Thursday, November 12, 2015

this week rocked

For the past month or so, I have been working from home four days a week.  I'm used to being in the office almost every day, so not only is being home lonely, but the work is....slow.

I thought being home would give me plenty of time to blog, but the problem is that there is nothing exciting happening in my life.  I'm not kidding.  When Matt came home one night last week, there was a FedEx slip on our building door saying that they tried to drop off a package but were unable to get a signature from the resident.

Well, I am here to tell you that they didn't try very hard because I was sitting here ALL DAY LONG and would've loved nothing more than to sign for a delivery.

I was already (still?) in my pajamas when Matt got home, but when he said he was going to drive over to FedEx to pick up the mysterious package, I flew off the couch and had my boots and coat on in record time.

I might have billed the errand as "an exciting adventure" as we headed out to the car together.  Good old Matt tried to play along and match my excitement.  I'd never been to the FedEx office, and as we turned off the main road, Matt said, "Okay, now this is where things get a little crazy."

Things didn't get crazy - we just drove down some windy roads in the rain to the distribution center, but it was still the highlight of my day.  I'd dreamed up all sorts of possibilities about what the package could be, including but not limited to a check for a significant sum of money, luxurious shoes I forgot I'd ordered, or early Christmas presents.  

Turns out it was Matt's diabetic insulin pump, which I guess is exciting in a necessary sort of way.

This past Monday I actually had some meetings scheduled, and I was looking forward to being out and about.  Unfortunately, as I pulled through the tollbooth and merged onto the turnpike, my car beeped and flashed the "low brake fluid" warning light.  I called Matt to see how dire the warning was, and he advised me to turn around and drive home.  "Chances are the sensor is malfunctioning or it's due to the cold weather, but you don't want to be driving with low brake fluid.  You should be fine to get home, but in case the brakes do go out, stay calm, shift into low gear, and pull slowly but firmly on the emergency brake."

Happy Monday.

I returned home with full brake capacity and a medium iced caramel coffee with cream because the Philadelphia Eagles won their game on Sunday which meant FREE DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE and if I was going to lose brake functioning and get stranded on the side of the road, I would need coffee to keep me company.  

Matt did a full brake check when he got home.  The brake fluid reservoir was full, it didn't appear there was a leak, and the warning light didn't come on again so it appeared that all systems were go for future travel.    

Since I was working from home again on Tuesday, I decided to take Old Blue out for a few spins around the apartment complex parking lot to check the status of the brakes.

In the middle of my first lap, I heard an unusual clicking sound coming from one of the tires,  The frequency of the clicking increased as I increased my speed, so I decided to put my mechanical expertise to use and got out and investigated all four tires,  Eventually I located a giant rock lodged in the front passenger tire.  

Happy Tuesday.

I pulled the rock out because I live on the edge.  I then walked downstairs and looked at the tire every hour, drove a few quick errands yesterday, and drove to my rescheduled meetings today with no problem at all.

So the bottom line is that the rock did no permanent damage to the tire.

Which I know is the best outcome.  

But I was kind of hoping to take a trip to Pep Boys.


Evelina said...

Glad to hear that you had no car issues! Losing your brakes would be SO scary!

Myra said...

Sorry you didn't get your Pep Boys visit, but hey, at least that's money still in your bank for those amazing shoes you might've forgotten to order ;) Silver lining, am I right?

Michelle said...

Haha! We've had a similar week. I'm so glad your car is ok! I got a brake pad warning on the way to work a few years ago and panicked. I was terrified to drive.

birdie to be said...

I sooo hear you about working from home. I try to change out of pjs/lounge clothes for when my husband comes home. Doesn't always work out. ha

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

So glad your car is ok! And yay for working from home! I always feel I'll get more done on those days, but it just doesn't happen most of the time :-P

Happy Friday gurlie <3

Green Fashionista

Rebecca Jo said...

You do live on the edge - I would be standing with some tape & a phone ready to call a towing company when I pulled out the rock.
Which - BTW - impressive picture of the rock in the tire! :)

emily @ a little bit of emily said...

Your posts always crack me up. Not that everything you write is funny aka the potential loss of breaks but how you word it is perfect. Here's to hoping this weekend will be a bit more exciting for you!

Amanda Klein said...

OMG you have me dying laughing over here. Totes agreeing on the need for coffee if you are broken down on the side of the road ;)

P!nky said...

Glad your car is okay and cheers for free cofffee!

Marie said...

Yay for free coffee! Thanks to the Patriots, I have gotten 9 free cups and I'm not even a Pats fan. I will take the free coffee tho.

Hena Tayeb said...

your trip to FedEx sounds like quite an adventure.. lol.
yay or free coffee..
a giant stone stuck in your tire.. not so great..

Katie said...

I love reading your posts, honestly. They always make me laugh.

Emily Gilbert said...

You're the best. LOL Going to the UPS store where I live is equally as thrilling ;) Windy roads and all.. in fact it's even under some bridge that connects to the interstate next to a factory that makes dog kibble... anywwwwayyy I'm glad you're car is okay! Car stuff is the worst!

Cece said...

Working from home sounds like a dream come true!!!! But yeah, I guess you might get stir crazy after a bit. Me maybe less so than others because I'm such a homebody.

Baby Sister said...

My word! The car gods are against you! Yay for no car troubles, but I'm sorry you didn't get your adventure to Pep Boys. :) Maybe you'll "luck" out next time. ;)