it. I have to say, I am more excited about flare jeans being back in style than boot cut...they were my favorite!
Brittany said…
I've seen some pretty hilarious wifi names, but my favorite is Pretty Fly for a Wifi. Amazing.
Megan said…
Our wifi is named- FBI van2. Hilarious!! We should be besties!!! And if pinteresttoldmeto says that boot cut jeans are back then I believe her!! (do you read her blog?)
Jess Scott said…
Hahahaha, our neighbor's wifi name is "creep under your bed" WTF??? SO WEIRD! We obviously don't invite him to cookouts. ;)
Marie said…
haha that wi-fi name is hilarious. My neighbor's is don't steal my wi-fi. haha.
Yay for the jeans. i'm so happy that boot cute jeans are back in style. I think they are very flattering.
Martha Woods said…
I have a neighbor with that profile! Cracks me up every time. (And also gives me pause. But I pause and laugh at the same time.)
Cece said…
That is one of the funniest wifi names ever!! Love it. Of course you would avoid that one so you don't get tossed in jail by the gov. Boot cuts!! OMG. I have none anymore. I have one straight leg. I'll have to see how I look in them again. Maybe I do miss them.
Cece said…
That is one of the funniest wifi names ever!! Love it. Of course you would avoid that one so you don't get tossed in jail by the gov. Boot cuts!! OMG. I have none anymore. I have one straight leg. I'll have to see how I look in them again. Maybe I do miss them.
Jenny said…
Woo hoo! Here I come boot cut. Good bye skinnies. I've been praying for this for a long time!

Also, my husband and i had our internet set to FBI Surveillance van one time and it was hilarious because it scared so many people.
Hahaha!!! I love it! I want to change our wireless to something besides a string of letters and numbers! And yay for boot cut jeans! I can break out my old pairs! Happy Friday!
Michelle said…
Confession: I have never stopped wearing boot cut jeans. I don't wear them as often, but I definitely have some in my closet that I wore occasionally.

I love the wifi name! I still have no idea how to change ours. It's still the name of my former college roommate's cat.
bootcut jeans are so in!! I love them too! good luck finding your dream place :)
Your humor is the best! House hunting is tough & emotional, but it gets easier with each purchase!
Wynne Prasetyo said…
aww moving to a new house to build a family is super cute and something i hope will be able to do in the near future. wish you all the best! and Matt sounds like a wonderful guy :) btw, yeay to boot cut jeans!
Rachel said…
I love bootcut jeans, too. Somehow I don't think we'll ever actually buy a house--the commitment it requires is HUGE. I would definitely feel shaken, too. Every time I think about it I love my rented apartment. ha!
Julie said…
House hunting is hard!! I feel ya as we are at a standstill with ours ­čśĽ
Tammy Jo said…
OMG y'alls wifi name is HILARIOUS!
Katie said…
Haha that is great! Ours is just some boring number
Lindsey said…
OMG BUBBLE SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha! Guilty!
Baby Sister said…
Hahahahaha. I've always thought it would be hilarious to name the wi-fi to something like that.

I hate parachute pants...they are so ugly! But boot cut I like, and flare jeans...I hope those make a come back soon.