home sweet old-fashioned home

Well, Matt and I found a house.

We made the offer last weekend and got the news on Wednesday night that as of December 4th, we will be homeowners.  I'm kind of shocked that we were able to decide on a house because we went to the grocery store last weekend and you should've seen us try to pick out a pineapple.

It took an embarrassingly long time to find one that looked perfect, and Matt, because he comes from a long line of men in the produce business, has some unusual rituals to determine whether or not fruit is ripe.

Let's just say I will never forget the first time I saw him enthusiastically slapping cantaloupes in the fruit aisle.

Due to the prickly nature of pineapples he smells them instead of slapping them (which I prefer), and his sniffer found a great one because we got home and raved for days about how it was THE BEST PINEAPPLE WE EVER TASTED.

Here's hoping we found the best house too.

Although there was no slapping or sniffing involved in that decision.

It does have one bedroom with orange shag carpet.  And there is so much wallpaper.  It is like stepping into a time capsule.

Pretty soon I will have to face the reality of packing up our apartment, and I predict that it will probably go the way packing always does for me.  I start out incredibly organized and by moving day I'm tossing completely unrelated items into the same box and then wondering why two weeks later I unpack a box containing snow boots, cinnamon scented decorative pine cones, and serving utensils.

We got the house news late on Wednesday night and then I couldn't fall asleep because all I could think about was Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter paint in the living room and dining room.  While I see gray as a calming neutral, Matt sees is as gloomy and suggested yellow for the main areas.

And I reacted with an impassioned speech about how I've been dreaming for a long, long time about how I want to decorate a house and I envision a house with COOL UNDERTONES NOT WARM UNDERTONES HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST SUCH A THING?

So bring on the paint chips.  And the rake for our shag carpet.

And the wine.


Ashley S. said…
This post made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Cantaloupes, pineapples and orange shag carpet. Too good. Good luck in your campaign for grey paint (I am a huge fan of cool undertones). I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Evelina said…
Congratulations Laura!! That is such exciting news! I love his pineapple picking story. What does he look for in the scent? Lololol
Congratulations! That's so exciting!
Emily said…
Congrats on the new home! It should be fixing it up and painting it so it becomes homey.
Morgan Gifford said…
How exciting! I'm so looking forward to when we buy our first house! I hope the move is easy for y'all!
The Rad Wife
Bijoux said…
Congrats! Don't be like me and pack your corkscrew last in the misc. box. Took me weeks to find!
YAY! Congratulations on a new adventure!

Faith said…
So exciting! Congrats! And I agree. Gray is a neutral and not gloomy at all! Can't wait to read all about your home adventures!
P!nky said…
Cheers to having a home! Laughs to slapping cantelope! Hgh five to cool neutrals and not warm undertones! WOOHOO TO WINE!
Claire said…
Congrats!! My husband served a mission in the Carribbean and has also mastered the art of picking the perfect pineapple and it definitely has the most involved process in determining its ripeness! I get to go home to PA this week and I cannot wait! Your shag carpet just gave me a little reminder of how much I actually do love all the older homes out there :)
Myra said…
Congratulations on the house!! Exciting times ahead, friend! Also, could I perhaps borrow Matt's sniffer since pregnancy seems to have ruined my ability to tell if fruit is good/bad/ugly, lol.
Jess Scott said…
Congrats!! How exciting!!!! We go through the same thing at the grocery store...Chad is a chef, so it's like picking out a new car every time we shop. He also gives lessons to anyone else picking out the same produce as us. :)
Maydelin said…
Congratulations!!! I'm new reading your blog, and I can't wait to see the progress of the moving and stuff, also you're so funny, and thanks for visiting my blog http://upanddowninvenezuela.blogspot.com/
Marie said…
Congrats!! So exciting!! Decorating a new home is always alot of work but always fun. Bring the paint chips on!
Emily Gilbert said…
Congratulations!!! :D My house is older too, and it is a lot of work, but I really like putting my own stuff and touches on things! So exciting !
Congratulations!!!! Such exciting news. Your last few sentences cracked me up...good luck finding a happy medium! Maybe you can win him over by suggesting bright accents!
AAAAHHHH!!!! Congratulations!!!! So excited for you guys! You guys are going to have such a blast making it your own!

And I'm TOTALLY with you on the greys... DO IT. You can compromise with some splashes of yellow in the d├ęcor. :o)
Life with Lolo said…
Congrats! The first home is always so exciting. I remember arguing paint colors with my boyfriend too. And although we agreed on a couple the few he picked out I have to say turned out the best. Dang him! Still so much fun and exciting to be in the house for the holidays!
Life with Lolo said…
Congrats! The first home is always so exciting. I remember arguing paint colors with my boyfriend too. And although we agreed on a couple the few he picked out I have to say turned out the best. Dang him! Still so much fun and exciting to be in the house for the holidays!
How exciting!!! Congratulations!!! Totally go with tha gray :) I have a produce man on my hands too and your description of grocery shopping is spot on.
Haha! You're too funny! Congrats!!!! I hear ya on the grays. I want them but Kevin thinks they're drab. I think he'll like it once he sees it! The fruit slapping and sniffing :-p I totally sniff my cantaloupe. That's how my dad taught me to find a ripe one!
Yay!!! Congratulations!! And the pineapple picking story is hilarious! Love it!

I get VERY HUFFY when MFD wants to interject himself into my design decisions.


Yellow is good for somewhere else! You go with your gray!
Martha said…
CONGRATS!!!!!! On both the house and the perfect pineapple. :) I think gray sounds so much better than yellow for a main area, yellow is okay for a small space like a laundry room or a breakfast nook but a living room?! No way!
Wooohoooooo!!!! Congratulations! You're going to create such a beautiful living space!
Cece said…
Lot's of wine!!! Looks like you guys will have your work cut out for you, but it will look AMAZING when you put in the work and are done. Not that I've done it or anything! I'm generally scared off by all the work and we couldn't even paint part of our own house. Congratulations!!
Hilary said…

& that is the perfect description of packing. Inevitably, those mish mash boxes are the ones that are still unpacked in our "office"... seven months after we moved in. :-X
Traci said…
Congrats! Buying & decorating a new house is so fun!!
Congratulations! That is so exciting. Plus, making it yours will be awesome. I think you might find some fun things in the shag carpeting if you actually raked it. Terrifying to think about. Nice job on making the decision though and I look forward to following along with the move :)
Sara McCarty said…
Hahaha! I'm so happy for you guys - a house AND the perfect pineapple?! WHAT?!! Lightning struck twice! ;)
Frikken Duckie said…
Congrats on the house! How exciting! I'm with you on the cool tones over warm!
Raj said…
Many congratulations on your new house! How exciting, can't wait to hear all about it
You'll have to decorate it with pineapples!

What Raj Wants
C said…
Congratulations!! And I have two rooms painted in Revere Pewter because I LOVE it that much!! :D
blm said…
Congrats on finding a house! I am so with you on the cool undertones. ;)
Pegster said…
YAY, congratulations, that is so awesome. Welcome to the world of homeowners, it's pretty nice (most of the time) over here :).
Baby Sister said…
Congratulations!! That's so exciting!

I think you should leave the carpet, it adds a little something to the room. And paint that room yellow. That way Matt gets his color and you are stuck with a beautiful room! :)

Good luck! Your packing skills sound a little too similar to mine...every time I say I'll be more organized, but every time I have less and less time to pack. It's not cool.